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PJSC 66: votes due MAY 29 for main contest + Top Answer Game Round 3!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, May 6, 2018.

  1. It's about that time again, everyone...

    Time for the







    The Popjustice Song Contest is a music contest focused on discovering new/obscure music. Each participant picks a song by a lesser known artist or new discovery and pits this song against other unknown or new songs.

    The song you have chosen should be submitted to the host of the contest (ME!) during the submission period. During this time the veto panel will score your song out of 100 (0 being instant veto, 100 being no issues). If it averages 50+ then it will be accepted into the contest.

    There are a bunch of things that may result in a song being vetoed.

    Things that will affect your veto score, but not necessary result in a veto

    - Previously submitted artist (3 being generally the upper limit unless significant time has passed)
    - Doing well in a previous round
    - Forum threads or discussions
    - Double submission of songs
    - Multiple submission of artists
    - Reality TV contestants
    - Notable personalities (who aren't necessary singers)
    - Mentions by Popjustice on social media (outside the website)
    - Features as popjustice.com's song of the week or in a Popjustice Spotify playlist
    - Blog presence (outside popjustice.com)
    - Large view counts on YouTube (no exact science here, but upload time and international audience are taken into account)
    - Big artists in other countries
    - Lesser hits / album tracks from well known K-Pop acts
    - People with features on hits
    - Covers of lesser known songs
    - Samples of lesser known songs

    Things that will definitely be vetoed

    - Winners of the PJSC
    - Songs that have already been entered (check the list here: http://pjschq.wikidot.com/the-songs-of-pjsc)
    - 3 or more submissions of that song
    - A song that is featured on the popjustice.com front page (in a solo article) in the last 3 months (another song by the artist or remix of the same song can be chosen and may clear veto)
    - Songs involved in the current Eurovision cycle up to and including the month of the contest
    - Songs that have significant radio play (check this at http://comparemyradio.com/)
    - Covers of well-known songs
    - Samples of well-known songs
    - Big hits / big singles from well known K-Pop acts
    - Major K-Pop acts (2NE1, f(x), SHINee, Girl's Generation)

    How do I vote?

    After the song list is revealed you have a period of time where you are able to submit your votes. You should vote using the traditional Eurovision style points system (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) with the top marks going to your favorite, and 1 going to your 10th favorite. Remember you cannot vote for your own entry.

    Okay, @londonrain. Where do I submit my entry? Do I send it to you in a message?

    Please submit your entry using this Google form instead of sending me a message. It makes it much easier to handle the whole process! Submissions are closed, so... well, you can't.

    What's the deadline for submissions?

    The deadline is was Friday, May 11 at 23:59 Pacific time.
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  2. But wait!

    There's an additional challenge, should you choose to take it up.

    And that challenge is:


    Now what, pray, is this?

    It's a game in which you get asked a bunch of simple questions ("Name a colour on the US flag") and you have to give an answer.

    Sounds easy, right?

    But wait... the twist is that you don't get points based on whether you're right or not. You get points based on how many other people gave the same answer as you did.

    So, for example, if you were asked to name a colour on the US flag, and 10 people answered "red", 20 people answered "blue", 2 people answered "white" and 5 people were drunk and answered "purple", the points distribution would be:

    Everyone who answered "red": 10 points each
    Everyone who answered "blue": 20 points each
    Everyone who answered "white": 2 points each
    Everyone who answered "purple": 5 points each.

    Click here for Round One.
    Click here for the results of Round One.

    Click here for Round Two.
    Click here for the results of Round Two.

