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PJSC 86: The Decade End Profile (I guess it's really over)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. Wait, Kat Graham, like Bonnie from Vampire Diaries? Who actually also appeared in an episode of Hannah Montana?
  2. Rockets in the skyyyyyyy!

    I have totally flopped with this person.

  3. Oooo bop! And it's definitely her. I didn't know she did music.
  4. Forgot about this. Welcome back!!!
  5. [​IMG]

    We're heading into mostly stellar artist territory now.


    @Carel entered what I'd call a favourite act here, I wonder if Empress Of would still be eligible?

    Bülow are also a powerful force and as above seem like a winning act. Well done to @CorgiCorgiCorgi.

    'High' is a favourite from @iheartpoptarts.

    'Cyclic Cowboy' was a song I gave 12 to when I felt basic. Thanks for submitting it @eyeline.

    Cub Sport must be special to @One Stop Candy Shop and they really are as they submitted all 3 songs for us to here (including a remix for Jack River).
    A Song.

    An Album.

    Of course I must mention 'Instantine'.

    But I'm sorry to @seven. that we weren't around to give 'Toi Et Moi' some love. Paradis is simply superb.
    As promoted by @berserkboi, steam Recto Verso.

    I'll finish with one of my best songs.

  6. Oh my! Of course, Paradis was sent by @seven. before me!! What an album Recto Verso is!! Thanks for reminding I have something else to shortlist for the best albums of the decade!!
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  7. Only a little over one week left to vote y'all, please don't leave it for the last minute.

    That said, I haven't actually started myself yet DDD. But I plan to today.
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  8. If anybody wants to bring Jesper Jenset back again and you happen to pick the exact right song I will absolutely 12 you so hard.
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  9. I tried a while ago!
  10. I know exactly which song this is so remind me next round.
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  11. The wrong Yerin Baek song appears to be on the Spotify playlist. It’s supposed to be Square (2020), not Square (2017).
  12. There is no "Square (2020)", the submitter must have just tagged Square (2017) incorrectly. I hadn't noticed but I'll fix it when I'm on my PC.
  13. Ah, I see. Why is the year even in the title anyway? Is it a Freedom ‘90 situation?
  14. I don't know but I'm guessing she's singing about something that happened in 2017?

    Funnily enough, Yerin Baek wasn't the only one to release a song with "2017" in the title in 2019

  15. I 10'd you pretty hard! I mean, that's quite good really.
  16. I'm having a lot of trouble this round deciding on whether or not I should give points to the songs I know or not. I have quite a few songs seven to be exact that I've listened to a dozen times before this round that I would have given points... but then again, should I reward new discoveries instead?

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  17. Whichever option leads to me having points thrown my way is what I support! ;-)
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  18. This lack of mention of the talented group called dreamcatcher though
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  19. This track is what got me into Clairo.
    Finding Clairo through stanning Yaeji is an unusual path, I would imagine.
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  20. Pardon the Double Post: About the "Square (2017)" thing: I've heard that Yerin Baek (who I stan more than anyone) stopped playing "Square" live for some reason (which is sad because that's how I discovered it), to the point where it actually annoyed some of the people who payed hard-earned won to see her do it.

    There is some personal reason why she didn't or doesn't do it live but I don't know what it is. She did address it in an instagram post, but I understand Korean about as well as I understand Golden Retriever.

    But I think the "(2017)" on her new album every letter I sent you is some way for her to indicate that the song is not new, and maybe even part of her past.

    She's a fascinating artist. Not unlike Clairo, actually.

    EDIT: It's not my submission, btw.
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