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PJSC 82: All The Stars (LIST POSTED)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CorgiCorgiCorgi, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Sorry for the delay everybody! I'm getting a root canal in a little under 2 hours so my mind's all over the place.

    We got some vetoes! In addition to the Faye and Robin Schulz vetoes mentioned upthread, we also have a few more. I'll be PMing the submitters as well so they have a chance to resubmit.

    So feel free to give these songs a listen now - even if you can't vote for them, you might still find a great little tune!

    First up, we have Lolo Zouaï - Moi. Lolo was entered recently and won't be eligible again until PJSC 84.

    Niki - Indigo was vetoed for the same reason - she won't be eligible until round 84.

    Next, we have Regard - Ride It. It's a remix of a Jay Sean song, and Jay's sales and name recognition is a bit too high. (Down was that bop.)

    Then it's Ivy Levan - Her, which finished twelfth in PJSC 74.

    Our first Kpop veto (so far) is Everglow - Adios. I don't know much about K-pop, but they've got 54 million views on the video for this entry:

    There are a few that we're still waiting on the deciding vote. I'll be PMing those people as well, just to let them know they might find a backup.

    If you submitted before Sunday or so, and you haven't gotten a frowny-face PM from me, you should be okay!
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  2. Their payola views being that factor that d-i-s-q-ualifies them from PJSC?

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  3. Good luck with the root canal treatment, I've been there several times and it was hell on earth....
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  4. With Dja Dja passing with bigger YouTube views earlier this year, it never occurred to me a K-Pop act could fail just on that when their thread here hasn't even cracked a full page. Interesting....

    (I suppose the forum being generally more here for K-Pop than French R&B may be another contributing factor)
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  5. Admittedly I don't know if that's the exact reason it was vetoed - like I said, I don't know much about K-pop!
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  6. I take my hat off to the person brave enough to try and get a Blackpink song through veto
  7. Poor Everglow. I would have given points to them, almost 100% sure.
  8. I have to admit I was totally unaware of the rule that artists sent in the last 3 contests are ineligible oops. NIKI was mine, probably woulda flopped anyway based on her previous results (although this song is way better) and I'll be bored of it by the time she's eligible so I might as well reveal that. Will reconfirm in a min ~~

    Also that Regard song is literally in the UK top 40 right now which seems like a more salient reason to veto it than just that it's a Jay Sean sample.
  9. Yeah, there's been several entries with hundreds of millions of views...
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  10. Since there have been so many submissions lately, I'm okay with extending the voting period a bit. I just know they try to aim for one round a month and I don't want to screw over the next round too badly.

    In retrospect I probably should've shortened the submission period a bit. This one's on me! To whoever hosts the next round, learn from my mistakes!

    (Also my root canal went well! Tonight's dinner: a tamarind-mango smoothie, and ibuprofen.)
  11. The smoothie actually sounds yummy! Glad it all went well, beautiful @CorgiCorgiCorgi, speedy recovery ahead hopefully xoxox
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  12. Just trust the veto process. There's a whole host of reasons, you'll see all when the list goes up!

    As for the Jay Sean remix, it's vetoed for being a remix first (as we ban well known samples and hits). The fact it's then in the top 40 is just noise.
  13. Just make sure it's still possible to start the next round in the first week of October. So this one should be wrapped up on like the 3rd at the very latest.

    Though honestly I wouldn't really think an extension would be necessary. Is going over 50-60 songs over 16 days that unreasonable? I guess I'm not really sure how most people tackle these song contests, but for me at least, the time it takes between starting to listen to the songs and having a finalised ballot is never more than one week (unless something big comes up), so the voting period being 16 or 60 days seems kind of irrelevant, as long as you don't start only 2-3 days before the deadline. And I mean, for the people who do leave it for the last moment, the actual date of the deadline is pretty irrelevant as well, it's not like they're going to start earlier just because the deadline is later.

    But yeah, just my 2 cents. I suppose anything is fine as long as the next round really doesn't get screwed over.
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  14. We're not breaking the one contest a month convention, so please don't extend. As for now people will just have to either commit or not enter, submission closes in two days (and will be able to close immediately if you nobody gets a song in late) then you've got plenty of time to listen.
  15. Djadja was a borderline pass (with a score of 52/100, with anything below 50 resulting in a veto). The veto process is different now so comparing the two situations isn't really possible. That said, both on a global scale and in the forum, Everglow and Adios are a lot more well known than Aya Nakamura and Djadja, that as far as I know, hasn't made any impact outside of continental Europe. Everglow are one of the biggest new K-pop acts right now, and their thread may be short but they do have a ton of mentions in the forum.
  16. I was all for Djadja passing anyway as her high view count is unlikely to be from here :)
  17. Not like it made much of an impact here anyway ddd. Ms. Nakamura US clearly too ahead of her time for certain people.
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  18. Another veto: Bo Bruce - Alive. Bo is an alumni from The Voice, and the song was from a top 10 UK album, so it was ultimately vetoed.

    It's a lovely song though, so I'd still give it a listen!

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  19. Well, I've been vetoed ddd.

    I'll be taking a break now as I don't have any other songs I'm particularly passionate about and the increase in songs is a bit tew much for me as I said before. Good luck, everyone!
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  20. I had considered submitting her band with her husband (Henry Binns from Zero 7) before, but thought their collective notability would work against me.
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