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PJSC 114 Dreamy bops **Results finished! Big winner Crowned!**

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Zar-Unity, Apr 27, 2022.


Live songlist show this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon?

Poll closed May 7, 2022.
  1. Today, Friday afternoon, let's party!

  2. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm busy today!

  3. Doesn't matter, won't be attending

  1. I'm not entirely sure! But if you split them into separate posts with five tags each then everyone gets notified.
  2. There are so many WORDS in this and the Xtra thread that I open them up, my brain overloads and I shut out immediately ff

    still need to vote

    still need to check deadlines

    wish they were in the titles
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. [​IMG]

    Remember 2 months ago when we first looked at the leaderboard?



    @soratami solidifies his lead with back to back wins and he'll probably be on top for the foreseeable future.
    @Attis and @Maki are also still consistently performing in their spots on the podium.


    The only other person to have more top 10s than not is @BubblegumBoy. And the only other person to get an average above 80 is @Up N Down. They've both done amazingly and will no doubt win soon.


    Maybe some of you are dreaming of a PJSC win, but I am predicting a win to come soon for @livefrommelbs, @saviodxl and @If You Go (if only so that the latter can better their best.)


    I'm not sure how he's done it but @berserkboi's best performance is his third best scoring, behind 2 songs getting 69 each. That has helped him in true @Filler style just as @Filler has himself performed greatly without any top 10s yet.


    Members like @Phonetics Girl and @Filippa are having some time off from the contest. Like other recent retirees I wish them the best and welcome them back whenever they like. Especially as they were doing particularly well so far this year.


    However in @londonrain's case I think he just takes a round off when he gets frustrated with his lacklustre results.
    So come back next time along with people like @Island, @Conan and @Glitterizer.

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  5. I can't believe I would witness Golden Child's gif being used here...
  6. This Polina Gagarina shade.
  7. Christ I'm doing badly this year!
  8. Try flopping harder than me, I dare you.
  9. That’s me - King 69!!


    Turn that to the side and it’s the symbol for Pisces, right? Doubly true then! dddd
  10. It's all here!
  11. Footage of @soratami and me passing by the other contestants during the first few PJSC rounds of this year:


    And now with @Attis as the consistent all-around medalists (so far):

  12. Enjoy
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  14. Dying at @swim saying there are too many words in here and @Untouchable Ace coming through with a detailed expose on how we're all tracking almost immediately after.

    Also, thank you for saying I'm due for a win, my friend. I agree. It's the other voters who are wrong!
  15. Fuck I really need to send my ballot in.
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  16. Well for @saviodxl he has started to win things so he's due for another.
    For you though you've won so much that it's just bound to happen.

    But maybe for winners like @imaduck and @2014, maybe their time has passed? Go ahead and prove me wrong.
    Actually please do I'd love that.
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  17. Any tips/predictions for the "Never Wonzz" like myself? Dddd
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  18. That's a whole other category. We've already had 2 win virgins this year + @If You Go.
    So of course you could succeed in PJSC any moment now.
    But before you it will probably be @BubblegumBoy and @Disco Blister.
  19. Wow I'm in the overall top 10 for first time ever. Better enjoy it while it lasts (about a week longer)
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  20. I mean all I see there is I dont have any medals but nessa came second
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