PJSC 86: The Decade End Profile (I guess it's really over)

My second choice fell through, so I of course submitted my first choice, which I was afraid @Lost Boy got his hands on first... and guess what?


On to my third choice. Anyways, I texted @haps this morning, and he said he might join this contest.
We continue going over people who only took part in one round, and this time there are some who managed more points in a single round than others did in several, and it goes without saying that to have been so successful, they must have entered some really great songs. Here's the top 10 one time PJSC participants:


PJOPS/PJRetro mainstays @DominoDancing and @nnnumb dipped their toes in PJSC once each, but for one reason or another never returned.

@ohnostalgia only took part in one round a long time ago and entered a fantastic song I really wanted to use for PJ00s, but unfortunately couldn't because of that, oh well.

@AshtrayHeart, @evangelion and @IDontKnowHer all joined during one of the most iconic moments of PJSC last year, the (in)famous @EscapismIsAnotherPrison recruitment drive, which saw the contest reach a peak number of participants. @AshtrayHeart even won... and somehow didn't return the next round. But then again if you win right from the get-go what reason is there to try again?

Also a shout-out to @ComeOnGloria, who featured in the last list (being the 15th most successful one time participant), who won the last round of PJ00s, not everyone has that.​
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I'm going to consider a withdrawal if this round ends up 'overcrowded'.

The people getting mentioned in the stats posts are just being tagged because the stats pertain to them though, it's not like we're asking or expecting them all to join this round. I very much doubt any of the people who only ever participated in one round of PJSC would decide to return for this one (but of course they're very welcome to if they want). We haven't even hit the same number as last round yet, so you're definitely worrying too much.