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PJSC 82: All The Stars (LIST POSTED)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CorgiCorgiCorgi, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Maybe you or @imaduck can do a poll about the length of the voting period. If people want 3 weeks instead of the 2.

    I honestly do not like regulars dropping out now just because the month rule is so stiff. We could make an exception once.
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  2. Popping in here just in time to say I already know what I want to submit, and hoping it won't get vetoed.
  3. And make sure you vote this time please!

    AS I SAID (though we haven't discussed it as a panel yet) we'll seriously have to start enforcing repercussions for not voting in the form of bans from further rounds!
  4. Yes I definitely will. The songlist will be revealed tomorrow right? Or Thursday? I'll get started right away! Partly cause I think my song might have a chance of doing well (maybe even winning ddd.)
  5. Submission closes tomorrow night so the earliest it can be up is the 13th now. There's currently 8 songs without a veto decision that will need to clear before the list can be revealed, and any more that may arise before then.
  6. Okay. Good to know. Thanks!
  7. I'm on #TeamMonthlyContests, so please no extention of the voting period!
  8. Generally when these contests see a ton of entries they tend to return to more manageable levels soon enough, so let's not be too quick to make further changes over what might very well be a temporary thing.

    I think curtailing the recruiting spree was the change we needed to make (no shade to new PJSCers, y'all are great) - let's see where we're at in the next round or two now that we've done that.
  9. Managed to get my song in on the last day. Sorry it wasn't sooner, been
    so busy with rates and stuff. I wanted to say this here, as I didn't have room
    for it on the rate, I was really impressed by Loreen's first album! The quality
    control and her powerful vocals, wow! I can now see why Lost boy loves her
    music so much.
  10. In the end, it doesn't matter to me (unless non-voters would've given me points), just set the deadline and I'll always have my votes in, the rest works itself out. It always does.
  11. A little under ten hours to get your submissions in!
  12. I'm not sure I got everything right, but I sent my song. Thanks to @EscapismIsAnotherPrison for letting me know about this. 5 years of Pop Justice and I'm yet to explore the Charts/Rates threads more often.
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  13. Welcome! Just make sure you read the rules ddd
  14. This. No offence but y’all are being a teensy bit dramatic about having 10-20 more songs to listen to. It’s only like an extra hour of listening and it’s perfectly manageable.

    The real issue is making sure the newbies get their asses in gear and vote ddd.
  15. Veto panel has been really on the ball this round, we should actually be ready to go fairly quickly after submission.
  16. Also @EscapismIsAnotherPrison has all these contacts but rejected my calls to help MUNA by giving them points in the September PJ Charts

  17. Agreed! Veto panel has been hella efficient.

    I will say, there are a decent amount of shorter songs this round (Lil Nas X's influence), so it shouldn't take a super long time to listen to them all.
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  18. I'm here thanks to @EscapismIsAnotherPrison and I've just sent my submission but I'm not sure if the song I sent will be okay? The artist isn't unknown but she's not a big pop girl either.
  19. Instead of listening to the songs to determine votes we should study lunar movements, burn some incense and then randomly arrive at a verdict that seems unspecific enough to be fitting for every song.
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  20. For the newbies: make sure you check out PJ00s and PJ Retro, too! PJ00s is a special song contest just for songs released between 2000-2009 (Chromeo just won the last round!), and PJ Retro is just for songs released 1999 and earlier.

    I once won PJ Retro with this banger:

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