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✨ PJSC 93 K-POP WORLD ✨Song list up!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. For those interested in voting in the PJSC VETO! Round: 7 days left to vote!
  2. I'm having a look at the spreadsheet with all PJSC entries and there's currently an "anonymous goose" also browsing it. Now who could that be...
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  3. Wait for me, I've finally recovered!
  4. dd right on time too!
  5. I've got my songs list tab for a reason

    someone's got to make the voting form!
  6. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

  7. Song list will be up soon! All the entries have passed, I just need to check something with @imaduck before I post it.
  8. Wow, besides mine, I don't know any of these songs - that's new.
  9. It's pretty funny how last round we had Baby Queen, and now we have Baby Queens. Two completely different acts, but when I first saw Baby Queens had been entered, I actually thought it'd be an auto-veto for being an artist that had been entered in the previous round.
  10. Me too, but in my case not surprising ddd
  11. Yeah, aside from my own entry, there's only one other song I'm properly familiar with, plus I think three I'd listened to just once before (*cough* in the monthly charts Watch2gether session *cough*). Should be an interesting round.
  12. None of these are standing out to me as songs I’ve known before this round! Cant wait to have a listen.
  13. Forgot to add the voting form, but it's there now, and in the first page as well. Don't forget you have until 15/08 23:59 BST to vote!
  14. I cannot believe that my 12 this round will very likely go to a song I voted NO on in the veto sheet....
  15. asdsafaf you only voted NO on one of the songs that actually passed, so thanks for letting the whole veto panel know which song is getting your 12.
  16. I was looking for a song I'd recently heard and finally today (certainly after the deadline) it was played on the radio. So guess who will be the first submitter next round.

  17. I said very likely, not definitely...
  18. My song is kind of a first for me actually and I'm afraid it will flop now but issa bop
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