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PJSC 115 - Revenge Of The Silver Foxes Bronzed For The Gods! Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. I've had a dud few rounds of late since winning Retro, so I'm happy to crack the top 10 again, especially next my good fellow alt sis @swim.
    I really did, I initially thought Cassyette was yours, but then the list quickly grew with songs I could see in your lists, so I'm happy I got it right!
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  3. This on Pride Month?? One of the catchiest and gayest songs I've ever sent. Forum Dot Popjustice Dot Com: The Home Of Phobia. Not even in a single member's 7 top entries of the month! This is in my top 7 entries ever! Here's hoping Beyoncé samples it on her next album to spite you all.

    Still... quadruple the score I got last month. Let's celebrate that! Thank you to @Carel, @HarryEzra, @Music Is Death, @berserkboi, and for my 5th consecutive vote from @rawkey.

    (I liked that my side-contest entry – Spin Spin Sugar – was a sonic contrast to my main entry which still dovetailed well lyrically. Didn't get to vote in the final round because it looks like voting was open for, what, 2 minutes, but looks like I was already eliminated so let's say I left in protest!)
  4. CMAT has become the first artist to pull off the official Filler Medal Trifecta – a 12 for 'I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby!', an 8 for 'I Don't Really Care for You', and now a 10 for this. Maybe the real Groundhog Day is me voting for CMAT songs every day for eternity?
  5. Wow - the margaritas really did their job in having me out like a rock til the morning!

    Thank you to my amazing voters for a song I consider to be one of the greats I have heard this year. The lyrics cut deep and the delivery and music video combo - mes souvenirs sont des lames indeed!

    12 @Up N Down @Carel (what an amazing duo to get top marks from! Up N Down - I came close with other Frenchies but this truly is top shelf French! And Carel - noted French hater having so much love <3)
    10 @soratami (Male Vocals not leading to a Worlds Apart score, merci!)
    8 @Filler (PS: is that you on lead vocals? This guy looks suspiciously like an older version of the guy from the PJ00s Confessions Round photo ddd)
    7 @rawkey @Untouchable Ace (you can both be my Partenaire Particulier anytime)
    5 @Maki (amazing as ever)
    3 @Inland Empire @livefrommelbs (my lovelies <3)
    1 @Jeffo (Ha! Votes for French - love it!)
    HM A stack of you!

    I discovered Edgar through Spotify recommending them to me as I was listening to Alexia Gredy so much - so I definitely think Job Well DOne Spotify there!

    Please stream both these excellent French albums released this year (and almost anything from either is a total 12 from me in the future!)

    Big congrats to you @ufint and thanks for an amazing ride Mr. Melbs <333
  6. Very close to the bottom, but thanks for the points!

    Kicking myself for not checking up on Cazzi Opeia after my best ever finish in this contest was when I entered "Batman and Robin" - the song this round shows her sound has evolved to something much more sophisticated, but I liked camp early Cazzi.
  7. We love to see Go_A coming 2nd! (I didn't like the winner but hey ho, congrats @ufint)

    Iconic that I was 2nd after the first two votes and got barely any more points at all after that (I did see a 7 popping up about halfway through though and a few more who threw it 1 or 2 points, thanks to those of you who were charitable. I didn't delude myself into expecting to do well this month like I did last time)

    zalagasper were Slovenia's Eurovision 2019 artist (going by the much more unwieldy name of Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl in the contest), their entry 'Sebi' was pretty polarising but it's one of my favourites of recent years and they've dropped 2 albums of lush chill bops since then, this being my highlight from their newer album which dropped this year. It's also probably the only song that exists which is a duet sung half in Slovene and half in Spanish (I'd never heard of Blackpanda before but they seem to just be the Spanish version of zalagasper which can only be a good thing).
  8. Very glad with Cazzi Opeia's win! She was robbed at Melodifestivalen, definitely deserved better. Pop Justice strikes again
  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Okay, I've just discovered the perfect song for me to send to PJSC 116. Do I really have to wait over a week for the new round?

