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PJSC 89 // In the right forum this time

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Mar 22, 2020.

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  2. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts​
  3. here they are all standing in a row​
  4. I have such a fun 90s legend for you all! Mwahahahahahaha!!
  5. My song is ready! I discovered it a few days ago and is very different from my last one.
  6. I am sure you will win again, @imaduck - so round 90 will have a Eurovision Legends round, right?
  7. I think I have my artist... I just have about three songs I'd love to submit by them.

    Who wants to help???
  8. can we already say who it's gonna be our legends dddd
  9. I almost PM'd my Legend pick, and then realized that it will be in the form. Can I still PM it?
  10. I was raised on Trip hop and 90's ballads, so... I'm going to really struggle for a pick.
  11. A 90's legend will be... easy I suppose!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Hahaha - I forgot to say that it only refers to PJ Retro.
    Actually, I'm running out of potential PJSC entries (which aren't foreign language ones), so every discovery counts!

    Also, the song I'll submit here is a discovery in such a random way that I was literally one second away from missing it.
  14. If someone takes my song I’m going to be livid.
  15. So I've posted my next submission on instagram and several people asked me who the artist was.
    A bop!
  16. I, for one, am devastated that I will not be able to submit this topical megabop:

  17. I am indecisive: banger or sad banger?
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  18. Always Sad banger
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  19. I'm submitting a song that will probably perform middle of the pack but it's one of my favorite new songs.
  20. The banger which I have will be extremely reflective of the mood of people are who are planning to stay indoors and keep having fun. I hope you'll love it.
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