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PJSC (19) 95 - We have a WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Doodvid, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Predicting that this will be me in about 7 hours with Syntisten poyta.
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  2. Pink Pony Club has this, right?

    After the success of ‘Magpie’, I decided to submit a slightly different ‘2020 really is shit, huh?’ mini-anthem. I guess I figured even if everyone wasn’t on board with it musically, maybe the sentiment would at least ring true.
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  3. As we all should!

    There was someone in the YouTube comments that described 'Paraphernalia' as sounding like Daft Punk covering an ABBA song and I can't get over how accurate that is.
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  4. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Yeah, when I said this entry was uncharted territory for me in this contest, I basically just meant it’s not on Spotify in the west ddd. Technically J-Rock is a new genre on my entry history, but I’ve already submitted rock and Japanese music before so it’s not a huge leap.

    As many of you will probably have noticed, the song is actually part of the soundtrack to the animated film Promare, which I watched a few weeks ago and absolutely loved. I’d totally recommend it to anyone who likes animation, sci-fi, or just wants a nice optimistic movie to watch in this shitty time. It even has some very uhh...unheterosexual moments between the two male main characters if that’s something you’re interested in!

  5. Ddd i didn't realise, I also recused myself as anonymously as I could AND told Doodvid it was up to them and to ignore my vote. Besides I would have entered 'Care' as my backup anyway
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  6. I don't know how you guys feel about my submission but DeathbyRomy is such a great artist. I've found her randomly on youtube and I'm obsessed with her aesthetics. It was really hard to chose which song to submitt. I think Let Me Fall was the catchiest but give a listen at these other two you won't regret it!

  7. Dddd well, it's me, so I'm sure my perpetual bad luck will keep me from winning, but maybe I'll get top 10 again haha.
    I submitted Pink Pony Club cause I loved it after @ohnostalgia played it in the Sepetember Charts watch2gether session. I think @londonrain said something about it sounding like/should be a PJSC entry, and so I submitted it before anyone else could dddd.

    Also, one of the few good things about my weird sleep schedule and slight insomnia is that I will probably be awake at 4 am (in 40 minutes) when reveals hopefully happen at 9 am U.K. time.
  8. However!! Me entering Beabadoobee finally (I've waited a while to enter her now!) coincides with her critically acclaimed new album being released!

    I smelt a future big pop girl and ran to submit.
  9. Since I don't have much time to talk about my entry now, I'll just say that Beatie Wolfe is quite an interesting artist and "Barely Living" has that moody and melancholic feel that's right up my alley. Oh, and the song is co-written and produced by Linda Perry - basically the reason I discovered it.

    Also, not ending up last placed will be a great success for me.
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  10. Literally me on this cold Sunday morning waiting for the reveals to start

  11. @Carel - I was talking about your song here!
    It gave me huge Suede vibes, esp. this one:
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  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Given that she gives off strong Texas vibes, I think @Sprockrooster may help ensure she doesn’t end up last...
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  13. I don't get the hype over this one, but we'll see!
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  14. Me at the start of reveal


    me when I'm first three hours in with my own points left to push someone else over the finish line

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  15. This is me
    I've been waiting to use those pictures.
  16. [​IMG]


    1. Thanks for bearing with the influx of oversized magazine images on this thread this past 3 weeks (but I swear, on a mobile phone screen it looks fine). Going through my back catalogue of 1995 nostalgia has been equal parts entertainment and therapy for me.

    And if you thought reading it all was a chore at any point, spare a thought for the poor future Popjustice forum members trying to decode what the hell happened in the contest when Tumblr no longer exists and this thread is filled with links deader than Deuce's* career.
    Fittingly, I guess it'll make as much sense as the Smash Hits magazine Message Board so there's that.

    2. The votes will be revealed in the order I received them and the order they were input because I'm terrified of breaking the spreadsheet. I don't know if that will diminish the drama but let's find out.

    3. It's been great interacting with lots of you even if it was via brief messages on here. For me at least, it felt slightly less detached than sending results via an external voting form and personally embodied the spirit of on an online community song contest nicely.

    4. I'll post your fave 1995 songs in a separate post just before your sets of results in order to protect my sanity and to prevent distracting from the scoreboard. For those who didn't send one, I've picked some good stuff (and not so good stuff) to provide a broad representation of the 1995 music charts.

    5. I'm listening to the playlist again as I present the results and
    a) I apologise for lots of contestants I didn't vote for
    and b) I think it absolutely slaps!

    6. Did anyone else think Elvira sounded like she was singing about 'enemas'?

    *they will NOT be referenced by me outside of this thread on this forum again after this!
    They will not be my 'Dalida' - said with love, berserky x
    (hopefully that's already been established as Loose Chippins anyways)
  17. Actual footage of me waiting for the reveals to start, while doing my morning routine:

  18. Are any of the North & South Americans here for the reveals?
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