PJSC 112 ✴️ SCARLET & VIOLET ⚛️ Reveals done, side theme done

Nice one, @soratami - a great reward for great hosting! My 12-pointer in 2nd, and a top 10 finish for Madison Rose. Plus all those wonderful Pokemon!? Good times all round!

Thanks to everyone who gave 'Better Off Alone' points - I really appreciate it.

holy shit what
That's definitely the most surprising result I've had in PJSC, I mainly just hoped to showcase something from dltzk's recent album (it was essentially the soundtrack to late 2021 for me) while assuming it'd have a *very* limited appeal lmao

Big thanks to everyone who voted for 'your clothes' <3

congrats to @soratami as well, a fun contest and strong winning track
Not me getting 1 point from the first voter and then absolutely nothing else for 84 years before getting 2 medal positions right near the end. Iconic points trajectory. Thanks @Filler (this entry was solely for you let's be real), surprise second big fan @Glitterizer and @Up N Down for taking early pity on me to prevent me being on 0 for an embarrassingly long time.

Congrats to @soratami on the win, don't really remember the song as is often the way with PJSC winners but I don't think I disliked it or anything. Love to see UNIIQU3, BLACKBOOK and especially Eliza & The Delusionals in the top 10 - adding the latter to the relatively short list of artists I've discovered through this contest to definitely keep an eye out for future material from, cheers @klow for a great discovery there!

dltzk doing so well here is a pleasant surprise too after they bombed out in last place in the semi on BuzzJack although this was a much better song tbf.
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History repeats itself - after languishing on 0 for a while in Xtra on Saturday I managed to ascend to 9th with a flurry of points at the end, which is exactly what happened here!

Thanks to those who voted for "Give You Everything":

12: @Carel @Jeffo
10: @cleosnatchra
8: @ufint
7: @swim
5: @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Phonetics Girl @If You Go @unnameable @pop3blow2
4: @livefrommelbs
3: @seven.
2: @Attis

Eliza & the Delusionals are a band from Australia who are gearing up to release their debut album in May. @cleosnatchra observed that they sound a bit like Avril x Soccer Mommy (this track in particular does give me a "Circle The Drain" vibe), but the current act that I think they sound the most like is Hatchie. Given that Hatchie is now not likely to be song contest eligible with her 11 page thread (unless she starts recording songs in another language), and given how many people tried to submit her in the round I hosted, I figured why not send a band that's just as good with a similar sound, and which has a total of 0 pages of discussion? (This might change shortly as I think they're good enough for a thread.) Very pleased to see it succeed here.

Congratulations to @soratami on a back-to-back victory and wonderful hosting! Well done to all the medalists too especially @Up N Down - I've been bopping to UNIIQU3 for months and never even thought to submit it! Also somewhat pleased to see that the IDF soldier didn't get a medal ddd. Looking forward to the next round!