    Click here for Round Three.
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    1. Loboda - Твои Глаза (Tvoi Glaza)
    2. Rosa - Riot
    3. Bronze Avery - Secrets
    4. Silver - Drinking Games
    5. Ruby Francis - Drip Drop
    6. Matisse - Better Than Her
    7. Elohim - Half Love
    8. LCDFM - Sucker
    9. Fun Fun - Baila Bolero
    10. Confidence Man - Better Sit Down Boy
    11. Tom Misch - You're On My Mind
    12. Leon Else - The City Don't Care
    13. Molly Kate Kestner - Not Over You
    14. Alina Baraz - I Don't Even Know Why Though
    15. Emilia de Poret - Weightless
    17. Ella Vos - White Noise
    18. Zhang Qiang - This Is My 80's
    19. Slowes - Tell Me Why
    20. Tamaryn - Hands All Over Me
    21. Ria Mae - Bend
    22. NIKI - Vintage
    23. Isle of You - Skintight
    24. Weki Meki - One More Time
    25. Chrysta Bell - Heaven
    26. Leslie Clio - And I'm Leaving
    27. Ventino - Si Decides (Baby)
    28. Frances Rose - Dangerous
    29. Arrhult - 1999
    30. Wye Oak - Lifer
    31. XO-IQ - We Doin' It
    32. Barkley - 3AM
    33. Loote - Your Side Of The Bed
    34. Vincint - Marrow

    A Spotify playlist is here, minus the following songs:
    1. Zhang Qiang - This Is My 80's
    2. Matisse - Better Than Her
    3. Frances Rose - Dangerous
    by Matisse, Zhang Qiang and Frances Rose.

    Thank you to @OspreyQueen for making this!

    VOTE HERE by 23:59 Pacific on Tuesday, May 29.

    The participants this round are:

    Empty Shoebox
    Lost Boy
    New Flame
    One Stop Candy Shop
    Petty Mayonnaise
    Untouchable Ace
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    1. Sprockrooster 138
    1. DJHazey 138
    3. Derek 131
    4. One Stop Candy Shop 126
    5. WowWowWowWow 123
    6. HarryEzra 119
    7. New Flame 118
    8. eyeline 113
    8. slaybellz 113
    10. CorgiCorgiCorgi 106
    11. soratami 100
    12. 2014 97
    12. Robsolete 97
    14. AmbivalentToBritney 95
    15. Rogue 94
    16. Empty Shoebox 93
    17. Island 88
    18. OspreyQueen 86
    19. saviodxl 81
    20. imaduck 76
    21. Hudweiser 73
    22. haps 67


    1. One Stop Candy Shop 74
    2. slaybellz 69
    3. soratami 68
    4. HarryEzra 67
    5. saviodxl 64
    5. haps 64
    7. Sprockrooster 62
    8. Hudweiser 61
    9. WowWowWowWow 59
    9. Empty Shoebox 59
    11. Derek 58
    12. OspreyQueen 57
    13. Riiiiiiiii 56
    14. DJHazey 54
    15. CorgiCorgiCorgi 53
    16. New Flame 48

    17. 2014 41

    1. One Stop Candy Shop 200
    1. Sprockrooster 200
    3. DJHazey 192
    4. Derek 189
    5. HarryEzra 186
    6. slaybellz 182
    6. WowWowWowWow 182
    8. soratami 168
    9. New Flame 166
    10. CorgiCorgiCorgi 159
    11. Empty Shoebox 152
    12. saviodxl 145
    13. OspreyQueen 143
    14. 2014 138
    15. Hudweiser 134
    16. haps 131

    17. eyeline* 113
    18. Robsolete* 97
    19. AmbivalentToBritney* 95
    20. Rogue* 94
    21. Island* 88
    22. imaduck* 76
    23. Riiiiiiiii* 56

    (* denotes a participant who missed a round)
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. I submitted my song early for once!
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  8. That reminds me: @Robsolete, come and participate!
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  9. I've submitted but hoping to find something better today to change it for!.
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  10. I have a handful of pretty pretty good entries but none that I'm in love with. Time to look around forever and then end up submitting something I already knew!
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  11. As if you're not behind it as well though!
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  12. So it's like Family Feud?
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. It's like this!

    (Which is pretty much like Family Feud.)
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  15. This time around I entered a song/act I absolutely love. It better do well!
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  16. Very excited to finally be participating in PJSC 44!!!
  17. Submitted.

    Also ready for the top answers game. I think it happened last year as well, but then I didn't understand the rules very well and ended up in the bottom.

    They asked: "Name a RuPaul Drag queen." I chose Gia Gunn, but nobody else did.
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  18. Heyyyyyy, I didn't flop in that one! Okay, me too.
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