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PJSC 82: All The Stars (LIST POSTED)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CorgiCorgiCorgi, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Done!
  2. I don't mind shitloads of songs if they're actually good.
  3. I know, right?
    How many non-voters we had last round @Maki ? Like, 6?
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  5. I personally don't either, but it's an issue if it's making some regulars want to stop participating. And that aside, having a bunch of non-voters every round just isn't fun for anyone.
  6. I mean the non-vote cost someone the win last round so... it really does.
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  7. Yes.
    Maybe it's a good thing that I didn't count the initial winner's votes in the last round, because it's a great demonstration for newbies what can happen if you don't vote.
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  8. Sorry, I'm just confused by this whole thing... Can I just not take part?
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  9. Then don't submit a song, sis.
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  10. I did say, when I was PM'd about this, that I wasn't really sure about how it all worked and that I prob shouldn't submit a song and then I was told I should still submit and it was easy etc.

    Anyway, I will go back and try and read everything and make sense of it.

    I haven't had any time lately. Sorry.
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  11. I mean put simply:

    - You submit a song that adheres to the rules in the first post (Is not a hit, is not buzzworthy on this forum)
    - A small group of us judges it to see whether it passes those above rules
    - The host releases the list of submitted songs
    - You listen to the songs and choose your top ten
    - You submit your top ten songs with the 12,10,8 Eurovision point system.
    - Someone wins
  12. That was last round though, which is finished. You aren't actually taking part in this one unless you choose to submit another song.
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  13. Fixed.
  14. All I ever have time for these days is one listen of everything anyway, so it doesn't effect me but I can see where this is stressing everyone who wants to partake in all three contests. I think it should be something like this for a PJSC:

    Days 1-5 -- submit songs (maybe even less, I mean for this contest it seems to be more of "race" to get the newest gem in before everyone else does)
    Days 6-28 -- vote
    Day 29-30/31 - reveal

    this is rough because I know the next contest doesn't start the next day.
  15. Confused then. Okay, thanks.
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  16. I completely agree with this (and, in my opinion, that should be applied to all song contests).
    More than one week of submission period has always seemed too much to me.
    Shortening the submission period means more time to vote, so it's a win-win.
  17. Even if we were to do shorter entry periods, there still need to be a few days between rounds for the host(s) to get the next one ready though.
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  18. I share a birthday with Lorde and popular french exports Marie Curie and David Guetta, so in a way the stars already aligned and I will take a look at the rules and decide on entering this contest.
  19. I am having memories of an early 90’s ESC where the former Eastern block countries had to go through a non-televised pre-qualification round since there were too many entries....
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