PJSC 116 - PRIDE Edition - Results page 19!


Hello there, it's half way through the year.
So let's look at where half of the years leaderboard is sitting.


@pop3blow2 will be so happy that not only has someone finally achieved the points total the same as the the round they sent it, but @Derek also has it has his personal best for the year so far. Very well done.
I think the last time someone did this was our champ this year @soratami in round #107.


I just want to make it clear that I was placed second before last round finished when I won in May. However 2 average flops either side of it didn't help. So unless @Maki wins this year, they won't be back at that spot either.


I'm pretty sure this is an affirming moment for @Zar-Unity. After their break from the contest, now is their best run in the competition. In contrast @2014 has also been back for a while and isn't making much of a splash yet. But has been the most success without a top 10. Surely a win again soon. Hopefully @EscapismIsAnotherPrison can achieve something in between.


However I think @imaduck winning days are over. The next winners could be @Rogue, @Cotton Park, @Inland Empire and hopefully eventually @Carel & @berserkboi.


I hope you're all still enjoying yourselves here. With the forum still not accepting any new members since 2019, I think we need a new members drive. Or at least get people like @Isobel to join, as they've been active in the other contests.

Happy Pride July!