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✨ PJSC 93 K-POP WORLD ✨Song list up!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Let me just bump this cause I don't want to post the playlist in the last post of a page.
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  2. Who ever entered Girlfriend and Not Me + U has lost a 12 from me.

    3 songs here are on my potentials list, but I only actually planned on entering one of those.
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  4. Let’s see how I do one of the rare times I don’t send French...
  5. From my veto listening I really couldn't pinpoint a song and say "that's a winner", so I'm hoping for a close one this time around.
  6. One of these songs just made me say, out loud, "What. The. Fuck!"

    In a very good way. That. Is.
  7. My original pick wasn't sent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Good thing to know

    whoever sent iiris though MWAH i love you
  8. Ooh shit the song that I swapped last minute last contest is here... it's probably going to win knowing my luck.
  9. Oh that was you! Nice choice....
  10. I'm listening through the list for the first time and compiling my initial shortlist while I work on a writing project.

    It's basically the whole goddamn songlist. I've also had to stop writing several times because I've been startled by the quality. The flavour. It's so real.
  11. Thank you thank you all for not taking my next entry!

    There are 2 songs on the list I know very well however and they will get lots of points because I probably wouldn't get around to submitting them.
  12. Haha, same thing for me. Can't wait to find out which one it was for you and how each of the songs will fare.
  13. Already been over 24 hours since the song list was posted... I'm actually half surprised no-one has voted yet.
  14. You've known the songlist of 2 contests as the songs come in for the past week.
    Why haven't you voted yet?
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Okay it's there's a crazy amount of people that didn't submit the video that goes with their song.
    Remember, visuals always help everyone.

    So many that my schooling for Rich will have to be reduced to a link.
    Okay Rich, you explained in your video that you lost your budget.
    However that's no excuse for not unpicking the tailors tacks on the vent of your blazer.
    I see this in music videos and TV all the time. I've even asked customers and colleagues if I can do it then and there for them.
    It looks lazy and like you've just stolen it.
    And then at the end of the video Rich tries to tries to put his hands in his pockets and has to settle for his pants pockets as they're also not unpicked.

    The songs I need to vote for are quite clear.
    I could definitely vote earlier than normal.
  17. I have been listening to the playlists via Spotify, including last night's PJSC Veto by @WoW73, of which could we please match our votes with the number of songs everybody, it's a very impressive playlist with many sacrifices for my own votes. But whilst it's easier to listen and scrobble the tunes, just with an extra ad break every now and then, I do miss the artist's concept from just listening, that I'd get easier from watching their video, though I know it's a song contest, and sometimes watching the MVs of the songs I loved does re-trigger my votes and swaps points, of which is what I am going to do for PJSC Veto as an experiment. So yeah, I've used different videos and performances before, I'm not going to give away my latest instance of why I've done that, but if there's a MV, use it, not more cover art.
  18. @Untouchable Ace referring to Rich Brian as 'Rich' has just made me chuckle. That's an adjective, not his name.

    I still fail to see why so many people submit a Spotify link to these when the Spotify playlist is always posted separately and it's incredibly jarring to have a mix of YouTube and Spotify links in the main list (ESPECIALLY in those seemingly several occasions this contest where the songs have perfectly good music videos). Weren't we meant to be discussing enforcing YouTube links being submitted a few months ago xx

    Nitpicking aside this list looks like it has fewer songs that I've already heard than usual as well, like a few others have said. Out of the ones I have already heard there's only one that I particularly like so it should be a fresh set of votes from me, hooray!
  19. Close your eyes and listen to them if its such a big problem ddd

    Also make sure if you use the Spotify playlist you catch up on any missing ones. This round I believe the only one is this

  20. I hardly ever watch the music videos to be honest, I play the Spotify list and only check the missing ones on YouTube
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