PJSC 57: Murder Mystery: Case closed

Who is the murder/s?

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For submissions? That's tonight I don't know about votes yet but I think it's usually about two weeks.

Ah. I meant votes, really - I already have a submission ready but I didn't want to put one in if the voting period was going to be only one week or something, because I won't have time to compile a top ten that quickly.

If it's a short voting period this time then I'm happy to wait until the next round.
As @DJHazey is carted off on a Sk8 board, We make our way back into the great hall, suddenly we hear screams coming from the pantry in the kitchen. As we approach everywhere goes dark, a light suddenly appears and we are peering through a glass window into a secret room @2014 is strapped to a chair shaking, A hooded figure enters the room and begins to bash @2014 around the head with 2014 calendars, as the guilty hooded figure persists @2014 struggles to get words out, we all watch in horror as the culprit begins tearing pages from the calendar and shoving them down @2014 ’s throat and yelling “Moderate this binch”. @2014 is dead. The culprit comes right up to the window, faces us and holds up a jersey, his/her face hidden apart from a few ginger hairs peering through the hooded cloak.