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PJSC 85: Best of the 2010s (decade playlist up!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. 30 @HarryEzra


    Sorry for being so late about the side theme, I completely forgot:

    1. Ericka Jayne - Bad Like You
    2. Felicity- Pilot With A Fear Of Heights (had to choose one of mine)
    3. Moment - Indigo
    4. SOUR - Different Ways (I know I wasnt in this contest and I didnt discover it hear it's become such a fave of mine)
    5. Ventino - Si Decides (Baby)

    31 @pop3blow2

    Picking a top 5 here was.... ummm, hard.

    I went with three from other users:

    Emmy The Great: Swimming Pool (I'll never forgive myself for leaving Emmy of my list in the Ultimate Pop Star rate. Never.)

    Nickel Creek: This Side (I tend to highly prefer their songs where Sara Watkins sang lead, but this is still a great one.)

    Kacey Musgraves: Follow Your Arrow (I mean. It's Kacey.)

    And two of my own submissions

    Phildel: Storm Song (She is amazing. Like a wonderful mash-up of Enya, Natalie Merchant, & Peter Gabriel.)

    Katy Carmichael: Seams (my tiny crown winner from from PJSC80 that dead last with 4 points. I don't even care. It's one of my most scrobbled songs of all time & one of my favorite songs of the decade. A brilliant sad-emo-pop girl ballad.)



    Oh, yeah, sure. (I missed that, too.)

    I'll just go with Tove Lo - Habits

    (@pop3blow2's original ballot included a pre-2010s song, which was replaced by this one)
  2. 32 @iheartpoptarts

    Behold the Poptartjustice quintinity! (Google tells me this is the word for trinity except five, if we can have truels then anything is possible)

    (in no particular order, by the way, let's not make this any harder than it already is)

    BG5 - Scratch

    Olivia Somerlyn - Parachute

    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Heart Attack

    Snuper - Platonic Love

    Dolly Style - Cherry Gum

    And have a whole pile of other amazing songs that I’ve come back to a lot while I’m at it...

    Serebro - My Money
    Skylar Stecker - Only Want You
    Christopher - Monogamy
    Phoebe Ryan - Mine (Illenium Remix)
    Aria - Astrolove
    Dream Beats feat. The Face - Love Stuck
    Anjulie - You and I
    Sofia Reyes - Muevelo
    Color Code - I Like Dat
    Eden XO - Too Cool to Dance
    Athena Manoukian - XO
    Bardot - These Days
    The Katherines - Ultra Violet
    Kim Petras - I Don't Want It At All
    Alex Aiono - Big Mistake
    Adelen - Always On My Mind
    Justine Skye - I'm Yours
    Faky - Bad Things
    LCMDF - Another Sucker
    Max and Bianca - Love Drunk

    33 @Cotton Park

    Five Most Favoritest PJSC Songs Ever:

    1. Dal Shabet - Someone Like U
    2. Exid - Lady
    3. BABYMETAL - Megitsune
    4. Stellar - Vibrato
    5. Yaeji - Raingurl

    Honorable Mentions:
    Electric Youth - ARAWA
    Ailee - I Will Show You
    KARA - Mamma Mia
    Rina Sawayama - Alterlife
    Lizzo - Water Me
    Luna - Free Somebody
    Girls Day - Something
    f(x) - nu ABO
    Nine Muses - Hurt Locker
    Zola Jesus - Night
    FKA Twigs - Water Me
    IU - Good Day
    Alison Wonderland - I Want U
    Susanne Sundfør - Delirious
    capsule - Sugarless GiRL
    Lim Kim - Awoo
    Sa Dingding - Upwards to the Moon
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  3. 34 @imaduck

    the @imaduck elite

    Henriette Haubjerg - Oblivion // @biffy77 // PJSC 22 15th

    Awa - Obvious // @KamikazeHeart // PJSC 31 1st


    Bjørn Olav Edvardsen & Arcteec - Mountains // @biffy77 // PJSC 16 3rd

    Cazzette - Beam Me Up // @jinzo // PJSC 5 12th

    Kristina Maria - You Don't Have the Right to Cry

    // @Andrwk // PJSC 7 18th

    Special Mentions to the following two songs for giving me BuzzJack song contest wins. (Neither made my 11 song longlist though, but I have to say thank you)
    @llamadelrey // Eden XO - Have It All (F9 Club Mix)
    @Hudweiser // Gryffin - Remember (ft. ZOHARA)
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  5. @pop3blow2 I originally was going to submit This Side too!
  6. As I basically joined PJSC this year, I didn't want to choose songs only sent in 2019 so I decided to get some faves which I knew outside of the contest but still dddddd

    honourable mentions:

    iveta mukuchyan armenian girls
    studio killers jenny
    eleni foureira follow the sunrise
    kah-lo fasta
    rina sawayama alterlife
    smile.dk karaoke star
    caravan palace lone digger
    luna free somebody
    stellar vibrato
    4minute crazy
    ivy levan biscuit
    jolin tsai play
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  7. The playlist will be up in a bit, I'm just trying to figure out how to properly embed it. It hasn't worked for me in a while but I know there's a way, as I've seen people embed playlists in other threads recently.
  8. Here you go:

    Enjoy! And see you all soon in the first round of the 2020s!
  9. Yeah, I got sucked into just picking fave songs off the master PJSC list & forgot some were from the 00's. Oops. @soratami got me back on track, though! What a great playlist of songs.
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  10. Thanks for the Lo Malo love, everyone, and the mentions for Boy Like A Girl and Armenian Girls!

    @soratami, does Lo Malo being at the top of the playlist mean it was the most-picked song?
  11. I love how many of us voted for that Alex Aiono song. In the alternate timeline where Shawn Mendes is actually getting interesting material, Big Mistake is the kind of song he'd sound great on.

    A few songs that made my longlist, but not my final ballot:

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  12. Yes. Lo Malo was picked four times, Upwards To The Moon and What Do I Tell My Friends? were both picked three times, songs #5-16 were picked twiced and all the rest were picked once.

    Also the two acts which have multiple songs in the playlist are LOONA and Miss Li.
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  14. Wow. I know it’s not a competition, but in my mind the appreciation makes up for Lo Malo losing its round to Savages.
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  15. It's a shame no-one picked the other iconic Spanish duet

    Actually this Monday I ordered some food and the delivery guy's car was blasting this. Taste.
  16. My Majela ZeZe Diamond song being completely lost to history is seriously a tragedy. I hope someone in the world has preserved it, it was a lyrical masterpiece.
  17. You want iconic Spaniards? I couldn't fit this amazing group onto my list:

  18. I've never heard it myself but going by the title I'd say it's probably for the best.
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