PJSC 124 - The Real Housewives of Popjustice - WINNER CROWNED!



As the gold medallist of Round 123 I am delighted to invite you all to participate in Round 124 of the Popjustice Song Contest.

For the regulars: you know the drill. If you need to refer to the rules, or to what's been submitted in the past, you'll find all of that here.

For the non-regulars, newbies, and those who don’t know the drill, the premise is simple: pick a song by an artist that fits the parameters that are set out here, and submit it to me via the sumbission [sic] form below. If your song is deemed to meet the relevant criteria and isn’t a double-up, then it and you will be competing alongside other tracks and members to win the PJSC 124 title, with voting commencing after the song list is posted in a secret-ballot style akin to Eurovision. The prize? Momentary pink prison glory and getting to host the next round.

If you would like to enter, please do that at the form HERE by 11.59pm in the latest possible timezone on March 9th.




What is the side theme this month?
My last side theme was a bit floppy, so let’s get floppier!

To celebrate the recent forum upgrades and the possibility of recalibrating some of the forum’s neglected sections, I’d like to honour a franchise that has spent the past few years clogging up our “TV & Film” nook – The Real Housewives of _____.

I rarely venture out of Charts & Rates. Who are these Real Housewives you speak of?
A reality behemoth that’s spreading to all corners of the globe, the Real Housewives franchise follows groups of glamorous women of varying temperaments as they travel, party, and try not to kill each other. Hilarious entertainment!

How does that fit in with the Song Contest?
Well, it doesn't really but just bear with me. In Round 124, each of your ballots will be presented by a Housewife (or any friend, guest, pet or over/underdeveloped side character) of your choosing from the Real Housewives Multiverse of Madness.

How does that work exactly?
If you desire, then please PM a Housewife / Housewife character that you would like to represent you in this month’s contest. If there’s any commentary you’d like posted along with your pick, then please include that too. First come, first served, so if there’s a double up, I’ll ask you to pick again. You can send your pick to me at any time up until the voting closes. If you send your pick in early enough, then I’ll feature them in spotlight posts during the entry and/or voting periods.

What if I’ve never seen the Housewives or don’t care about them or think they’re depraved, misogynistic programs with nothing to offer the world?
Fair. You can participate in the song contest without participating in the side theme, though, unless you object vociferously, I will randomly allocate a Housewife to represent you come reveal time.

Do I have to post in character as a Housewife the whole time?
Not exactly. If you want to, then go for it, but this isn’t the ill-fated “insult each other!” round we had a couple of years ago. Play nice and with good humour!

Happy PJSCing!
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1Dani Sylvia - She Swam Higher // cdd216161
2Neea River - All the Way // Swim131
3Nonô - Lovesick // WowWowWowWow117
4La rappresentante di Lista - Ciao Ciao // Hudvar107
5Mathilde Fernandez - Temple sourire // A&E106
6Samira - Like This, Like That // Livefrommelbs97
7Frankie Rose - Sixteen Ways // Carel96
8Markella - No One Hurts Me Like I Hurt Myself // WoW7391
9Big Black Delta - Huggin & Kissin // Isobel82
10Tyla - Been Thinking // klow79
11Zak Abel - What Love Is // Jeffo75
12Ashbury Heights - Wild Eyes (ft. Madil Hardis) // Attis70
13Ольга Серябкина - Дядя Гена // Derek68
14Nina Lili J - Décla // Up N Down67
15Chrissy Chlapecka - I'm So Hot // daninternational65
16Q - LUV (I KNOW I WANT THIS FOR REAL) // CorgiCorgiCorgi64
17Eva Noblezada and Rachelle Ann Go - The Movie in My Mind // TéléDex (3x12)56
18GRANT - Get Some // BubblegumBoy (1x12)56
19Glüme - Queen of LA (feat. Sean Ono Lennon) // soratami55
20220 KID, ÁSDÍS - Release // Imaduck (1x12)54
21HYRA - REM (No Sleep) // citoig (1x10)54
22Lande Hekt - Gay Space Cadets // 201452
23SASO - I'm So Bored // Conan50
24Jessiqa Jones - REHAB? // Dynamo49
25Elodie - Bagno A Mezzanotte // Berserkboi (1x12)44
26Michael Patrick Kelly - Beautiful Madness // saviodxl (2x10)44
27LUMA - Love Again // Maki43
28KANGA - Magnolia // If You Go41
29Metteson - Devotion // Untouchable Ace40
30Kate Havnevik - Taking Flight // Tiger Suit (1x12, 1x8)39
31MistaJam feat. Laura White - Ultimatum // londonrain (1x12, 1x7)39
32Boyish - Girls Are Mean // pop3blow236
33Austin Millz & Sabrina Claudio - Inhale / Exhale // cleosnatchra33
34Parisalexa - Chocolate // CaliDevotion32
35Axelle - Queen of Hearts // Remorque29
37Astræa - Stranger // DJHazey (2x7)23
38Emilia Ali - Thick Thighs // Connor Walsh20
39NINE.i - Young Boy // Inland Empire17
40Flo Milli feat. Lola Brooke and Maiya the Don - Conceited // Filler15
41Daniela Rathana - Puss & Kram // Disco Blister11
42Emei - Scatterbrain // Rogue5

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This happening at a time when most non-Australians were likely asleep... inch resting.

Somehow, no Australian residents were involved in this month's deceased finish...!

Anyway, the first thirty or so entries (including all those duplicates) are in the veto sheet. If you've doubled up you've been told, and if you do get vetoed during the week I'll endeavour to tell you as soon as I can.

I also realised I never set an end date for entries so that's now edited into the opening post (just before midnight in the last possible timezone on March 9th (GMT - 12)).