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PJSC 66: we have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, May 6, 2018.

  1. If I win, I'll buy a Powerball ticket because I'm clearly on a luck streak and I'll share the winnings with anyone who gave me a 12.
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  2. Me last round:


    Hoepfully this round it's not the same
  3. DDD that moment was so damn funny (the audience gasping!) it almost made up for Cyprus not winning.
  4. To the person who has voted by simply giving one song a 12 and leaving everything else blank:

  5. Dddd it's a rough draft currently in progress. Mind ya business!
  6. I live for this round
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  7. WHEW. IMAGINE how incredible this round would be if these made it through too. I’m talking the greatest PJSC round ever.

    Julie Bergan, my Queen of PJSC, deserved a win.
  8. So is this round like pop good or hipster good? I never know whether to trust people!
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  9. BOP good.
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  10. PERFECT.
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  11. The list of participants is on the first page, in case you are all wondering who to thank for all these great submissions.
  12. Are you enjoying your PJSC playlist? Have you chosen your faves?

    Well, now it's time for


    1, Name a user who is likely to win this round of PJSC.
    2. Name a PJSC 66 participant who has won at least two of the three song contests.
    3. Name a Julie Bergan song that has been entered in PJSC before.
    4. Name a popstar whose album rollout is taking TOO. DAMN. LONG.
    5. Name a city in which a Shakespearean tragedy is set.
    6. Name a country that was in the bottom five in the Eurovision final this year.
    7. Name a country that was in the top five in the Eurovision final this year.
    8. Name a country who was knocked out of Eurovision in the semifinals this year.
    9. Name an artist who has represented Israel at Eurovision.

    and the big one:

    10. Name a 21st-century album by Monica.


    Enter your answers HERE by 23:59 Pacific time on May 21.
  13. Ha, I could do this.

    But the rest ... Verona was kicked out last year wasn't it ? How I loved this song!

    Eventually really failing at TOO.DAMN.LONG ...
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  14. The links in the questions are pretty useful if you need help.

    There's really no shortage of answers to question 4, sadly...
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  15. Thank you so much. You don't tire of being helpful and friendly. I maybe wouldn't be here without your assistance anymore. I appreciate that and like it so much.

    My kind of humour ... Just think about Verona once more, maybe it really does fit elsewhere.
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  16. No problem! I look forward to seeing what answers you come up with.
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  17. Not so sure that I'll do this. Busy listening to songs from three contests and I absolutely want to be part of the Avicii rate ...
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  18. Ooh this round is going to be good.
  19. One of these songs might be the best thing I’ve ever heard from PJSC, attached to an artist and larger body of work that has floored me.
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  20. Spotify is recommending the following songs to me based on the PJSC 66 playlist.


    Spotify needs to take a long hard look at itself.
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