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PJSC 83. Disturbia. Faded Pictures, we're done.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Untouchable Ace, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Looks like I was wrong after all ddd

    On the other hand I'm 101% sure which one is @OspreyQueen's entry, and taste.
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  2. I'm pretty sure this has never happened before, but this round I have three 12 point contenders without even listening to the playlist. This is going to be an interesting round.
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  3. One of these had better be mine!!!
  4. I think one of the three could very well be!

    I'm also kicking myself for not entering that one myself.
  5. Well, peeps, the Voting form is here! Also found in the first post on page 1 - have fun with this round everyone, and vote well!
  6. Yeah vote for my song y'all
  7. Also, remember to send us your 'moody', 'dark' songs by PM if you haven't already.
    Some inspiration....

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  8. I will be sorely disappointed if @iheartpoptarts doesn’t send this in as her moody song.

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  9. Just checking I got the idea right with my side entry! This is what you meant, yes?

  10. I've already voted somehow ddd. I guess it was easier this round because my top 10 was pretty much sorted after going through the songs once, which doesn't usually happen. Typical Spotify playlist fodder aside, it's a pretty fantastic round. I really like my whole top 10 (especially my top 3 which is literally all 11s), and have a lot of great honourable mentions as well.
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  11. (Dd) ddd (dd)
  12. I'm now on a quest to find the most ridiculously moody bubblegum boyband song imaginable.

    (I think I can do even better)
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  13. Oh haha okay. Still, I hope you enjoyed my song.
  14. Updated Spotify list: Ira losco feat. Michela is now on Spotify

    Lee Jung Hyun - V
  15. Come on Lee Jung Hyun. Make it happen!
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  16. I have no idea how I'm gonna pick 10 songs. My shortlist is well and truly a longlist and I haven't even finished my first playthrough yet!
  17. As long as you keep mine in your top 10 you're gonna be just fine!
  18. Usually when people say this my reaction is "where?", but I actually think there's a really obvious winner this round.
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  19. I...... agree!
  20. This is only my second contest and I'm surprised at how different the set of songs is this round compared to the last. By this I mean that I really struggled to get a short list last round but this time I easily knocked it down to fewer than 15 songs on the first pass - I don't say this as a slight to the entries this round, just that I obviously have a narrow taste in music!
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