⚔ PJSC 136 ⚔ - ☠️ Bloodshed On The Dancefloor ☠️ - WINNER REVEALED (Techno Mix) + Tidbits Up!


Tea Time

Main Round

- We have 23 voters so far
- All songs have points!
- 3 songs remain on single digits
- The leading song was at one time +20 points ahead, but is now only +7 points ahead!
- No song has cracked the 100 mark yet
- 2 songs have received 3 x 12s
- 1 song has received 3 x 10s
- FL and/or Male Vocals are spread across the Leaderboard

☠️ Voting Form (main round - deadline 29/03)

Caught up after a week from hell! I can't complain about this result. Thank you very much @WoW73, @soratami, @Hurricane Drunk, @DJHazey, @Isobel, @If You Go, @Untouchable Ace, @Rogue, @unnameable, @daninternational, @MilesAngel and the most of all King @Tiger Suit for the 12! Seeing as Allie X has current AOTY on lock, I felt like basking in the glory of her beginnings. COLLXTION I is still a jewel and listening to Girl With No Face now makes me feel the same way as I did back in 2015, literally nobody else has that!

It's finally time to take a look at the leaderboard for '24 so far.



First off there's so many unexpected things going on with this small sample of a leaderboard, especially if you'd expect past trans to continue.
The leaderboard is wider than it is long because it's early and we always need more people to come back.
But also because of @If You Go's long title (I'll crop it down later on)


Concerning the content of the leaderboard, well done to @berserkboi for being on top rightly with his first of many wins in PJSC.
@Phonetics Girl is also right behind while amazingly continuing her golden era. Their breaks from the contest served them well.
@Derek being 3rd though is usual occurance with his years of performance.


What is baffling especially is @imaduck in the group of 2 timers between the 2 chunks of singles.
I'm sure he'll win again when he wants to.
There's lots of room to blossom for @cdd216, @HarryEzra, @Carel and @Million_Lights.


But then there's a void of inadequacy that @Doodvid has created for us in the next chunk between the last bunch and him. After receiving a medal at the start of the year, I'd rather he stuck around instead of making the rankings look like this.


Something else that hasn't been seen before is that @citoig & @unnameable have performed exactly the same so far. @saviodxl & @If You Go have also done this, both achieving 9th with 70 points in round 134, then 7th with 80 points.
@Inland Empire & @CaliDevotion have also reached the same rank in different rounds.