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PJSC 118: CHEMISTRY | reveals done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Aug 29, 2022.

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    If @CorgiCorgiCorgi is in the room with us now, I’ve just emailed your new password to the email listed on your account
  2. I shall be voting when i wake up thanks for the reminder!
  3. Submitted! I listened to the songs that weren't immedaite loves - there did end up being quite a few thankfully - a couple times and most of them stayed in the same "eh' place or got worse ddd. Overall the round was cute but didn't feel as strong as previous ones I've participated in. I do really like or love all the songs I'm voting for and have a solid bunch of honorable mentions. I hope my song does well but I'm not holding my breath nn.
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  4. I think you might've forgotten to hit submit or something, because nothing's showing up in the spreadsheet dd
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  5. Ddd I swear I had. Oh well, sent now!
  6. I voted! It's a good round!
  7. [​IMG]

    Corgi triumphant! I'm back and I've voted.
  8. I have sent In my votes, it got so strong In The Second Half, you all did not fuck around this contest!
  9. Are we still doing these school stories?

    I've had a lot of little specific memorable moments during school and generally find my elementary/middle school period very nostalgic even though it wasn't that long ago at all. Just for background purposes, I went to a tech high school and even though it wasn't an all-male one, my class consisted from 24 guys and one girl, and a lot of these students did poorly in earlier school years and/or were problematic, so yeah, it was a bit of struggle, but I already knew some from previous schooling and made a few great new friends too. This might not exactly fit the theme and is more school-adjacent, but at least it can be written as a story.

    Anyway, during high school, we had a Serbian language teacher who was probably in her early or mid-30s. She's very nice-looking and with great sense of fashion. The guys (which, as mentioned, was 95% of us) in my class were all drooling over her and it was quite intense, fantasies, calling names and all. I definitely couldn't relate to it on that level (though I wasn't completely indifferent either ddd), but there was definitely some type of affection because she's a really nice person, too. She understood that students who took on a tech high school course wouldn't be interested in reading and learning about grammar too much and treated us very fair, to the point of being too lenient.

    And guess who got to see her in a much more... 'relaxed' edition first?

    This must've been about 5 years ago, if not more, but I visited a pool in a nearby town. And there she was! In her bikini (she was sneaky and had some type of sarong tied around her waist so that you can't really see too much). And while I was sitting at the edge of the pool, she recognized me, waved and approached me to give a handshake and tell me how thankful she is to have such a good student (in her words, "one of the best ever"). Quite an awkward situation and a bit too much to process in that moment, so I didn't really know how to react. I probably blushed... When I got back to school, I somehow slipped and told some of my friends that I saw her at the pool. The mix of jealousy and excitement on their faces was priceless. They asked me which was the colour of her bikini (it was black), among other, more 'intricate' questions.
    Funny thing is that my elementary school PE teacher later worked as a lifeguard on aforementioned pool I visit during the summer. It took me a moment to recognize him, but I didn't want to say hello or something (he's pretty handsome and I do recall his bright red swim briefs). Ever since, I have some sort of anxiety about seeing someone familiar after a while whenever going to that pool. At least is hasn't happened again so far.
  10. Oh! I got something. And it's sort of chemistry related dddd. So, I've mentioned on the forum before that I was a cheerleader my junior and senior year of high school. Well, in February of 2018 there was a cheerleading competition, the IAC's. Because I was on the team, our sqaud was part of the co-ed divison and that year there was another co-ed team (I think there were three or four total, I'm not sure) and this guy on the team was very flirty with me. He was always asking to dance (after everyone performs, and we wait for the placement results from the judges, they play music and stuff) and was generally being very sweet and complimentary. This was about a month after I had broken up with my first boyfriend and he was pretty cute so I was very interested. And we had pretty good chemistry, especially when we were dancing together. We ended up adding each other on Snapchat and talked for a little bit. The day after comes and he tells me he's straight and was basically using me to get to one of the girls on my team. I was soooo annoyed. Everything about him screamed he was interested in me, and he never seemed to notice the girls while at the competition. I stopped talking to him after he told me that, I wasn't about to deal with a straight guy's bullshit. Unless he wasn't straight and just closeted and got cold feet or something but he was very obviously flirting with me in public (my family even noticed and that's saying something) so I didn't think that was the case dddd. But yeah. That's the story.
    I never took a chemistry class by the way. I like science but I am of course, much more an English person. Writer and all. And chemistry wasn't required of me to graduate. Unless I'm misremembering and one of my science classes was actually a chemistry class nn.
    Most of school feels like a blur now even though it wasn't that long ago for me. Not much ever happened there though so that could be why.
  11. I was always a very good student (well, up until college, but let's not go in there) and after a while, during high school I decided it was time to take advantage of my exemplary pupil status.

    Just like any other school, mine had its share of bullies, frat bros in construction. And to cause some chaos among them, I started acting as a "kleptomaniac". So basically I'd take something from a bully and would place it inside the bag of another bully. Could be a pencil case, a t-shirt, necklace, etc.

    They started becoming suspicious of each other and no one would suspect of me, the perfect child! It was all fun until one day I took someone's phone (you know, not even smart phones back then, think Samsung V3) and placed in someone else's bag and they physically fought each other at the entrance of the school and there was literal blood nn. Well, they deserved it.

    Since then the school decided to install security cameras in every room and I stopped my "put one bully against each other" mission. I only told one person so far and now I'm telling you all. I doubt there's someone from my high school here. Love ya :*
  12. This is so messy ddd I love it.
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  13. Mind of a mastermind.
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  14. One day I had a clue in an envelope left in my locker explaining that if I followed instructions I could be recruited into a preliminary national service type organization.
    It explained that I shouldn't tell anyone about the letters or the correspondence would stop and I'd forfeit my chance.
    I followed one clue that lead to another note, to another.
    One specifically I can recall now was the last one told me to retrieve the next note from under the phone mechanism of a phone box near outside where i lived.

    That must have been the last one as from what i remember that note had me stumped and i couldn't figure out what to do next. (Dummy)

    The next week i asked told my friend Darcy about the letters and showed them to him.
    He was a future inventor type, he lived on a farm and did weird things. For instance he made a machete out of sheet metal and wood. He snuck it into school but didn't do anything sinister, he just used it to thwack into wooden locker doors and cut apple slices.

    The clue that had me clueless was a diagram of circles drawn with texters.

    When I asked him at his house he smiled in a way the while saying a long "no". And saying who would do that or something.

    In the first letter it explained how I had been surveilled and they knew my boyfriend's name was Nat (it was Matt) who lived hours away.
    But I never told Darcy about who I liked or what i liked.

    I really would like to know who sent me those things.
  15. This freaked me out
  16. That's actually

    how the veto panels recruit people.
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    What in the Persona 5
  18. I must have passed through pity
  19. Only 5 people leaving it to the last 6 hours? What is this timeliness.

    (doing it now)
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