⊰ PJSC 135 ⊱ ⊰ murder on the dancefloor ⊱ the dance begins ~ and the winner is...

Alright, it's finally time...

dance competition: final standings

@BubblegumBoy & @Disco Blister

80s Synthpop

@Dynamo & @Hurricane Drunk


@Attis & @TéléDex


@citoig, @seven. & @Lego


@Carel & @Filler

Viking Folk

@Isobel & @klow

Contemporary Ballet

@Million_Lights & @CaliDevotion


@cdd216 & @HarryEzra

Irish Stepdance

@unnameable & @daninternational


@livefrommelbs & @Untouchable Ace

Bush Dance

@2014 & @londonrain

@CorgiCorgiCorgi & @MilesAngel


@Derek & @imaduck

Belly Dance

And now, the top 5...

#5 (23 points)
@berserkboi & @iheartpoptarts (+ @londonrain)

Tap Dance

#4 (44 points)
@If You Go & @WoW73 (+ @daninternational)

⊰ (Kitchen) Disco ⊱

And the medalists...

#3 (46 points)
@swim & @Tiger Suit

⊰ Interpretative Dancing ⊱

And finally, separated by just one point(!)...

#2 (50 points)
@Maki & @Up N Down (+ @CorgiCorgiCorgi)

Death Metal

#1 (51 points)
@Phonetics Girl & @saviodxl


And that's a wrap! Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for participating everyone!

This is nice! Thanks @saviodxl for taking this one while my contribution extended to picking Hung Up.
I found everyone's routines insanely entertaining, however...
I voted #1 for Interpretative Dancing
#2 Death Metal
for their stunning and intricate performances.
36/38 ⊰ @Maki


Here are my votes for this round:

12 points - Corvyx & King Vagabond - Nightmare
Thanks so much for the total points everyone, especially @Maki for the 12! (I bet you wish I won here not PJ00s+).
You and your pair @Up N Down didn't really like the round but liked my song.

Thanks for the competition @soratami.
To the winners @Phonetics Girl and @saviodxl you're such talented movers!
But for the long awaited quadruple win @berserkboi very well done and very well deserved!

To be clear will your next farewell tour be to host the next round?
I'm doing that thing where I catch up on all the contests in one day. Hugs to @Up N Down, @WoW73, @MilesAngel, @saviodxl, @soratami, @Dynamo, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @livefrommelbs, @BubblegumBoy, @Disco Blister, @Hurricane Drunk, @londonrain, @imaduck, and @Maki!

@soratami you're amazing and for what it's worth this is the first time I've ever bothered to watch a thread.

Crowns for @berserkboi! Happy birthday-ish! Thank you for keeping us unmurdered so long while I was MIA for like a week! (And thank you @londonrain for joining us too!)

Love Annalisa, love 'Euforia', love the promise of an upcoming bloodbath...

(also my 12s keep winning, what a good month for contests xo)
Recap time:

I sent LOVETA for the third time, making her the first ever artist I sent three times to the same contest.
First thing, looks like I was very wrong here - LOVETA is the fourth artist I've sent three times to the same contest. The first three instances all happened with acts in PJ00s.

So LOVETA not only failed to reach top 10 but also missed out on top 20. It's rather disappointing to see such a fantastic song get payed dust. I really thought it sounded like PJSC bait (and wasn't the only one at that). But maybe my takeaway from this should be not to send songs which were growers for me and choose the more instant ones. Also choose new acts and take a break from repeating the same ones dd.

Annalisa is a great and very deserving winner even though the song is a bit too by-the-numbers for me to actually return to. Obviously I'll need to check her album very soon. Congratulations again on the win, @berserkboi! It really feels like a full circle moment considering how long you've been taking part in these.

Underrated corner: STANIE (didn't vote for it but last place for it is very confusing) and Rakiyah.

Congrats on winning the side theme, @Phonetics Girl and @saviodxl! Likely contributed to that myself by ranking you second nn.

Thank you for the amazing and amusing hosting as always, @soratami!
I'll be honest with you. I barely know what a Big Thief is. I learned they exist about a week before this round, and I'm not very into the rest of their music. Two separate players seem to think I should have sent 'Not' instead so I've relistened and... "not" for me thanks! But Vampire Empire sounds like a smash to me, like an actual real life chart one. If it was the 90s it'd be blowing up like that 4 Non Blondes song and pissing everyone off and then they'd never have another hit again.

Having to wait till ballot #25 before I got my first point... these reveals are stressful lately. Always feels faintly degrading when I send an act big enough that I'm not sure they'll get past veto and they end up flopping anyway. Excuse me, I'm trying to sell out here! But thanks anyway @Lego, @HarryEzra, @Attis, @swim, @Carel, and particularly @seven. for the 12.

(I haven't been keeping tabs on this, but is @seven. becoming one of my most dependable points-givers? @Carel watch your back!)

everything is optional if you don't care enough.
Why is this so inspirational... I want it on a poster