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PJSC 115 - Revenge Of The Silver Foxes Bronzed For The Gods! Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. It is, but you're now tempting me to switch to something over 10 minutes.

    (just kidding... or am I?)
  2. The right-after-Eurovision round you know you won't win anyway is a good round to go super heart-over-head. So I did.
  3. @Untouchable Ace iio - at the end was a great entry! I love the
    singer Nadia! Her solo album that I discovered after this was so good!
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  4. Attention all song contest stans etc. etc.

    While you're waiting for the list, come try your luck at PJRetro if you're old school! @Maki and I would love to have you!
  5. Don't we just love a late veto....
  6. So no list?

    Arek Kłusowski - Antarktyda
    Ashley DuBose - Love Tingz
    BESS - Ram pam pam
    Brooke - Tongues
    Carter Faith - The Devil's Still Down In Georgia
    Cassyette - Petrichor
    Cazwell - Don't Get It Twisted
    Cazzi Opeia - I Can’t Get Enough
    Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul - Blenda
    CMAT - Groundhog Day
    Connie Constance - Miss Power
    Edgär - Nuit
    Elsie Bay - Death of Us
    Essy - Dancefloor
    Flower Face - The Garden
    Froyo - Out There
    Go_A - Kalyna
    Grace Ives - Lullaby
    Jackie James - ‘Every Little Bit’
    Jaeger & Ricky Ducati - Paradise
    Jamie Miller - It Is What It Is
    Liamoo - Bluffin
    Loote - All The Fucking Time
    Maisy Kay - Karma Is A Bitch Like You
    Margherita Vicario - Onde
    Marisa Maino - want u like that
    MAXINE - Only Us
    MisterWives - Muse
    Neimy - Summer ending
    Now United - Heartbreak on the Dancefloor
    Number One Popstar - Dance Away The Pain
    Omar Rudberg - In the Sunrise
    Royal Pantone - Black
    SANNI - Tyhmä
    Sizzy Rocket - Rebel Revolution
    swim school - outside
    Taha G - Dil Kay Isharay (DKI)
    The Midnight - River of Darkness
    Veronica Maggio - SE MIG
    Vina Rose - Sweet Denial
    zalagasper - carta (feat. Blackpanda)

    Spotify List (Missing Jackie James - Every Little Bit) courtesy @Up N Down :

    Missing: Jackie James - Every Little Bit

    YouTube playlist (Courtesy @Maki)

    Voting Form #soon!

    The Side Theme Pick will be revealed in about 12 hours, I need to check that people are not still picking their own SILVER / BRONZE, and if so - I will either reach out or replace. Make sure to quickly check and pick the one you want (that's not your original) before then to avoid my assigning you iconic French or iconic Boy Band!

    Still working out whether to do a 'Challonge' Style (like Legends Round) or Song Contest style - stay tuned!
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  8. The song title for Charlotte Adigéry/Bolis Pupul is missing there (luckily I checked the link and it is the best of their singles together so a correct choice was made. That is also my early guess for what @Filler's entry is before having heard the rest).
  9. Is it ok if I make the Spotify playlist @berserkboi or is it coming? I'm pulling an all nighter and need something to listen to dd.
  10. Go for it please! I didn't even have that on my bingo cards of goodies to get through today! Dddd

    (Can you make it in the same order as the Song List if possible?)

    @Up N Down is:

    Great pick up! Fixed, merci!! <3

  11. Missing: Jackie James - Every Little Bit
  12. Thank you! I've added it to my post now xx
  13. [​IMG]

    I'm a bit sleepy but have managed to compile a YouTube playlist in time.

    I recognize at least 5 entries and am already familiar with these songs, which is a rarity in PJSC.
  14. @Maki and @Up N Down are proving to be Material Fatal Divo Totalzzzz today!! Thank you both!! <3

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  15. Well some of the males snapped and slapped a bit in this round (though one I was already familiar with). Must be @Untouchable Ace's influence from winning the previous round. Also great to see 40+ entries again!
  16. Once again my potentials list has been wrecked! At least I have several early options for my 12.
  17. Yep the round before can influence the round after.

    It's likely you knew my song.
    I like 6 artists here plus the ones from Eurovision.

    Thanks everybody, I could possibly do a male top 10. Let's see who that lucky woman will be to probably get around 3 points from me.
  18. What a round.
  19. Sorry about the delay on the SILVER / BRONZE bracket but the Dalida Stan is no Duck in this pond called Challonge.com! Ddd

    We shall wait for the Duckie icon to wake up to see if he can make this old brain on mine comprehend how we set that up ddd
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