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PJSC 118: CHEMISTRY | reveals done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. Might have to do with PJXtra voting also ending today leading to people taking care of this earlier. Turns out maybe having two contests with the same deadline is actually a good thing.
  2. Voted. Are you happy now?

    Two biggest chemistry memories:
    one was being sat next to Jamie, shortly before he got suspended from school for bullying - he asked if I wanted to learn about self defence, and then punched me in the kidneys to show how I had a terrible guard technique. His parents ended up moving him to another school for a fresh start.

    The second was of Mr Lancaster, our very camp teacher who was the subject of many a homophobic rumour (the 1990s in the north of England were not the most enlightened of times). At the end of the year, he decided to teach us all how to tie a proper bow tie, telling the boys it was a vital skill for a man as pre-tied bow ties were an abomination, and for the girls knowing how to tie a man's tie is a great skill to have. (Who knows - maybe it did help the girls?) I laughed at this. Years later, after going to a ballroom dancing competition where I was wearing a pre-tied bow tie I then realised Mr Lancaster had a point after all.
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    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Might need like a couple hours extension nn
  4. Sure, it's fine, no worries.
  5. Banger! Any excuse:
  6. This post makes more sense now I've actually listened to the ATDV song - I thought you were just making a random comparison based on the title alone but I see it is actually a cover haha. The original Litany version was sent on BuzzJack a few years ago, I feel like this might be a first that the same song shows up again here except as a cover version.
  7. Which "country" are you on Buzzjack? I recently discovered an amazing song by an artist that appeared there with another song and need to know if I can possibly secure your points.
  8. I'm Persephonia. Gonna guess the chance that you stumbled across something from one of my artists is fairly low but you never know! (Funnily enough there actually is a song by one of my former BJSC artists in this round (WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA), that doesn't happen super often).

    Voted now anyway, this was a good round, including some tasty nepotism. And I didn't vote for anything French this time (spoilers) so normality has been restored.
  9. Did you vote for anything country?
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  10. Only two ballots left!

  11. Inland Empire

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    I'm sure they'll find their way onto the sheet eventually
  12. Why are you leaking my votes xo
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  13. Since we're near the end I'll just say now was the perfect opportunity to finally award my 12 to 'Tongue' (other than when it was in a side theme.

    Alex Mills - Want You To Want Me // 2014
    All The Damn Vampires - Bedroom (feat. Mint Simon) // Bubblegum Boy
    Alyssa Reid - roses // DJHazey
    Anne Veski & Getter Jaani - Donna // Up N Down
    April - 54321 // Carel
    Ashley Sienna - Damn Those Eyes // Dynamo
    Benjamin Ingrosso - Don't Leave Me Hanging // WoW73
    Betta Lemme - Rumours // saviodxl
    Carla J Easton - Over You // klow
    Cecilia Castleman - Lonely Nights // Jeffo
    Clodelle - Burning Tears // CorgiCorgiCorgi
    Gerd - Lies For A Liar // KamikazeHeart
    Hydrogen Sea - Cold Water // A&E
    Icon For Hire - Venom // Music Is Death
    Jane & The Boy - Down The Drain // daninternational
    Jimmy Urine - Fighting with the Melody // Filler
    Jo Hill - HONEYMOON // cleosnatchra
    Julia Jacklin - Moviegoer // Inland Empire
    Juliana Madrid - peppermint // swim
    KA'BEL - Heartstrings // berserkboi
    Kim Kaey - The One // WowWowWowWow
    Lava La Rue - Angel (feat. Deb Never) // Rogue
    Leon Of Athens - Ripped Up T-Shirts (feat. Wes Period) // HarryEzra
    Lindsey Lomis - die with my friends // unnameable
    Lolahol - Lock&Key // Maki
    Maggie Lindemann - self-sabotage // Tiger Suit
    Palaye Royale - Lonely // Disco Blister
    Peach PRC - Forever Drunk // livefrommelbs
    Sarah Kinsley - Cypress // Attis
    SG Lewis - Missing You // Untouchable Ace
    Sharon Van Etten - Porta // Derek
    Sleigh Bells - Crush // Cutlery
    The Future X - Damn, I Want You Back // iheartpoptarts
    The Girl and the Dreamcatcher - Glowing in the Dark // pop3blow2
    Tritonal - Getaway (feat. Angel Taylor) (Koven Remix) // Cotton Park
    Vendredi sur Mer - Monochrome // If You Go
    VENUS - Amplifier // soratami
    Wednesday Campanella - Orihime // TéléDex
    Zach Campbell - Away From You // CaliDevotion
  15. I LOVE my team already!!
  16. Entries I guessed correctly:
    Still have no idea which song could win this, hopefully not one of those typical Spotify-lite ones.

    As for my entry, I sent Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon a.k.a. Lolahol a.k.a. Madonna's daughter, who released her debut single last month. I was very intrigued upon hearing this, so I had to immediately check out "Lock&Key" and really enjoyed it right away. And then I was like "Hm, this should be PJSC eligible, right?", which also represented an opportunity for me to back go a more left field route with my entries. While the song is not among my personal favourite PJSC entries I've sent, it's still an excellent tune with drum and bass / garage influences and it has an immense repeat value. Also, there's a connection to one of the previous artists I've sent to this contest - Eartheater, who co-wrote and produced "Lock&Key" and if you're familiar with "Scripture", it's definitely noticeable both songs had contribution from the same artist. In fact, Lolahol sounds quite similar to Eartheater here, too.
    And then we have the iconic Gaga reference:

    Really, what's not to like? "Everybody" charted at #7 on US Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart so it would be great if Lolahol achieved a similar result here, but I obviously won't have my expectations too high.
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  18. Oh, you're right, the second one was supposed to be @KamikazeHeart, not @unnameable. Fixed it now.
  19. oh yeah, I forgot to mention it,

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