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PJSC 112 ✴️ SCARLET & VIOLET ⚛️ Reveals done, side theme done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Mar 2, 2022.

  1. [​IMG]

    January 27th: Pokémon Day, the series' 26th anniversary. Developer GameFreak announces the first ninth generation Pokémon games, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, set in a region based on Spain the Iberian Peninsula

    January 28th: Portuguese Iberian Pokémon fan @soratami wins the 111th edition of the PopJustice Song Contest

    You could say the timing was a bit too convenient.

    And that brings us to PJSC 112: SCARLET & VIOLET, a round dedicated both Pokémon and the Iberian Peninsula (ie Portugal, Spain and Andorra). And what does that theme entail? Simple, I want everyone to PM me their favourite Pokémon and Iberia-related things (one or the other, but preferably both!) And I'm being very open here, think, for example:

    • Memorable holidays in Algarve or an iconic experience at the Primavera music festival
    • How much you love Pastéis de Nata or your favourite Paella recipe
    • A place you'd love to visit
    • Your favourite Fado song or Spanish PJSC entry
    • How Lisbon 2018 was the best Eurovision ever
    • etc
    • Your favourite Pokémon or Pokémon game
    • A funny Pokémon Go-related anecdote
    • Fond memories of playing Pokémon cards during school breaks
    • The way you still know the PokéRap by heart after all these years
    • How hyped I am you are for Scarlet & Violet
    • How you're actually a Pokémon-hating Digimon stan
    • etc
    And finally, I want everyone to also pick either TEAM SCARLET or TEAM VIOLET (also via PM). Just a fun little extra to see which teams does best this round.

    Now let's go over the contest basics (copied from last round):

    If you wish to enter a song, please use the form at the link at the end of this post.

    Your song will then be judged by the veto panel. If it scores 3 "Yes" votes it will go through to the contest.

    If you are vetoed, you will need to resubmit an entry. I'll PM you if this happens. Send your back up entry via the form, and then reply to my PM to let me know that you have done so.

    To check if your song has been entered before, please use the PJSC Song List spreadsheet that you can access here.

    Things that will effect your veto score, but not necessary mean you are vetoed:

    - Previously submitted artist (3 being generally the upper limit unless significant time has passed)
    - Doing well in a previous round
    - Forum threads or discussions (generally under 10 pages is ok, but not in all cases)
    - Double submission of song
    - Multiple submission of artist
    - Reality TV contestant
    - Notable personalities (who aren't necessary singers)
    - Mentions by PJ on social media (but not on the website)
    - Features in PJSC song of the week or featured in spotify playlist
    - Blog precence (non PJ)
    - Large view counts on youtube (no exact science here, but upload time and international audience are taken into account)
    - Big artist in another country
    - Lesser hits / album tracks from well known K-Pop acts
    - People with features on hits
    - Covers of lesser known songs
    - Samples of lesser known songs
    - Artists that have had minor UK hits
    - Vocalists from featured producer songs (e.g. A*M*E from 100%)

    Things that will cause you to be vetoed:

    - Winners of the PJSC
    - An artist that has been entered within 3 contests (Artist entered on contest 1 is banned from 2,3 & 4, becoming eligible during contest 5)
    - An artist that has been vetoed previously (Artist vetoed on contest 1 is banned from 2,3 & 4, becoming eligible during contest 5)
    - Songs that have already been entered
    - Songs from artists with large PJ thread (20+ will usually be vetoed, but not in all cases)
    - Songs that have entered the UK top 40
    - Songs from artists that have had significant UK hits
    - 3 or more submissions of that song
    - A song that is featured on the front page (in a solo article) in the last 3 months (another song by the artist or remix of the same song can be chosen and may clear veto)
    - Songs involved in the current Eurovision cycle up to and including the month of the contest (even if the contest is cancelled, original dates are respected)
    - Songs that have significant (non regional) radio play (check this via http://comparemyradio.com/)
    - Covers of well known songs
    - Samples of well known songs
    - Big hits / big singles from well known K-Pop acts
    - Major K-Pop acts (2NE1, f(x), SHINee, Girl's Generation)

    After the song list is revealed you must submit your votes using the voting form (TBC), using the traditional Eurovision style points system (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) with the top marks going to your favourite, and 1 going to your 10th favourite. You cannot vote for your own entry.

    Submit your song HERE
    Entry: 02/03 - 09/03 23:59 GMT
    Voting: 10/03 - 26/03 23:59 GMT
    Reveals: 27/03
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  3. [​IMG]

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  4. Sis, it's March...
  5. This must be the quickest I've ever submitted a song.

  6. I literally have no idea what this theme is but I love Lisbon.
  7. They say having COVID gives you a lack of taste, so let's see how badly I misjudge what you all like this round.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. You've had COVID the past two years then?
  10. Same sis. I'm still shaking.
  11. @WoW73 used 'Catty Remark'
    Critical hit! It's super effective.
    @livefrommelbs fainted!

  12. It's simple, just PM me your favourite Portugal/Spain/Andorra and/or Pokémon-related things (one, the other or both) and I'll post them in the thread through the round! And pick whether you're team Scarlet or Violet too x
  13. I know this is legacy phrasing but this always sounded like the contestant doing well the previous round meant they had a bigger obstacle ahead.

    Maybe we should change it to "Act/artist doing well in a previous round" or remove it altogether since we've had medalists return multiple times by now!

    Also - my favourite Iberian anything is @soratami - can I just use that? <3
  14. The first two entries on the veto sheet are very... interesting
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Welp someone was faster than me.
  17. I've had this feeling that the song I picked this time is either going to already be taken by someone or be submitted more than three times.
    Maybe it was the one you chose ddd
  18. Favorite/Least favorite thing about Iberia: my birth
  19. Aaand we have a triple entry

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