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PJSC 118: CHEMISTRY | reveals done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. As we are talking elements, got to post this awful video from my fave, Paloma (bop though!)

  2. I hate that, since I don't actually have the round spreadsheet yet, I still have no idea what any of the entries are. But at least it's a relief to know that, since I submitted immediately after opening the thread, no-one can have stolen my entry this time nn
  3. Thinking about it, I actually didn't have much chemistry in school - only during the last two years of elementary school and the first year of middle/high school.
    Though atomic and quantum physics came back to whoop my ass in university ddd
  4. That's sad uh?
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  5. I sent my submission very quickly too, but the fear of the song becoming ineligible if too many participants try submitting it is definitely still present.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Feeling relaxed because ain't nobody gonna submit mine.
  8. Sora waiting til I went to bed to open this - maybe I’ll do a Melbs and blank this round too fff

    I avoided selecting any Science subjects as soon as I could do my story might end up from Visual Arts or Business Management classes ddd
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Good because Livermorium has your name on it.
  11. Can I change my element?
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  12. I've submitted my entry!

    The closest thing I have to a genuinely funny school moment (at least for me) was when I was at my high school's weekly assembly (I was like 15 or something) and it was Anzac Day or whatever, and when we were doing the minute of silence, I accidentally let out a loud fart. I thought that shit was so hilarious, but the teachers clearly didn't so they made me sit outside for the rest of the assembly and I got to sit in the naughty place during recess. (I was a pretty bad/rebellious kid so I went to the naughty place a LOT).

    Anyways that's my story.
  13. This would have killed me in school. Nothing made me laugh more than being amused in an environment I wasn't supposed to be amused.

    I remember in eight grade, a girl sneezed and a fart fell out during an English exam. I was asked to leave the room and do my exam in the hallway because I was doubled over the desk shaking with silent laughter. I couldn't stop and it was at least ten times funnier because I shouldn't have been laughing.
  14. Oh, high school? Where I was closeted, had orthodontic braces and was a part of the debating team?

    (I've entered)
  15. Still currently blanking this round as I don't know if sending French is gonna be too obviously me after doing it 3 times in a row ddd
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  16. @soratami be trying to kill me embedding my fave Halsey all over the forum. Between here & the Quirky rate I've played it like 10 times tonight. I kinda have a problem, but I can't stop!

    Speaking of 'experimenting' when I saw this all I could think of the was the hybrid Adam Driver/Cat Breed meme from a few years back. dd


    Anyways, love this this theme @soratami.
  17. Call me!!
  18. Ok but where's your submission precious?

  19. Okay but my song is the one
  20. [​IMG]
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