A Top 5

1. Girls Aloud
2. The Saturdays
3. Monrose
3. All Saints
4. G.R.L.
4. Fifth Harmony
5. Perfume
5. Little Mix
I'm only familiar with full discographies by Destiny's Child, Sugababes and Spice Girls (yes, I'm missing out on a lot), so I voted for my preference out of the three.

Thinking about it, out of those ten groups the only albums I haven't listened to are the All Saints debut (I like their other four though) and all the TLC albums, which for some reason I never got around to checking despite loving their Greatest Hits.
I love me some Fifth Harmony bops, but they're so out of place with this bunch nn. Stream Sledgehammer

Fifth Harmony have a great little discography though, plus they're the second biggest (non-K-Pop) girl group of the last decade, after Little Mix.
Pure Shores just wins it for All Saints overall, wouldn’t you agree @Maki? <333
We love judging an entire discography based on a single song, and an extremely overrated one at that x

On the flip side, here's a very underrated (and very short-lived) girl group that I probably prefer to nearly all of the ones in the poll:

Shoot me but this is better than any of the Spice Girls albums.
Once and for all: What is the best girl group?

All Saints, Destiny's Child, Fifth Harmony, Girls Aloud, Little Mix, The Pussycat Dolls, The Saturdays, Spice Girls, Sugababes or TLC?


And the results are in:


Seems about right! Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and PCD didn't get a single vote, but then the competition was extremely fierce.
Sugababes & All Saints were robbed!!! Though Girls Aloud indeed have a great discography!

I did the Destiny’s Child Discography Rate and they are definitely Singles Artistes <333

TLC - Fanmail is fantastic so I must now hear the rest as they probably also deserved more votes!!
If anyone needs context

(but just watch the whole thing)

Ah right, that seemed familiar but I was about to ask which pop song are these lyrics from dd

Can you remind me of the lyrics of your 11 again? Ffff
I don't rate lyrics x

Ok but Chemistry, Tangled Up and Out Of Control are all better than any of the Sugababes albums, and I say this as a fan of both groups x
I haven't listened to these yet, hehe.