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PJSC 118: CHEMISTRY | reveals done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. I'd say something like "it must be mine" but I think I've already forgotten what I submitted.

    Oh, wait. Now I remember.

    Yeah.... could be mine.
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  3. Catching up on four weeks of new music in one day is the PJSC equivalent of unwrapping the textbook the night before the exam.

    Been there, done that, never learn, wish me luck!
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  5. You did indeed, I just forgot to remove your username from the list.
  6. I'm too basic bop to go to this school but let's do this.
  7. Hmmmm I'm not sure I'll have something.
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  8. If you can't think of anything off the top of your head, having a quick look at new release playlists and the like on Spotify is usually an easy way to find an entry.
  9. Youtube and Spotify are suggesting to me songs that were entered in the last two rounds. My favourite "Bubbling under" artists - too many of them have 11-15 pages of discussion. Finally, I have an entry that will pass!
  10. I posted this in the Random Thoughts thread a while back, but I figure it's worth sharing here too given the school sub-theme:

  11. Submitted a song!
  12. Submitting a song last minute now that my boyfriend is living five hours away and I need something to occupy myself with

  13. I'd have preferred you'd have stayed away instead of blocking my entry, tbh
  14. The entry period is technically over, but there are still a few songs the panel needs to make a decision on, so if anyone sends something over the next few hours it'll still be accepted.

    Aside from the people who submitted something today/yesterday, if I haven't contacted you then that means your song passed.
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  15. Maybe it's because of this round's theme, but I had a dream about my high school last night. It doesn't happen often, but every once in awhile, I dream about my high school - in those dreams I often cannot find my classroom. Which never happend in real life.
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  16. We are ready to go
  17. My most frequent dreams regarding school are about the PE class or skipping it, then waking up and feeling relieved that it was just a dream dd.
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