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PJSC 82: All The Stars (We have a winner!)

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What time works best for the reveals?

Poll closed Sep 29, 2019.
  1. September 30, 00:01 GMT - right after voting closes!

  2. September 30, 5:59 GMT - 6 hours after voting closes

  3. September 30, 11:59 GMT - 12 hours after voting closes

  4. September 30, 23:59 GMT - 24 hours after voting closes

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  5. never. delay it indefinitely

  1. [​IMG]

    It's a great time to be a pop fan! PJSC 58 winner Lizzo just put the sing in #1 single, PJSC 5 winner Tove Lo is mere weeks away from releasing her fourth album, and I'm hosting the main PJSC for the first time.

    What are the rules?

    Copy-pasted from the last thread:

    Popjustice Song contest is a music contest focused on discovering new music, each participant picks a song by a lesser known artist or new discovery and pits this song against other unknown or new songs.

    The song you have chosen should be submitted to the host of the contest during the submission period, during this time the veto panel will score your song out of 100 (0 being instant veto, 100 being no issues) if it averages 50+ then it will be accepted into the contest. See veto guidelines here and previously entered songs here.

    After the song list is revealed you have a period of time where you are able to submit your votes, you should vote using the traditional Eurovision style points system (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) with the top marks going to your favorite, and 1 going to your 10th favorite, and remember you cannot vote for your own entry.

    What's the theme?

    I live in Los Angeles and the stereotypes are true, people take astrology extremely seriously out here. Truth be told I don’t even believe in it, but I’ve sat through enough conversations about Leo season and Mercury in retrograde to pick up the basics.

    So for our theme, I’m gonna take the date each song was released to determine each song’s zodiac sign. (If you know the day it was released, feel free to send it in; otherwise I’ll just go with what Discogs and iTunes tell me.) Then during the reveals we’ll track each zodiac sign’s results. Will your song be the best scoring Capricorn entry? Will a water sign top the charts, or it will be an earth sign? Why is a scorpion considered a water sign and not an earth sign? We just don’t know!

    Submit your song here!

    Submission period: September 3rd to September 12th (23:59 GMT)
    Voting period: September 13th to September 29th (23:59 GMT)
    Reveals: September 30th
    Current time GMT: here
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  2. the entrants
    @Ana Raquel
    @Connor Walsh
    @Disco Blister
    @Dr Pop
    @Empty Shoebox
    @Empty Shoebox
    @If You Go
    @Lost Boy
    @Mr. Humes
    @Music Is Life
    @Natalie's Jacket
    @One Stop Candy Shop
    @Tiger Suit
    @Untouchable Ace

    the songs
    Another Summer Without You - Alexander 23
    Something New - Alice in Videoland
    Brain - Anja Kotar
    SEiiZURE - BABii
    Sweat - BAD
    Nichts und Niemand - Barbara Morgenstern
    Hesitant - Blaise Moore
    I Can't Wait - Vocal Mix - Bond
    Boomerang - BRÅVO & Shary-An
    Tough Guys - Caroline Jones
    Why Do You Love Me - Charlotte Lawrence
    Bad Look - Charming Horses
    Fast Cars - Connie Constance
    So Good - Danna Paola
    Paralyzed - David Archuleta
    Out Of Time - Deb Never
    Perfect Disaster - Drew
    Arena - Dyo (FKA Ms. D)
    Moves Like a Shadow - Em Appelgren
    Bon Bon Chocolat - Everglow
    Voices - Eyelar
    Sunday - Fanatics
    Born Without A Heart - Faouzia
    Future - Gaggle
    MAMA - Gangkiz
    The City Holds My Heart - Ghostly Kisses
    bad idea! - girl in red
    YoYo - Gloria Groove (Feat. Iza)
    Mosfilm - Goya
    When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies - Gunship
    Fuck Fog - HANSSØN
    Out More - Isabella
    Sugarcoat - Jaira Burns
    White Lights - JOYNER
    Antisocial Socialites - Kyan Palmer & Nicopop. ft. Yuri Joness
    Zar me je tako teško voleti - Lejla Hot
    i_$uss - Leningrad
    Help - Lizzy Farrall
    Heaven Knows - Lola Scott
    The Key - Madison Ryann Ward
    Toutes les machines ont un cœur - Maëlle
    Tag ein Tag aus - MAJAN
    Tú - Maye
    Love Might Be Found (Volcano) - Montaigne
    Things We Do On The Weekend - Nonku Phiri
    Bring Back The Summer - Rain Man ft Oly
    Maybe One Day - Riri
    (Root)less - Saint Mela
    Back 2 Me - SAINTE
    Moth (Ga) - Sakanaction
    Bronie Sie - Sarsa
    at least i look cool - Sasha Sloan
    Gotta Get to Know Ya - Seratones
    Somebody Like You - Smith & Thell
    Hex - The Birthday Massacre
    Naked - The Dollyrots
    Music Everywhere - The Picadillys
    The Second Shift - Virginia Wing
    Break My Broken Heart - Winona Oak
    Seeds - Wolfie
    Big Dreams Die Hard - Y.A.S
    Pixel Affection - yeule
    Life - Zivert
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  3. Submitted my top played song of August. Praying no one gets the same idea (unlikely but who can never be sure)!
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  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

  5. It's virgo season!
  6. This theme is amazing!

    Submitted right away (the fastest I've ever submitted, by the way). The song is amazing, as well as the music video, so you better recognize it.
    I'm so glad I made this song discovery just before this round (watch it get vetoed for some reason).
    Also, the song's release date will match my zodiac sign - not planned, but brilliant!
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  7. Iconic theme

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  8. May every star align and bring my song a good result.
    I've gone for something I think is rather beautiful this round, let's see who spots it.
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  9. The void in my chest that I have in place of a heart leaped when I saw the date format used on the form.
  10. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Submitted. The song is cute and a little unconventional so I hope it stands out.
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  11. What's your sign, boy?

  12. Why did you not enter this!!!!

    12s, 12s, 12s across the board!
  13. It's a PJSC classic!

    (as in, we had this one a while back - and it did rack up the 12s if I remember right!)
  14. Ok, I submitted. Man, I think my entry will either flop or hit the top ten
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  15. Also, I solemnly promise to be a late voter this time, so I will not feel the urge to re-arrange my ballot and cause mayhem - what about you, @londonrain?
  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I didn’t even rearrange my ballot last time dddd. I just went back into the form so I could copy my ballot for my own records, and that’s what showed up as an edit.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. Aries, unite.
  19. There was none, dear @saviodxl !
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