PJSC 138: Extreme Maki-nations - WINNER(S) CROWNED

Calling all Challengers

My second (and certainly most successful) entry from the Portishead Extended Universe after "(Merry Xmas) Face the Future" by "Beak>" (Geoff Barrow's non-Portishead band).

When I heard there was a new Beth Gibbons single, I thought "oh, might be a good PJSC entry!" and then I listened to it and thought "...hmm. Might be a grower". But I expected that the album, released after this round's submission period, would go top 10 (and it did), so I couldn't wait to pick a better track without getting vetoed – it was now or never, and I had to play this on a loop to figure out whether I liked it or not.

Now that it's become one of my rare top-half-of-the-leaderboard entries – yes, I can confirm I do like it! I thought it would be another Filler flop, but maybe name/voice recognition earned it benefit-of-the-doubt repeat plays from some of you like it did for me? And maybe that's fair enough, because what a voice. Thank you to my Floating voters, particularly @Tiger Suit and @klow for the 12s.

Fun Filler Fact I just noticed: aged 59, Beth Gibbons is (I think) the oldest artist I've sent to PJSC. This comes one round after I sent Samantha Hudson, who, aged 15 as of her song's release, is (I think) the youngest artist I've sent to PJSC. A 44-year age gap between successive entries!
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I hope everyone enjoyed Beth Gibbons.

9 - Bull Believer (Wednesday)
9 - MF Diamond (Chinchilla)
6 - House of Cards (Isaac Howlett)
5 - Q No (Sofia Coll)
3 - Pedro (Jaxomy, Agatino Romero, Raffaella Carrà)
3 - Ping Pong (Chanel, Ptazeta)
3 - Opera (Valencia Grace)
2 - Rakastan en Rakasta (Bess)
2 - B.S.M.F. (Mondo Grosso)
2 - Backbone (Blusher)
1 - Brand New Bitch (Cobrah)
1 - Wish You Were Dead (Lola Young)
1 - Ray of Light (Alice Francis)
Good thing we did this free choice ballot game in a strong round – I was expecting to go harsh and have under 10 songs on it! Any of these 14 would get easy points from me in an average round.

There were several repeat artists in contention, and when it gets tight, I don't just assess the songs against each other, but against songs from previous rounds – like, have I heard this artist before? Have I voted for them before? Does this sound different? Is it better? Artists who might get points if I was a first-time voter can lose out for overfamiliarity. I surprised myself by not putting the very-much-my-bag 'Brand New Bitch' on my main ballot – but I've already voted for two Cobrah songs that sounded pretty similar and were at least as good, which made it easy to squeeze out for new blood. Ironically, not a brand new enough bitch.
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