PJSC 116 - PRIDE Edition - Results page 19!

And then finally...
we have @londonrain.

Originally the deadline for voting was yesterday at 9 AM my time, and londonrain submitted his votes at 13:51 my time.


Going to a party tonight, but will have the "who sent what" list up when I wake up tomorrow, which should be at 2 PM BST. Still 12 people left who haven't voted, but if they still haven't voted by the time I wake up after tagging them twice...

Getting this in right at the last minute, so apologies if I’ve messed up the votes in the form! To be clear, the version below is the right one.

12: Anseo
10: Corocito
8: Clap Clap
7: Falling Apart
6: Elle Danse Encore
5: Technicolor
4: You Don’t Really Wanna
3: I Just Wanna Be Loved
2: Made for Loving
1: Luna Piena

Kilo Kish - NO APOLOGY! // Derek = 162
Pauline Chagne - Nuit Pauline // Berserkboi = 114
Phelly - Dansa Som Madonna // Ufint = 111
Ulrikke - Falling Appart // Saviodxl = 111
Madison Rose - Technicolor // Bubblegum Boy = 92
Gran Error x Elvana Gjata x ANTONIA - Clap Clap // Up N Down = 88
Becca - Leomini // klow = 80
CuteBad - You Don't Really Wanna // Attis = 80
Shy‘m - Elle danse encore // jtm = 76
Sixtine - Press Start // Filler = 75
Taylor Acorn - Shape Shifting // If You Go = 75
Syd - Fast Car // 2014 = 74
Fangoria - Momentismo Absoluto // Disco Blister = 74
Ravyn Lenae - Venom // cleosnatchra = 73
Denise Chaila - ANSEO (feat. Jafaris) // CorgiCorgiCorgi = 70
RØRY - Uncomplicated // imaduck = 69
KVSH and Tim Hox - Corocito (feat. Cumbiafrica) // Carel = 66
Georgia Lines - Made For Loving // Dyanmo = 65
Ginger Root - Loneliness // TéléDex = 62
Running Touch - Come With Me // Untouchable Ace = 57
SHANGUY - Lava // Maki = 55
Rosi Golan - Underneath // pop3blow2 = 49
Marsh - My Stripes (feat. Leo Wood) // Cotton Park = 46
Powderpaint - Constellation // Isobel = 45
Jada - Something To Say // livefrommelbs = 45
Orietta Berti - Luna Piena // eatyourself = 45
Ravi Kuma - Wheel of Fortune // daninternational = 42
Hyphen Hyphen - Mama Sorry // swim = 41
Yonaka - Raise Your Glass // Inland Empire = 40
Isaac Dunbar - Tainted Love // CaliDevotion = 37
Myzica - Just another dreamer // Zar-Unity = 34
Stephanie Mabey - The Zombie Song // unnameable = 32
Magickal Era - Girlfriend (Matt Pop Remix Edit) // Doodvid = 30
Sangiovanni & Aitana - Mariposas // londonrain = 30
Antti Tuisku -Treenaa // WoW73 = 29
flowerovlove - Hannah Montana // iheartpoptarts = 28
Thyra - Witchcraft // DJHazey = 25
JORDY - I Just Wanna Be In Love // HarryEzra = 25
Lizzy Land - Messed Up // Tiger Suit = 23
Addison Grace - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love // Music Is Death = 22
Rosse - Main Character // soratami = 20
Lenii - Already Famous // Rogue = 19[/quote][/quote]
Congratulations to @Derek for winning! 'No Apology!' is a wonderful song and definitely a well deserved winner. Thank you to everyone who participated and really inflated my post/like ratio as well!


The many, many ties will be broken tomorrow, but I have been pregaming a lil bit for the past few hours while I have posted here, so the math will simply have to wait.

Congratulations @Derek! The second time a song on my ideas playlist has won, one day I'll learn! I was totally convinced @Maki had sent that.

Thanks for a great round @ufint and glad you got the score sheet sorted with the lovely @berserkboi
(Not that it matters but I think my score is slightly out by 3 points)

And thank you for the all points for Madison Rose, go listen to her album! It basically sounds like a lost Saturdays album...

I really never know what'll be well-loved here
Me in every song contest.

On that account, congratulations to @Derek for the win and also for having the seemingly impeccable PJ-friendly taste in music, as proven by numerous medals across the contests.

Here's my favourite song by Kilo Kish that wasn't already sent to PJSC, and which would've been my 34th hypothetical entry by her, dare I say another remotely landslide winner:

Well this must have been the most predictable result yet dd. At least we can put Kilo Kish to rest now. Congrats @Derek!

A little bit about my entry. Initially I had submitted a song that now someone else has submitted to PJXtra but the submission period got extended and New Music Friday brought me Clap Clap. The song is clearly uhh...inspired by Farruko's Pepas which is a song I only heard for the first time recently at a party and was immediately obsessed with (the Tiesto remix specifically) so no wonder I immediately loved this too and both have been the soundtrack to my summer.

Thanks so much everyone who voted <3

12 @daninternational
10 @WoW73, @jtm, @DJHazey, @Disco Blister
8 @londonrain
6 @soratami
5 @Doodvid
4 @CaliDevotion, @Maki
3 @swim, @unnameable
2 @iheartpoptarts
1 @Rogue

HM @If You Go

Thank you for hosting @ufint! I will now continue to ponder over which of the 3 songs I will submit by an artist I have wanted to introduce to PJSC for some time. Please make the next submission period as short as possible so that I can't change my entry!
Thank you to @cleosnatchra @Filler @Maki @Music Is Death for the points - I was steeled for a nul points after my early showing, but I was safely up the list away from the bottom!

I chose the song because a) it's cute, the sort of thing I would have adored 10 years ago when it came out and b) this is a pride round and the song is used as the theme song for a show about a lesbian vampire and vampire hunter.
Thank you to everyone to supported Queen Pauline (rhymes with Nuit Pauline) - the Orange Sanguine (Blood Orange) Queen! Yes, it would appear even she is a Sugastan ddd

12 @klow (this was dedicated to you after all as she is OUR queen since @EscapismIsAnotherPrison brought her to us, but sadly isn't here consistently) @Isobel (fantastic taste, and YASS at finally getting your 12!!) @Disco Blister (icons only exchanging 12s!!)
10 @soratami @iheartpoptarts @Zar-Unity @TéléDex (I knew you four were so pretty you had to be double digit Pauline voters ;))
8 @Rogue
7 @Derek
5 @DJHazey (hello Monsieur #TeamFrench!!!) @Tiger Suit @pop3blow2
3 @Up N Down

Love to you all!

An electric performance <3

This is my first Eurovision adjacent entry (I was beaten to my first trial of it in PJ00s by @Hudweiser sending Sonia Y Selena to PJXtra ddd), and I can understand why many of you source from there when the FL songs are such bangers!

Little nugget: Nuit Pauline was a song I stanned on her EP, which predated her Eurovision participation by a few months but it truly was that Radio Edit giving it that instant life!

Thank you for your efforts @ufint and congratulations @Derek!!! <33