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PJSC 118: CHEMISTRY | reveals done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. If it is what I suspect: yes, but also: cheater!
  2. Says the person who submitted a Kylie demo last round

  3. That was not cheating, that was just sly (and the rest of the panel not paying attention... hehehe)
  4. I feel sorry for @Maki:

    Current Schedules

    PJSC (Popjustice Song Contest)
    • Current Round: PJSC 118
    • Host(s): @soratami
    • Entry Submission Deadline: September 3
    • Voting Deadline: September 17
    • Results Reveal Date: September 18

    PJ Retro (Popjustice Retro Song Contest)

    • Current Round: PJ Retro 80
    • Host(s): @WoW73
    • Entry Submission Deadline: August 30
    • Voting Deadline: September 20
    • Results Reveal Date: September 21
    PJ00s (Popjustice 2000s Song Contest)
    • Current Round: PJ00s 49
    • Host(s): @WowWowWowWow & @Maki
    • Entry Submission Deadline: August 31
    • Voting Deadline: September 23
    • Results Reveal Date: September 24/25

    PJXtra (Popjustice Song Contest for non-English songs 2000-present)
    • Current Round: PJXtra 17
    • Host(s): @daninternational
    • Entry Submission Deadline: September 3
    • Voting Deadline: September 17
    • Results Reveal Date: September 19
  5. Christ! I’ll need to complete each as soon as the song list appears!
  6. Why is the PJSC deadline so early, @soratami ? Isn't it usually later in a month?
  7. Well, the deadline was either going be to Saturday the 17th or Saturday the 24th, because I want to do the reveals on a Sunday since I'm also currently hosting a rate and that's the day of the week I don't do eliminations. I think having a three week voting period would be unnecessarily long, and since the deadline was going to clash with the other contests regardless, I thought going for the 17th seemed like the best option.
  8. Just to let everyone know, I've been using my hosting and veto panel privileges, so I've gone through nearly all of the PJ00s submissions and am nibbling down PJXtra too.
    Which means PJ Retro and PJSC will be a usual fare.

  9. So, with the school stories theme, I thought I'd share some of my own through the round, so let's start.

    In middle school, more specifically between seventh and ninth grade, my class managed to make not one, but two teachers quit. This may make it seem like my class was a nightmare, but that was really not the case at all, sure there were a couple of brats like there always are, but there were rarely any issues and most of the teachers loved the class, and vice versa.

    The first one was an art teacher in seven or eighth grade, and I don't remember the specifics here anymore, but I think she got very upset over some of my classmates horsing around in the art room before her class was due to start, and she just stormed out after walking into the classroom. I remember being sick with anxiety that we were all going to get expelled, to the point I didn't even go to school the following day, which in retrospect was really dumb because a) we hadn't even really done anything that bad, it was the teacher, who was both really strict and honestly had always been a bit weird, who overreacted massively and b) it was a private school, and the principal was never going to expel a whole class and lose all that income like that. In the end it all just quickly blew over and the old teacher was replaced by a much better, nicer whose classes were a lot more engaging and who got along super well with everyone.

    The other one was a French teacher in eighth or ninth grade who lasted like a week. I don't remember much about her anymore, but this was an even worse overreaction than the one above. She got extremely upset over a classmate writing her name incorrectly in a project or something, and... that was the reason she quit. I vividly remember her name was Ana Bela and my classmate wrote Anabela instead. "Ana separado de Bela" ("Ana separated from Bela") became a running joke through the rest of that school year. The whole thing was absolutely bizarre.
  10. I feel like the song I want to submit might be vetoed and I feel like my probable backup will be hated dddd.
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  11. Halsey would also be vetoed dd
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  12. I know that dddd and there isn't a guarantee Halsey would be hated.
    I did go with my backup though because my other song is by an artist with a song that hit the top 10 in the U.K. and 20 in the U.S. It wasn't that song though.
  13. My initial pick was already submitted ugh. And I think I know exactly who sent it. Hoping a triple submission happens .
  14. Evil
  15. TBH I'd rather get vetoed now so I can send my next song.
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  16. This is me every time mine is already submitted
  17. PJSC is absolutely the chaotic evil of song contests, but we have to stan the months when it delivers
  18. We had a history teacher who didn't like...yoghurt. I don't remember what the exact deal with that was but my classmates knew about it so one time they put a yoghurt cup on her table and she almost had a nervous breakdown over it. Yeah.
  19. This makes me wonder - has anyone been participating as long as me in any Song Contest and never won it like me and PJSC? Ddd
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