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PJSC 116 - PRIDE Edition - Results page 19!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ufint, Jul 1, 2022.

  1. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Just voted! Should be an interesting round as I don't hear any obvious winner. A lot of the songs took two listens to really shine though.
  2. I finally managed to vote and the struggle was real. I think this must be one of the strongest PJSC rounds ever, if not for the overall quality, then for the standouts alone because there's so many of them. Poor those three entries I had to cut at the end. The foreign language crew really snapped here, too.

    Can't predict the winner either, but it will very likely be one of the (many) bops. Hopefully mine, hehehe...
  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Okay, in that case you will have it by 2 pm BST today.
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  4. Realizing that I recognize a song the second it starts playing for once, and then immediately realizing it's the First Kill theme song was low-key a moment most pleasing to me. First time I listened to the full song too, and hello? It's a total bop? Of course, most of this round is so it faces some stiff competition but still.
    Votes definitely coming tonight.
  5. In every PJSC round ever there's been (at least) 1 song that I love and becomes a real favourite of mine. This time there wasn't and my 12 felt kind of arbitrary. So I don't agree with you all
  6. Um just heard one of the songs and I love it, it's definitely getting points but also OUCH. I did not need that pain. I didn't ask for it. But I still loved the song.
  7. Double post, sorry, but the way I Don't Wanna Fall In Love is an awesome opener and Raise Your Glass is the perfect closer for the playlist. *chef's kiss* Amazing.

    EDIT: Submitted! While I felt it was a consistently great round, there were only two songs that really hit me over the head and said "LOVE THIS!" And I feel like it's usually more, but everything was still really good.
    My favorite song here is still mine though. To the point I wish someone else had submitted it so I could give my points to it. It's truly become one of my favorite discoveries in a while. I hope it does well here.
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    Denise Chaila - ANSEO (feat. Jafaris) // CorgiCorgiCorgi
    Addison Grace - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love // Music Is Death
    RØRY - Uncomplicated // imaduck
    Antti Tuisku -Treenaa // WoW73
    Becca - Leomini // klow
    CuteBad - You Don't Really Wanna // Attis
    Fangoria - Momentismo Absoluto // Disco Blister
    flowerovlove - Hannah Montana // iheartpoptarts
    Georgia Lines - Made For Loving // Dyanmo
    Ginger Root - Loneliness // TéléDex
    Gran Error x Elvana Gjata x ANTONIA - Clap Clap // Up N Down
    Hyphen Hyphen - Mama Sorry // swim
    Isaac Dunbar - Tainted Love // CaliDevotion
    Jada - Something To Say // livefrommelbs
    JORDY - I Just Wanna Be In Love // HarryEzra
    Kilo Kish - NO APOLOGY! // Derek
    KVSH and Tim Hox - Corocito (feat. Cumbiafrica) // Carel
    Lenii - Already Famous // Rogue
    Lizzy Land - Messed Up // Tiger Suit
    Madison Rose - Technicolor // Bubblegum Boy
    Magickal Era - Girlfriend (Matt Pop Remix Edit) // Doodvid
    Marsh - My Stripes (feat. Leo Wood) // Cotton Park
    Myzica - Just another dreamer // Zar-Unity
    Orietta Berti - Luna Piena // eatyourself
    Pauline Chagne - Nuit Pauline // Berserkboi
    Phelly - Dansa Som Madonna // Ufint
    Powderpaint - Constellation // Isobel
    Ravi Kuma - Wheel of Fortune // daninternational
    Ravyn Lenae - Venom // cleosnatchra
    Rosi Golan - Underneath // pop3blow2
    Rosse - Main Character // soratami
    Running Touch - Come With Me // Untouchable Ace
    Sangiovanni & Aitana - Mariposas // londonrain
    SHANGUY - Lava // Maki
    Shy‘m - Elle danse encore // jtm
    Sixtine - Press Start // Filler
    Stephanie Mabey - The Zombie Song // unnameable
    Syd - Fast Car // 2014
    Taylor Acorn - Shape Shifting // If You Go
    Thyra - Witchcraft // DJHazey
    Ulrikke - Falling Appart // Saviodxl
    Yonaka - Raise Your Glass // Inland Empire
  9. Looks like I voted for pretty much all the usuals ddd
  10. I also submitted this – but to the concurrent PJ00s contest! It was vetoed on account of, er, not being released in the 2000s. Naturally, I intended to take it to PJSC after that... but I decided to send it next month, because for this month I'd already queued Sixtine, because... "Sixtine" looks like "sixteen"? And this is round one-hundred-and-sixteen? Great prioritisation, Filler!
  11. My poor bumpkin-patch song is going to get decimated by all the dancy-bops. Oh well, I felt like sharing it.
  12. How dare you not send it to my actual round 16 of PJXtra to which you never showed up.
    You could have had it all.
  13. So when are the reveals?
  14. They already happened offline and @Up N Down won
  15. @ufint's parties are lit.
  16. The only entry I guessed is @soratami's because he stanned it during the monthly charts watch2gether session dd

    And no, it wasn't me who sent Kilo Kish for the third time, I'm not that desperate.
    My actual entry was a recent discovery that probably got suggested to me as a new song by SHANGUY because I love "Kalima Minou" from that earlier PJSC round. The most popular song by the group/duo is "La Louze", which I listened to last year and it's a very good song, but features male vocals so I didn't even consider entering it in a song contest.

    When I heard "Lava", I loved it right away and had to send it here - it's just super catchy and boppy in a 00s pop rock way. I hope that generally appealed to the participants.
  17. I wish I could've sent in a live performance of my song instead of the music video, because Denise Chaila is one incredible live performer!

    I am predicting either 5th place or 28th place for myself. Surely this is @jtm's round to lose, what a bop!
  18. In a Pride themed round, I of course HAD to send in actual footage of @Disco Blister and me in the gym. Oh, Miss @Doodvid showed up as well
  19. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    @imaduck changing her surname in every leaderboard reveal was iconic when she was entered with Chaila.
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