How should ties be broken in the future?

  • The song that receives the most overall voters.

  • The song that receives the most 12's, 10's, 8's, and so on.

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Since it's the petty round, I suppose I'll ask... did they get the same overall number of voters? I thought that was the first tiebreaker in Eurovision rules (not that we use Eurovision rules, just wondering)...

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I loved hosting this SO much everyone, even if I didn’t enjoy the songs that much and Taya got paid dust. I can’t believe that my round has a tie and Imaduck in the bottom? Iconic. I have a date to get ready for so have the BEST NIGHT!

I reckon @WowWowWowWow is right too. Samantha got more overall voters but Lizzie received more sevens. So either could be winners!
Since I don't believe we have a formal tiebreak rule (it's not listed on the PJSCHQ page), and depending on which tiebreak rule you use (higher overall quantity of votes or higher number of scores), Samantha wins under one way and Lizzo wins under the other, I would propose a co-#1 for @popknark2 and @Derek, no 2nd place and @Hudweiser in 3rd.

And none for @imaduck bye

Yeah I think this is probably the best solution, especially as both are deserving winners and it would be a shame for either to get dropped to 2nd.


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I loved having my inner snake out.