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PJSC 118: CHEMISTRY | reveals done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. Thank you to all my KA'BELles! So happy to see them do well considering Bardot never really did all that well in PJSC! We get wiser as a voting batch as we get older, clearly! <3

    12 @WoW73
    10 @Cutlery
    7 @Dynamo @WowWowWowWow @Untouchable Ace
    6 @Tiger Suit @livefrommelbs
    5 @If You Go
    4 @saviodxl @Derek @Inland Empire
    3 @unnameable
    2 @BubblegumBoy @iheartpoptarts
    1 @soratami

    I was least confident about the performance of these girls out of my current batch of songs in contests this month so I am elated to see them make the Top 10! <333

    (Also I literally don't have anything that screams WINNER in my shortlist this month, so old music - here I come!)

    Note: very glad @If You Go managed to continue French blitzing this month! With @Carel not voting French unless I send it these days - maybe he's not a Frenchie, he's a Berserkie! Dddd

    Thanks to @soratami for a fun round, and congrats to @Untouchable Ace - living up to his name once again!
  2. Well done @Untouchable Ace! SG Lewis screamed winner since the first listen!

    Oh and I chose arsenic as my element because I'm dating a guy whose name is Arseni. Hope it works, fingers crossed, etc. Hope my flop this round means I'll have more luck in my love life.

    Now let's see my potential entries for next round:
  3. And that's a wrap! Thank you for participating everyone, and extra thanks to everyone who voted for VENUS. Two #2s in a row... maybe @eatyourself did have a point about me always being the bridesmaid. But it is funny how I picked Silver as my element and ended up getting the Silver medal. Congrats for the win @Untouchable Ace! And congrats Team Water for getting both the highest point total and highest average.

    Just to cap things off, a cool tidbit about the chemical elements:

    No element was picked more than twice, and the people who picked the same one were

    @Music Is Death & @WoW73 - Oxygen
    @DJHazey & @Untouchable Ace - Copper (which makes Copper the most successful element, with 232 points)
    @BubblegumBoy & @iheartpoptarts - Neon
    @HarryEzra & @livefrommelbs - Gold (they were clearly trying to manifest something, but it didn't work)
  4. Thanks @iheartpoptarts, @HarryEzra, @unnameable and @Cutlery!
    Oooo so close to the top 10. Still, #11 is better than quite a few of my entries, and I think the highest an Icon song has placed. Pretty sure Make A Move (my very first entry!) was #12 though so not by much.
    Also, I picked fire because I'm a fire sign (Leo) and just really like fire. I used to enjoy burning things as a kid. Nothing crazy of course. And I picked oxygen because of it's relationship with fire.
    Also, I love that I voted for three of my team members. I did like @Derek's entry as well, and marked it as a 9. I must have accidentally removed it from my honorable mentions list.
    You deserved much better.
  5. Oh yeah and if you liked Amplifier please don't forget to stream, follow VENUS on their socials, pop by their thread, tell your friends about them, etc. There are so few active Western girl groups right now, we need to support the ones we have (this goes for FLO and CuteBad too).
  6. @soratami when there's no more new girl groups to submit:
  7. That's cute. If I'm being honest I thought the reason someone had picked Arsenic was that it had "arse" in its name ddd
  8. Just need two more and then I can just cycle through them every five rounds ;)
  9. Manifesting a SAL’TIFF formation ddd
  10. And feeling bad for @unnameable 's points situation but if it's any consolation On a Different Wave! is still my favorite track and discovery of last round. Here's to see you rebounding next time!
  11. I hope that's not the case nn.

    Is FLO still eligible? Asking for a friend.
  12. Well, they were entered last round so they wouldn't be eligible again until round 122, and with how active their thread has been (and with them dropping new music literally next week), I doubt they'll be eligible by then. Can't be sure though.
  13. Ezz


    I'm not sure PJSC is ready for my brand if trash!
  14. I'm ready to submit what very well could be an instant veto next round but I'm willing to take that chance.
  15. And of course, congratulations to @Untouchable Ace! An extremely well-deserved win. And thank you @soratami for hosting.
  16. Ecstatic with third, thank you everyone ! I wake up and I pinch my skin
  17. I will take 22nd and hitting the 50 point barrier after an extremely slow start!

    Thank you to:

    7: @swim @Jeffo
    5: @WoW73 @KamikazeHeart @TéléDex @cleosnatchra @Cutlery
    3: @saviodxl @Untouchable Ace
    2: @Attis
    1: @Filler @BubblegumBoy @Tiger Suit @Inland Empire

    (A few too many 5s and 1s and no 12s 10s or 8s meant I was never a threat on the leaderboard!)

    Carla J Easton is a Scottish singer and "Over You" is my favourite song on her 2020 album WEIRDO. A bit of Sky Ferreira scuzz, a bit of True Romance-era Charli incandescence, a bit Charly Bliss, a bit of Carly Rae Jepsen with the dolphin vocals - and even a similarity in the cadences of their names - so I figured at least some of you would like it, even if I recognise that those said dolphin vocals were a little off putting! (Scream at @berserkboi giving it a 7 while also calling a song he gave 8 "terrible"!!)

    Thank you to @soratami for hosting, bravo to my fellow members of team Water, congratulations to @Untouchable Ace and SG Lewis even if I'd prefer to have added "Something About Your Love" to the winner's pantheon instead. Roll on 119!

  18. Thanks so much everyone for lots of love for SG Lewis. He's very talented.
    Earlier this year I had my smallest win (116 points for Abroad).
    But now I have my biggest song ever in any contest.


    12 @saviodxl @2014 @HarryEzra @Rogue
    10 @CorgiCorgiCorgi @soratami @BubblegumBoy @TéléDex @Carel
    8 @WoW73 @Disco Blister @livefrommelbs @CaliDevotion
    5 @Dynamo @Cotton Park
    4 @klow
    2 @swim
    1 @pop3blow2 @iheartpoptarts
    Plus the honourable mentions!

    I said before let's appreciate the unique PJSC elder that is @Rogue. Now I've sent their previous artist and have received a wonderful 12.
    'Chemicals' nearly made top 10 and was perfect for this round.

    But now he has gone even more boppified, maybe too poppy considering the lack of mention from @Filler. But it's great to be on the high point good books especially from @saviodxl and @HarryEzra.

    Well @DJHazey and I picked the same team and same element, well done.


    Thanks for the theme, hosting, finishing second and giving me the most time I can to prepare for next round @soratami.
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