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PJSC 66: we have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, May 6, 2018.

  1. Okay but "Baba O' Riley" is legitimately one of the best songs ever recorded.
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  2. You might say it's a contender for the Best Song Ever.
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  3. Hyperbole is the spice of life.
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  4. Dire Straights indeed.
  5. Done the Top Answer Game. I'm ready to win this round x

    How many rounds are you thinking of having @londonrain? 3, 4?
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  6. Three. I'll put up one more round, which will be due at the same time as the ballots, and then I'll reveal the results either just before or just after the regular PJSC results.
  7. I really regret not doing the first round. I was dumb, I was wrong, I let you down. But I know how I feel about Top Answer Game now.
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  9. Yup!
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  10. I'm happy someone made a big enough discovery to enter it in a song contest!
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  11. I'm shocked that I recognised it seeing as it wasn't one of the 40 or so songs in that rate that I listened to.
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  12. Just so you all know: the Loboda song has been located on Spotify and @OspreyQueen has added it to the Spotify playlist. I've updated the relevant posts to reflect this.
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  13. My votes have been finalized...you may look at them now.

  14. I voted. I still like my song the best, which usually means it's guaranteed to finish last.

    There's always next time I suppose.
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  15. A reminder:

    Please vote in this round of The Top Answer Game by 23:59 Pacific time tonight!

    Don’t make noughties Monica judge you for not voting.

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  16. Did anyone let you know it's back up? Looks like a relaunch.

  17. Time for the results of



    1. Name a user who is likely to win this round of PJSC.

    Six of you assumed that the PJSC massive would generally answer this one by naming nine-time winner @imaduck. The results seem pretty split, though, and six-time winner @Derek, three-time winner @Lost Boy and two-time winner @iheartpoptarts got a look in as well. Shout out to the person who thinks @One Stop Candy Shop has a great chance of getting his first top three placing this round.

    @imaduck - 6
    @Lost Boy - 4
    @Derek - 2
    @iheartpoptarts - 2
    @One Stop Candy Shop - 1
    @WowWowWowWow - 1
    @londonrain - 1

    2. Name a PJSC 66 participant who has won at least two of the three song contests.

    Poor @2014 and @Hudweiser.

    @londonrain (all three) - 9
    @iheartpoptarts (PJSC / PJOPS) - 2
    @imaduck (PJSC / PJOPS) - 2
    @KamikazeHeart (PJSC / PJOPS) - 2
    @Sprockrooster (PJSC / PJOPS) - 1
    @WowWowWowWow (PJSC / PJOPS) - 1

    3. Name a Julie Bergan song that has been entered in PJSC before.

    Julie's seventh-placed PJSC 48 entry (submitted by @Lost Boy) wins this one!

    Shout out to the person who decided not to choose one of the three Julie Bergan songs and instead chose Zero by Julie Bjerre.

    Arigato - 8
    All Hours - 7
    Fire - 1
    Zero - 1

    4. Name a popstar whose album rollout is taking TOO. DAMN. LONG.

    The correct answer to this is, of course, ALL OF THEM, but spare a thought for poor @Robsolete, who could reasonably have expected a Rita album to follow soon after she got a UK #1 with I Will Never Let You Down... in MAY 2014. She has had eleven UK top 40 hits since then (including features) and we're still waiting for this album.

    Rita Ora - 4
    Troye Sivan - 3
    Christina Aguilera - 2
    Madonna - 2
    Robyn - 2
    Sky Ferreira - 1
    Sigrid - 1
    Ariana Grande - 1
    Avril Lavigne - 1

    5. Name a city in which a Shakespearean tragedy is set.

    Inverness found gasping. Helsingør found wheezing. Athens found rotting.

    Seriously, though, If you didn't answer with Verona - where have you been?

    Verona (Romeo and Juliet) - 12
    Rome (Titus Andronicus / Julius Caesar / Coriolanus) - 2
    London (erm... none of them?) - 2
    Venice (Othello) - 1

    6. Name a country that was in the bottom five in the Eurovision final this year.

    Poor SuRie. Is it just me or did she actually get better after the incident with the stage invader?


    UK - 10
    Portugal - 5
    Finland - 2

    7. Name a country that was in the top five in the Eurovision final this year.

    Poor Eleni Foureira is robbed yet again.

    Israel - 10
    Cyprus - 7

    8. Name a country who was knocked out of Eurovision in the semifinals this year.

    At least poor Sennek won something with her quasi-Bond theme, huh?

    Belgium - 6
    Russia - 4
    Azerbaijan - 2
    Iceland - 2
    Georgia - 1
    San Marino - 1
    Switzerland - 1

    9. Name an artist who has represented Israel at Eurovision.

    I'm glad nobody went for anything other than the three obvious answers. Poor Imri deserved better, though, as did international LGBT icon Ms. Dana International.

    Netta - 9
    Dana International - 6
    Imri - 2

    10. Name a 21st-century album by Monica.

    When in doubt, go with the first possible option... or at least the first one that wasn't restricted to a Japan-only release because it got leaked.

    (Also, @Hudweiser, don't think I don't see this erasure of Monica's eight Hot 100 top ten hits - two of which were double A-sides, thank you very much.)

    After The Storm - 7

    All Eyez On Me - 5
    Code Red - 3
    Still Standing - 1
    "Greatest Hits 3-track EP" - 1
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Yas, her eyes were on fire!
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