PJSC 132: Who. Is. The Troll? It was @swim!

There are about 4 days left to submit your entry, and pack for the field trip.

Advice: bring warm clothes!


With a special celebration coming up, we're going to Oslo! The Norwegian royal family was kind enough to allow me to host this round at their palace - so the Mystery Machine was equipped with winter tires, and we're off!!!


After a long and rather uncomfortable trip, as someone brought peanut butter sandwiches, we've arrived in Oslo, and everyone is dropped off at their hotel. Some of you might have to share a room....

The Park Inn: @A&E, @iheartpoptarts, @TéléDex, @Lego & @Derek

The K7: @daninternational, @rawkey, @imaduck, @saviodxl, @seven. & @Dynamo

The Bastion: @BubblegumBoy, @WoW73, @Inland Empire, @pop3blow2, @undisco_me & @citoig

The Anker: @Filler, @soratami, @If You Go, @Hurricane Drunk, @Carel & @londonrain

The Folketeateret: @Disco Blister, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @2014, @Untouchable Ace & @Attis

The Radisson Blue Park: @Up N Down, @livefrommelbs, @CaliDevotion, @Maki

The Montebello: @klow, @Million_Lights, @Tiger Suit, @cdd216 & @swim


The party starts at 7PM, with performances of previous PJSC artists from Norway, like Markella, Astrid S, Moyka, Emma Steinbakken, Maria Mena, Dagny, Ane Brun and many others. And since the party is once again a masked ball, all the guests are requested to come in disguise.

Since we're in the land of trolls, I thought it would be funny that I host the party in a troll costume. Much to my dismay, when all the taxi's from the hotels arrive at the palace, I find out ALL of you have rented a troll costume!


I really can't tell who is who, but who cares, the music is good, there is food and drinks, so let's party! Velma and Daphne make sure everything runs smoothly and that Shaggy, Fred and Scooby stay out of sight.

Then, the clock strikes midnight!!

Through some form of ancient Norwegian magic, our costumes and masks become real - we will be trolls until midnight on November 24th!!

The party continues, as nothing can be done to reverse the magic. So there so more food, more music, and even some dancing. Then, a SCREAM! We all rush to a more quiet area of the palace, and find a troll on the floor, unconscious and hit over the head, and robbed!!

What was stolen? A precious medal won in a previous pJSC!!

There is no sight of the culprit... or is there?

The security on site locks down the palace, and we are all gathered in the library by Velma and Daphne to answer the one question, that has been on our minds for some time now:



The Troll??


If you wish to play along and unmask the culprit, along with your ballot, send me your answers to these questions:

- Which troll is the thief?

- Which troll is the victim?

- Which object was used as the weapon?

Daphne and Velma will give a few clues over the coming weeks, that might help you answering these questions.

(Some previous participants of PJSC have been spotted in Oslo! Are they friends or foes??)
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