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PJSC 81: Music Video Edition (Winner revealed! Side contest winner revealed!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Giving someone some consideration is never a bad thing, in my opinion. Sad to see @llamadelrey missing out because of this, but the world works in mysterious ways and I’m just glad they were kept in the loop with the decision.

    Very very happy with a #7 placement!
  2. Now to enter Sofia and win next round

  3. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

  4. If the song actually won, then the artist wouldn't have been eligible forever, so it's good news for you.

    Thank you all for the nice words, but it doesn't end there yet!

    Coming up: Best music video of the round awards!
  5. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    #26 and 50 points is pretty good in a round with so many entries! Thanks everyone who voted for Megan, and congrats @AshtrayHeart! Brilliant hosting @Maki and @saviodxl too <3
  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    From round 74:
    (I’m still waiting for those nudes from @Carel.)
  7. I'm currently counting the votes and preparing the posts for the best video of the round award, so it will be revealed soon.
  8. Love this game! Thanks to @Maki and @saviodxl for bursting my PJSC cherry!

    I'm very happy with my 40 points and 33rd place for my first time out. I now feel I have a better grasp of the sort of songs people enjoy, and almost certainly should have gone with the darker song rather than the summer bop of Monte Carlo. Do I have to wait three rounds before I can submit it?
  9. Amazing for Requin Chagrin to be in the Top 15 - French Indie Pop not flopping in pjsc is amazing - a great bunch of people here! Glad @llamadelrey found something to love here too - glad you were still able to keep a good placement xoxox

    Congrats @AshtrayHeart !!!

    Looking forward to how Semaphore will do in the Video competition too....
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  10. Congratulations @AshtrayHeart! Awara is such a good song. It was actually sitting in my list of possible submissions so I'm kicking myself for not having sent it myself sooner. But at least the song has been done justice.
  11. Nice to finally get my second top 10 of the year even if the initial flurry of votes had me excited for a higher finish.

    I'm a bit torn on what to enter next.
  12. Whew. What a ride. Thanks to @LKane, @Beginner and @HarryEzra for the final points! With a placement of #42 I can have a big sigh of relief as I have stood lower before.

    Also congrats @AshtrayHeart!
  13. Just finished compiling the music video of the round awards! I think we can start now.
    (Hopefully I didn't mess something up)
  14. We present you...

    PJSC 81: Music Video Edition - Best Music Video of the round Awards!

    Approximately 40 music videos, 29 voters, but only one winner!

    4th place - 1 vote each:

    @Rogue with KNK - Sunset
    Voter: @CorgiCorgiCorgi

    @Untouchable Ace with Trevor Moran - Sinner
    Voter: @New Flame

    @2014 with The Regrettes - I Dare You
    Voter: @pop3blow2

    @Robsolete with Missy Higgins - Futon Couch
    Voter: @unnameable

    @Disco Blister with Olya Polyakova - Luli (Люли)
    Voter: @WoW73
    Voter's comment: Top 10 videos:
    12 Olya Polyako. Not the best, but I enjoyed this one most!
    10 Krog
    8 Ricky Merino
    7 Kerri Watt
    6 Chloe Flower
    5 Cherry Bullet
    4 Jetta
    3 Julia Crane
    2 KNK
    1 Anil Sebastian

    @Sprockrooster with Kerri Watt - Cut Me Loose
    Voter: @LKane

    @Music Is Life with Icon For Hire - Get Well
    Voter: @Zar-Unity
    Voter's comment: The kind of quality music video you'd expect to see
    on MTV back in the day.

    @evilsin with ZVENTA SVENTANA - Мужа дома нету
    Voter: @əʊæ

    @berserkboi with Requin Chagrin - Sémaphore
    Voter: @CasuallyCrazed

    @Carel with Red Hearse - Half Love
    Voter: @ufint
    Voter's comment: Fav vid of the round is Red Hearse, because St. Vincent. DUH.

    @Tiger Suit with Anil Sebastian - Closer
    Voter: @londonrain
    Voter's comment: It reminds me of a darker version of one of my favourite music videos - Get Your Way by Jamie Cullum.
    Honourable mentions: Missy Higgins - Futon Couch and Chloe Flower - Get What U Get
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Very pleased with a top 20 finish! Thanks for all The Regrettes votes, and congrats @AshtrayHeart!!!
  16. PJSC 81: Music Video Edition - Best Music Video of the round Awards!

    3rd place - 2 votes each:

    @saviodxl with
    Ricky Merino - Miénteme:

    Voters: @Untouchable Ace and @Cundy
    @Untouchable Ace: I can't believe someone entered Ricky Merino just for me. I've never heard of him before this but he is amazing has great skin, hair & taste (yeah he probably tastes good too) Of course his gold video is my favourite.

    @vague with Flower - Nettaigyo no Namida:

    Voters: @Maki and @Tiger Suit
    @Maki: So many great music videos in this round, but my choice is this really cute and well-shot video, with some gorgeous shots. I love the color scheme, too. Anil Sebastian and Chloe Flower would be my close second choice. (Jetta's video is great, too)

    @EscapismIsAnotherPrison with KROG - Galax:

    Voters: @Carel and @Miyawakiwi

    @Carel: My favourite of the music videos in this round goes to KROG - Galax. I really liked the pretty minimalism and it went well with the song. x
    Honorable mentions to the following, just in alphabetical order, which stood out as well to some extent:
    Anil Sebastian, Cherry Bullet, Chloe Flower, Jetta, Olga Polyakova, Rocket Punch, Tanya Lacey, War Of Words
    And any other videos that contained cats (I might have missed some as I wasn't 100% paying attention). The cats are the only reason Olga and Rocket Punch get a mention.
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  17. PJSC 81: Music Video Edition - Best Music Video of the round Awards!

    Runner-ups ~ 2nd place - 3 votes each:

    @Island with
    Chanmina - I’m A Pop:

    Voters: @evilsin, @soratami and @vague

    @iheartpoptarts with Baker Grace - Sad Summer:

    Voters: @Cotton Park, @IAmMrDexB and @dontkillmyvibe

    @savilizabeths with Cherry Bullet - Q&A

    Voters: @Ana Raquel, @Derek and @DJHazey
    @Ana Raquel: my favorite video this round was cherry bullet's.
    close call for mon amour and sad summer, but i can't resist some game references
    Video winner for me is Cherry Bullet - Q & A, gotta love a gaming themed video. (though Victoria is a close second for that as well)
  18. My winner won! Yes!
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