PJSC 124 - The Real Housewives of Popjustice - WINNER CROWNED!


The song has 3Ys, crisis...momentarily averted! Thanks again panel!
A couple of things!

Firstly, the user who submitted Eva Noblezada and Rachelle Ann Go has requested that we refer to the Youtube version of the song rather than anything on Spotify so please bear that in mind with your listening (it has been removed from the playlist!)

Secondly, you can now VOTE via the form here (also on page 1). The deadline will be just before midnight California time on Monday, March 27th. Reveals to take place...Wednesday March 29th Australian time (it'll be a Tuesday for most of you. I think. Time is a concept. We'll roll with it).

Happy listening!
Plenty of time still to vote, but a gentle reminder to get those ballots in! We have three thus far!

It's also time to introduce our next representative:

@Rogue, represented by MAMA ELSA


Elsa Patton, affectionately known as "Mama Elsa", was the mother of Real Housewives of Miami cast member Marysol Patton. Elsa featured heavily in seasons 1 and 2 of the show, but only (as I understand it) appears briefly in Season 3, as she was suffering from health issues at the time of filming.

I'm actually watching Miami currently for the first time, and am up to the fifth episode of Season 3. Season 1 is only six episodes long, and I get the feeling it was originally intended to be a different show but was then repackaged as "Housewives" à la RHONY - in each episode, a different Wife hosts a cooking class at her house, and the "drama" that we come to expect from the franchise doesn't really come until the finale. (As an aside, the Season 1 Reunion was filmed and aired live as a WWHL episode, which makes it a total mess). Mama Elsa was indisputably the star of Season 1, and probably the only reason the show came back for a second helping. Her breathtaking appearance, dry humour and fondness for mysticism made her a favourite for both the members of the cast and the audience.

Season 2 of Miami has to be up there with some of the best I've ever watched. They cut the dross from Season 1 and introduced several new housewives, such as the smiling assassin Karent, and agent of chaos Johanna. Additional side characters, like local drag queen Elaine, and lecherous soap star Rodolfo, also brought drama and comedy to the proceedings. Amidst this motley group, Elsa still shone. @Rogue sent through the clip below, in which Elsa laments the prospect of a lonely life, as evidence of her iconic status. Such was Elsa's popularity, Bravo released a webseries focussed around her known as Havana Elsa during Season 2, which depicted her launching her own coffee line.

Elsa's declining health meant Marysol had to step away as a "full time" cast member in Season 3 - although, four episodes in, I feel like Marysol is certainly doing enough so far to have earned a full-time mojito.

Unfortunately, Elsa passed away in 2019, aged 84. Gone but never forgotten xx

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Miami is the next one my partner is hinting at starting as NJ is not really doing it now the undisputable Danielle Staub has departed. Looking forward to it from this write-up!

Oh yes, you must. I can imagine you loving Adriana de Moura - the Brazilian art dealer with the French fiancé and a love for troublemaking - she may speak five languages, but her true language is independence!

There's a little over one week remaining to vote! Thank you to everyone who has voted so far (13 of you!) I can tell you that...there are three songs still on zero, only one with multiple 12s (it's in the lead) and while four songs have sort of pulled away it's still a very wide open field...

Anyway sorry for neglecting this thread but now that my cold seems to have finally officially fucked off it's time to meet some more representatives! Next up we have...

@soratami represented by KANDI BURRUSS


Here's a confession that potentially makes me ineligible to be running a round with this theme - I haven't watched all of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I've seen bits of it here and there, but haven't sat down and gone go-to-woah, and that's in part because it's an intimidating undertaking - there are 14 seasons of this show out now, and when it comes to the Housewives I tend to display completist tendencies - I don't really like the idea of starting on, say, Season 5 because that's when Kenya shows up, as I'll end up worrying about missing out on important historical context.

Some would say that Atlanta is the most iconic Housewives franchise of them all, and so (with apologies to the other Atlanta-based Bravo gesamtkunstwerk, Married To Medicine, that I've had on the backburner for months now), I fully intend to make it the next project for my partner and I once we finish our Miami run.

Kandi Burruss has appeared in every season of Atlanta aside from its first, making her the show's longest running full-time cast member. There are a few Housewives, across the franchises, that have flexed their musicianship muscles, and indeed it looks as though @boom bazooka joe will be running a rate sometime soon to cover off on these classiques where we can all express how we definitely thought they were fun and liked the beat. But Kandi has legitimate musical bona fides, as a former member of Xscape, an artist in her own right, and as a co-writer of global smashes like "No Scrubs", "Bug A Boo" and "Bills, Bills, Bills". Kandi is known for being one of the more "reasonable" cast members of the show, but writing a song like "Tardy For The Party" seems like deeply unserious behaviour to me.

@soratami says: "I'll go with Kandi Burruss if she hasn't already been taken. I've never watched a single episode of Real Housewives, so I'm picking her more because of her music career (and because a quick search revealed a lot of great gifs I could use through the contest dd)."

Kandi is certainly iconic in her own right. She definitely is not the most outrageous of the Atlanta cast (which is literally icon upon icon), but her feud with Phaedra culminates in the Housewives equivalent of the Cordelia twist in Angel (for us Buffyverse gurus)!

But yes @klow - I'll need you to complete Married To Medicine first! (side note: apparently Mariah was eyed for Atlanta at first, but went on to help create MTM instead and thank god that happened so we have two incredible franchises to enjoy).
I'm slightly more knowledgeable when it comes to our next representative:

@Up N Down represented by LYDIA SCHIAVELLO


Given the success of the American versions, it was inevitable that the Housewives would expand across the globe. One of its most beloved international iterations is the Real Housewives of Melbourne, the first season of which aired in 2014, and the latest - and perhaps last? - in 2021.

As a Melbourne resident, the localness of this piqued my curiosity, and so it became the first Housewives show I ever watched. As it's produced locally, the budget is low, meaning the seasons are short and the cast reunions often only last one episode (by contrast, in American versions, they're often three or four episodes long) or otherwise simply do not take place all. But those local producers sure did luck out with an extraordinary cast. The fiery personalities and comedic talent of the Melbourne ladies mean they hold their own against the titans of the Housewives universe, and I know that, particularly on this forum, the first four seasons of Melbourne are regarded as some of the best ever. (The fifth season, made when Melbourne was still waking up from its extensive COVID lockdown restrictions and with most of the previous cast mainstays missing, is probably best forgotten).

Lydia Schiavello appeared in those first four seasons and became known for her villainy and stupidity. Many of her sillier moments are collated in the second video below. These days she hosts members of the public into her home for private cooking classes and plays around on Photoshop, enlarging the waistlines of her former cast members.

@Up N Down says: "As with Drag Race I’ve never actually seen a single episode of these housewives but great gifs, beautiful gifs and that’s enough for me. Certainly she has to be my fave whoever she is: