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  1. I always thought my spirit animal would be a golden retriever or a red panda or something. Alas, it is a duck.
  2. I was very, very confused, but I'm looking forward to beginning this tomorrow because I'm pooped at this time of night.
  3. Fuck I really need to do my rounds huh.
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  4. This is an incredible round.
  5. Missing exactly 5 ballots, can you guess whose? Ddd
  6. I have no idea.
  7. My greatest contribution to PJSC lore. Syntisten poyta who? Ricki-Lee what?
  8. Just back from Liverpool town centre (very dry k) i spent most of my night calling everyone my baebeeboo.

    (Including one woman who was seriously threatening to swim the mersy)
  9. Everyone has voted so here is


    Alice et Moi - Je suis fan // soratami
    Amber Liu - neon (feat. PENIEL) // TéléDex
    Amie Miriello - Vinyl tap // Zar-Unity
    Donika Nimani - Everyday // Conan
    Emilie Adams - Monogamy // llamadelrey
    Emotional Oranges - Built That Way // DJHazey
    Faouzia - Hero // WowWowWowWow
    Gia Woods - Enough Of You // Rogue
    Grace Gaustad - Supersonic // iheartpoptarts
    Greentea Peng - Dingaling // 2014
    I Am Boleyn - Too Much (F9 Radio Edit) // WoW73
    Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet // Phonetics Girl
    Klô Pelgag - Umami // CorgiCorgiCorgi
    Lucy Dacus - Thumbs // daninternational
    Malak - Can't Catch an Emotion // Maki
    Malou Prytz - If It Ain't Love // BubblegumBoy
    Mari Bølla - Not That Girl // imaduck
    MICHAELA - Tears In My Eyes // ufint
    Monolink - The Prey // berserkboi
    Montgomery - Not Around // BeingNormal
    Mysie - Seven Nights // K94
    Nick Pes - I Want To // livefrommelbs
    Platon & Joolay - Over // Up N Down
    Rhumba Club - Normativity // HarryEzra
    rIVerse - BaeBeeBoo // CaliDevotion
    S+C+A+R+R - Never Give Up // Untouchable Ace
    Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time // OspreyQueen
    Slim Gabriel - Relax // Cotton Park
    Sonny Alven feat. mags - I Cried At The Rave // Veeis
    Super-Hi x Neeka - Following the Sun // Filippa
    Tayla Parx - Me vs. Us // londonrain
    Tess Merkel - Good Life // Island
    The Midnight - Deep Blue // Tiger Suit
    The Strike - Miles Ahead // Jeffo
    Tkay Maidza - 24k // klow
    tricot - INAI // Carel
    TT - I've Been Fine // Filler
    Tyson - Die On The Dancefloor // Disco Blister
    Vanbot - Lost Without You (Fear of Tigers Remix) // Doodvid
    Winnetka Bowling League, Sasha Sloan - Barcelona // Swim
    Yorke - Window Shopping // saviodxl
    YUQI - Bonnie & Clyde // Hurricane Drunk

    Bets on which two songs were on 0 when I gave Leaderboard Tea? Have them managed to get some points? #soon!

    Also we have some submitters who:

    - Did not submit a favourite FL discovery, among them a winner with an actual FL song,
    - someone who sent a discovery from PjRetro/Xtra/00s instead,
    - a couple of people who thought it was a song from this round only,
    - another couple who first tried to send one of their own songs.

    Work out who they are from this list!

    being normal
    bubblegum boy
    Tiger Suit
    up n down

    Also - who is winning this round round?

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  11. I’m not familiar with previous rounds so I didn’t have to.
  12. You’ll be able to get acquainted with a few worth your time #soon!

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  14. For only the second time in 2.5 years of PJSC-ing, I've submitted a male vocalist - courtesy of Sydney-based Nick Pes. I've been a fan of his music for a good 5-6 years now, but have really enjoyed his recent output - particularly as he's embraced his queerness in both his music and his visuals.

    He's very easy on the eyes, so I hope at least a handful of you watched the music video. And above all of that irrelevant thot-ery, I hope you enjoyed the music!

    Here's another quality track I considered sending, for fans of wistful 80s vibes:

    And here's a Robyn cover in a singlet, for fans of Robyn and biceps:

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  16. Oop, edited accordingly.
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  17. Ouch. I have to admit I was a bit distracted as I was following PJExtra while putting the songs in order. But after reading the first post I'm actually not wiser. If you still can manage it I'll send you one or two.
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  18. I entered Tkay Maidza, the Zimbabwean-Australian tour de force who somehow doesn’t have 10 pages worth of dedicated discussion on this forum. The latest in her Last Year Was Weird series came out recently (though “24k” is from Volume 2) and I feel like she’s slowly starting to break through internationally, which should’ve happened years ago if you ask me, but never mind. Hoping a few of you caught the “Ungodly Hour” vibe and threw it a few points! And if you haven’t yet voted in the July charts, then make some room for this:


  19. One of my songs of the year! Super happy to have it on my list of entries!
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