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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, Mar 31, 2018.

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  2. Why do I always find a better song than the one I entered right after the deadline passes??
  3. I only recognize 2 of the other songs on the list and they're both amazing and I'm mad I didn't submit either of them.
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  4. My obvious veto entry this round would have been Strangers by Sigrid! Ha!
  5. Did you enter this round?

    When can we expect the user lost?

    I have been more up to date with music this year thanks to the Monthly Charts so I know some artist's like Mecha Maiko.
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  6. No, I am not in it but that would have been me 'trying'
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  7. But I need your 12!
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  8. My eyebrows are slightly raised at those k-pop entries but good list overall! I have no chance this round.
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  9. Guilty of this too.

    Was super confident in my song but now I’m just hoping for a top ten!
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  10. I did a quick preliminary listen.

    The first half of the playlist is... not getting a lot of points by me. I won't miss those songs.

    The second half came through though. So much goodness there.
  11. Everyone running to check which half of the playlist their song is in:

  12. Are you sure you didn't enter this?
    Elle Teresa - Make Up
    If not you should watch it. #berserkboi'simpact
  13. Voted!
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  14. Surely this is some sort of speed record?
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  15. I don't want to be told off..... also my entry will probably get zero points so I'm avoiding the minus points score.
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  16. I love how bare this round is. I hope the music lives up to it.
  17. I'm doing my listenthrough now (my votes will be with you in a couple of hours), but I'm less than 10 songs in and I feel like there are already more good songs than there were in the whole of the last contest. Okay that's a slight exaggeration but still, I am impressed so far.

    Unrelated aside: why does there always seem to be one or two Spotify links amongst all the YouTube & SoundCloud ones? The Gwenno song is on YT as well, surely it'd make sense to use that link since the Spotify playlist is posted separately? (Not a major issue or anything cos it took me 5 seconds to search it on YouTube, just curious).
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  18. Isn't it up to the user who enters songs to give a link? That's probably why.
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  19. I guess so! (I wonder if it is the same people who always send Spotify links and if that might be used as a clue to sleuth who sent certain entries... hmm x)

    There is one link there that needs to be replaced anyway as RaeLynn's video is no longer available! There is an alternative on YouTube though.

    Just sent my votes anyway, really good contest this time around, my entire top five are better than my 12 last month!
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  20. Hahaha, no not me! ;)
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