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PJSC 82: All The Stars (We have a winner!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CorgiCorgiCorgi, Sep 3, 2019.


What time works best for the reveals?

Poll closed Sep 29, 2019.
  1. September 30, 00:01 GMT - right after voting closes!

  2. September 30, 5:59 GMT - 6 hours after voting closes

  3. September 30, 11:59 GMT - 12 hours after voting closes

  4. September 30, 23:59 GMT - 24 hours after voting closes

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  5. never. delay it indefinitely

  1. We have hit 15 voters! I'll be adding all your votes to the spreadsheet soon, and I'll try to send everyone a "congrats I got your ballot" message after that.

    I really, really hope the current winner stays in the lead the whole time! It's not the song I was expecting to win, but it totally deserves it.

    maybe I'm talking about your song
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  2. I feel like my song stands out amongst the 64, but that could just be me being a basic blind optimist who's played it one too many times.
  3. Not one of these songs basically being Britannia High under a different name. The neverending impact.
  4. One song blatantly rips off/samples The Exorcist as well, ddd.
  5. After going through all the songs once, I'm down to... 47

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  6. You must have broad musical tastes! After my first pass I was already down to fewer than 20!
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  7. This round actually seems better than usual for me. Must be because of the variety there is. I do need to be more selective when I go through the songs again though.
  8. I don't think it's a bad thing at all apart from the fact that you can only score 10 songs! I sometimes think my tastes are too niche - If it isn't electro/synthpop sung by a female I'm usually not interested!
  9. Down to 30


    Guess my honourable mentions list will be extra long this round.
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  10. Me looking for last.fm accounts linked in your signatures to see if you're scrobbling my song

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  11. [​IMG]
  12. one song is such a glorious mess that i just had to include it in my list.

    it might be your song
  13. Your profile tells me something, @saviodxl !!
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  14. That I like Spice Girls? Yeah
  15. I have a self-imposed rule that I don't look at any participant's last.fm until I've already voted.

    And I've done that, so now I can say not enough of you are listening to my song. Sort it out.
  16. I hadn't noticed that yet....
  17. How the fuck have I missed submission for this? Gutted!
  18. My top 3 is pretty solid, the rest though.....
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  19. The spreadsheet is 100% up to date!

    I sent everyone who's voted a message, confirming that I got their votes. If you voted but didn't get a PM from me, let me know!
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  20. I didn't get one?
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