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PJSC 115 - Revenge Of The Silver Foxes Bronzed For The Gods! Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. I'd say to get it to us before it is 5PM for us (just over 9 hours from now)
  2. 289548400_2277158502423284_9081474940485116226_n.jpg

    Live footage of Melbs and Berserky choosing life over posting the next set of SILVER / BRONZE Bracket results last night!

    Coming #soon!
  3. upload_2022-6-21_7-43-25.png
    I f*cked up on this one as BORNS was already eliminated previously, and I substituted for Leony partway through VOTING (thanks to @rawkey for actually noticing! <3), so both Leony and Anna will be moving on to face:


    Queen Christine!!

    Team FL and Team Retro could not decide a winner here so we have both Sneaker Pimps and Julia going up against:



    Sorry to Dami but she got trounced by Meg!


    Meg is going up against Magdalena - can't wait to see how they fare against each other!

    Ultra ended up being no match for PopJustice's love of Girl Bands sadly!

    Team French lose this one too!

    I will reveal as a spoiler that both Lola Le Lann and Ultra were assigned picks - and true to form @Jeffo and @ufint got amazingly far with them! When is your next French entry Jeffo, and your next Boy Band Ufint? The world is telling you something!
  4. My voted are incoming soon I swear!
  5. I guess it's time to vote.
  7. Ok I've been listening to this last batch of medalists and why y'all so good at this
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  8. Woops forget now is the deadline, please wait for me the forum is gltiching this week
  9. You've still got 8 hours! But we can't extend the deadline unfortunately, so hopefully that's enough time :)
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  10. Oop, submitted! Let me know if you didn’t get it.
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  11. Why are sets of three artists from very different worlds all battling it out together!?
    Seems a bit cruel! But I get it, these battles have to end very soon to be ready
    for the results of the main round of songs. Carry on then and may the force of pop
    be with you!
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  12. Because if they come from the same world sometimes I have nothing to vote for.
  13. Would just like to point out that my entry in the side theme went out in the first round to a song which went out in the second round to a song which went out in the third round. Y'all really don't like my side entries even when I don't (can't) send Michelle McManus.
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  14. Done submitted !
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    Arek Kłusowski - Antarktyda // Untouchable Ace
    Ashley DuBose - Love Tingz // Sprockrooster
    BESS - Ram pam pam // livefrommelbs
    Brooke - Tongues // Saviodxl
    Carter Faith - The Devil's Still Down In Georgia // Fistcity
    Cassyette - Petrichor // Swim
    Cazwell - Don't Get It Twisted // Filler
    Cazzi Opeia - I Can’t Get Enough // Ufint
    Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul - Blenda // 2014
    CMAT - Groundhog Day // Inland Empire
    Connie Constance - Miss Power // Rogue
    Edgär - Nuit // berserkboi
    Elsie Bay - Death of Us // TéléDex
    Essy - Dancefloor // Bubblegum Boy
    Flower Face - The Garden // Maki
    Froyo - Out There // Attis
    Go_A - Kalyna // Derek
    Grace Ives - Lullaby // cleosnatchra
    Jackie James - ‘Every Little Bit’ // Doodvid
    Jaeger & Ricky Ducati - Paradise // HarryEzra
    Jamie Miller - It Is What It Is // Jeffo
    Liamoo - Bluffin // londonrain
    Loote - All The Fucking Time // If You Go
    Maisy Kay - Karma Is A Bitch Like You // pop3blow2
    Margherita Vicario - Onde // Disco Blister
    Marisa Maino - want u like that // unnameable
    MAXINE - Only Us // WoW73
    MICHELLE - POSE // klow
    MisterWives - Muse // Imaduck
    Neimy - Summer ending // Zar-Unity
    Now United - Heartbreak on the Dancefloor // iheartpoptarts
    Number One Popstar - Dance Away The Pain // CorgiCorgiCorgi
    Omar Rudberg - In the Sunrise // DJHazey
    Royal Pantone - Black // EscapismIsAnotherPrison
    SANNI - Tyhmä // Up N Down
    Sizzy Rocket - Rebel Revolution // soratami
    swim school - outside // rawkey
    Taha G - Dil Kay Isharay (DKI) // Music Is Death
    The Midnight - River of Darkness // Tiger Suit
    Veronica Maggio - SE MIG // eatyourself
    Vina Rose - Sweet Denial // daninternational
    zalagasper - carta (feat. Blackpanda) // Carel
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