⚔ PJSC 136 ⚔ - ☠️ Bloodshed On The Dancefloor ☠️ - WINNER REVEALED (Techno Mix) + Tidbits Up!

Oh, I totally think it could influence results. There have definitely been rounds where like-sounding songs have been grouped together and I've basically rated them the same on first listen, only to go back and find I have strong preferences between them.

Similar sounding songs being grouped together is the main thing really, I think songs make a stronger impact if they come after something that's at least somewhat different. It doesn't happen that often, but it's a bit of a bummer when I go through a playlist and find out my entry is pretty similar to the one immediately before it, that's usually a bad sign.
Fun Stats Time!!!

Alright - today we find out who the most decorated Silver Foxes with Bronzed Bodies are,
with the most of these two medals across each Song Contest!

Over at PJSC - without much surprise
It is @imaduck with 31!!

His best performer there (points wise) are:

Findlay - Electric Bones

Hot-ish on his tail at 17 medals, we have @Derek

WE ARE TWIN - In the Moment

Then, only a little further below it is @swim on 15

Grant - Hell Yes, I'm Betting On You

It's gonna be a challenge getting close to these superstars, isn't it team?
Over at PJXTRA - finally no ties!
It is @Maki alone on 5
(this is particularly impressive since there's only been 25 rounds completed,
so @Maki medalled in 20% on that contest!)
I actually didn't know that! All of these medals happened from late 2022 onwards too.

And I've yet to actually win that contest.

Fun Stats Time!!!

Next up - shall we take a look at the acts who have achieved the most SILVER/BRONZE in each contest?

At PJ00s+ with 3 medals(!) - it is.....



Velvet - Deja Vu @Hudvar

Velvet - Fix Me @Hurricane Drunk

Velvet - My Rhythm Hudvar

The kiii of most of these being blocked for me, apparently she is a repellent for Australians?
Also kii at the first professional shot of her to come up on my search not being from the album with the entries! fff

On 2 each below Velvet are:

Belinda - End Of The Day Hurricane Drunk
- If We Were @saviodxl

Charlotte Perrelli - Bullet @Empty Shoebox
Charlotte Perrelli - Million Miles Away @WoW73

Kim-Lian - Road to Heaven @Derek
Kim-Lian & Linda Bengtzing - Not That Kinda Girl wow73

Leah Haywood
- Crazy @livefrommelbs
Leah Haywood - Taking Back What's Mine @berserkboi

Lene - It's Your Duty @soratami
Lene - Virgin Superstar @Island

Najoua Belyzel - Gabriel soratami
Najoua Belyzel
- La trêve de l'amour wow73

Sarah Blasko
- Don't U Eva @ohnoitisnathan
Sarah Blasko - Sweetest November soratami

Star Pilots
- Higher @Untouchable Ace
Star Pilots - In the Heat of the Night Hudvar

The Birthday Massacre - Goodnight @If You Go
The Birthday Massacre - Red Stars @swim

Any surprises?

I... don't think I'll be able to vote in the side theme tonight, I'm tired. Literally had to turn in an assignment by midnight and did so 10 minutes before the deadline fff seems familiar.
I'll try tomorrow before midnight AoE time zone, hopefully there will be other stragglers.