  10. You think I grew up to look like this guy??


    I... will continue to let you think that.
  11. Thanks a lot to everyone who gave points to Michelle, namely:

    12: @Inland Empire
    10: @Zar-Unity @cleosnatchra
    6: @2014 @Doodvid
    5: @CorgiCorgiCorgi
    3: @Rogue @iheartpoptarts
    2: @EscapismIsAnotherPrison
    1: @pop3blow2 @TéléDex

    Believe it or not "Michelle" is not a solo artist but a six-person band, comprised of six members who I understand met at NYU, four of whom are vocalists. Why they picked "Michelle" as a band name and not the easier-to-google "Delicious Breakfast" or "I Sniff Paint" (apparently the other options, according to this article), I'm not sure. I Sniff Paint is I guess not as family-friendly.

    Anyway, "POSE" is a highlight from their newest album which came out a few months ago, exuding warmth and a carefree energy. I will take 19th place for it as an improvement on my efforts in Round 113 (though a slight drop from 4th in 114!)

    Bravo as always to the local hosts (hope you enjoyed what looks like Fonda - Chapel St or CBD?) and winners! See you in the next round!
  12. It's probably not eligible, but this rare breathing space with no PJSC is surely a good time for the next Xtra round to launch?
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  14. Got it in one!
  15. Check out the new PJ00s thread.
  16. It's absolutely wild to think the restrained balladry of "The Garden" would perform better than the stone cold bop I sent to last round ("Tattoo") but I'm so happy it exceeded my expectations so much. I actually think this is the best performing slow song I ever sent to this contest, which feels very reassuring. Then again, this is PJSC, so I should get used to some unexpected results.

    Regarding my 'Eurovision national selection songs out!' comment, it definitely wasn't done out of spite, but I thought that national final songs already having their spotlight in Eurovizh Alt Song Contest (#unpaidpromo) was enough, especially since nearly all of the ones appearing in this round made it to the final there. And, again, I doubt any of them would've gotten more than 2 points from me in this round.

    A bit shocking to see Maisy Kay in the bottom 3 - I thought that song had a chance to do really well.

    Underrated corner: Royal Pantone (last place what?!), Cazwell (got an HM from me but surely deserved much better) and Arek Kłusowski.

    While there were definitely better options, the winner is a very good song (it made my honourable mentions after all).

    Thank you for excellent hosting, @berserkboi and @livefrommelbs - a fabulous Melbournian duo that never disappoints!
    I gotta get my bop ready for the next round (or will I... ?)

  17. THANK YOU, @fistcity and @Maki !!!

    Tictone and Konop met on a beach in 2002, during a jam session under the moonlight, the carefree spirit of youth, a saxophone and a sleepless night, songs to come and a future to build. This magical encounter is like a musical shooting star going full speed… Their musical feeling was obvious. But it was too good. Too easy. Better let it go and move on. They never lost sight but it was never the right time. 18 years later, the young lady has become one of the rare French women street-artist who paint 20 meters high murals all over the world. He works with John Zorn who introduced him to the downtown scene of New York.

    So we had to wait for their respective artistic worlds to unfold separately, so that they could finally decide to lock themselves up in a music studio and make music on their own term. 18 years later, this unexpected journey results in Chromatic, a colored opus, a musical gradient. A chromatic which will not be soundtrack of a street-art biopic, nor the painting of an old school rocker. 18 years old, the age of maturity, this is not a coincidence. Tictone & Konop are masters and they lead the dance with their new musical baby, Royal Pantone.

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  18. I cannot believe that I just won for the first time in 30 months. This is absolutely amazing and thank you to all who voted for Cazzi! I will make sure that she knows, just as I made sure she knew she won our informal Mello voting after the final. I will be sure to write more tomorrow, but for now I have to go back and celebrate Oslo Pride.

    Thank you so much @everybody and I will make sure to make 116 legs and dairy!

  19. I finally got a chance to look at this and the votes added indeed do not match this ballot.

    @eatyourself - would you be able to advise whether this order was your final ballot, or is the rearranging you did to assign points to how it is meant to be?
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  20. Well I've looked into this and @Maki is correct.
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