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PJSC VETO! The song contest for vetoed songs: 4 Days left to vote!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. My favorite Charli Taft track is produced by South Korean megacompany, SM Entertainment:

  2. This is amazing. Thanks!
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  3. [​IMG]

    Vetoed in round 85, CamelPhat (submitted by @Doodvid)
    is a DJ duo (Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala),
    and are probably most known for their 2017 hit:

    Or their collaboration with Au/Ra:

    Or, perhaps, their many remixes:

    Their debut album was to be released in 2019,
    but alas, it never was released...

  4. [​IMG]

    Another previous PJSC winner, NINA, one of @backstreetjoe's favourites,
    won in round 43 for @TéléDex, with this entry:

    Singer Nina Boldt often works with Laura Fares (LAU) on her music.
    After several singles/EPs, debut album Sleepwalking
    was released in 2018, and includes:

    In round 81, NINA was vetoed, and another song
    was vetoed in a later round, entered by @Doodvid:

    This amazing track is taken from NINA's latest album, Synthian
    An album this entire forum should check out and love!

    My personal current favourite of the new album:

    Enjoy Synthian, y'all!

  5. I started on this but then stalled - how long do we have left to vote?
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  6. Another 4 weeks approximately!
  7. Ha! That Camelphat track: having been totally oblivious to the charts over the past 4-5 years, I had no idea of their success in the U.K.

    When the vetoes were announced that round and someone (@soratami) snarkily used the ‘Can you come up with something else?’ meme in response, my knee-jerk reaction was “FINE, NOW YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS!”

    And a monster was born!
  8. I understand how a popstar may not have the biggest hits in The Official Charts, compared to all her counterparts (produced by Richard X, whilst co-producer/writer Sunglasses Kid is extremely underrated) did in the 2000s, so they do deserve a comeback to a contest like this, but why, oh why, do some of us submit someone who WON in the MAIN contest, to that SAME MAIN contest, again, especially my winning artist?!? She is probably overdue her status as a PJSC legend, by now.

    That said, I did submit Charisma.com after they ranked very high with my first entry, and ended up 17th place.
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  9. In my case it was a combination of being relatively new to PJSC with having to scroll through a list of 90 + contest entries (as well as not realising winning artists couldn't be resubmitted)*. Also, I hadn't linked that 'Nina' and 'NINA' were the same person oops.

    * saying that, do we have just a list of winning entries anywhere for easy access?
  10. Well, I absolutely understand, though I've always made sure if the artists were too famous or rank too highly before. There is this Wiki, with this stats. Some pages still need to be updated, but these stats seem to be up to date here.

  11. You can always just look at the PJSC entries spreadsheet too. If you sort them by "place", the winners will all be on top.
  12. What I do with the sheet is check it before submitting my song (Control + F is your friend) - though the likelihood of anyone submitting something I would is slim to none ddddd
  13. Ladies and gentleman,
    I present you: Slim
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  14. I skip one round and Ace sends a potential entry of mine ddd
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  15. [​IMG]

    In round 88, LIZ (Elizabeth Abrams) was vetoed,
    but she did participate in PJSC prior to that:
    @soratami entered her in round 10, and she came 9th:

    LIZ has been releasing EP's, singles and mixtapes since 2013,
    but it wasn't until 2019 that her first album, Planet Y2K, was released,
    including an interesting cover of a classic Kate Bush song:

    Also, a collaboration with another PJSC VETO! contestant
    is included on that album:

    Some other LIZ bops:

  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I need to remember to do this! Also why did I always assume Josef was French??
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  17. No worries, I will remind you in time!
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  18. Just a quick update: six people have voted thus far....

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  19. Me: "Fuck, the list has been out for a day and I haven't voted..."
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  20. [​IMG]

    Brighton-based band Fickle Friends were vetoed in round 80,
    but were entered in PJSC twice before:
    In round 45, by @Andrew.L - where they came 13th:

    In round 60 @citoig entered them, and they came 10th:

    The band released their first music back in 2014,
    several singles and EP's followed, and in 2018,
    they released their amazing debut album,
    You Are Someone Else, debuting at number 9 in the UK album chart.
    (though the following week, it had dropped off the chart...)

    Other bops from that album:

    The artwork of the album and several singles
    is by Mat Maitland, who also did artwork for the
    likes of Goldfrapp, Marina, Lana del Rey and fellow
    PJSC VETO! contestant, Josef Salvat

    Do check out their latest music:

    A twelve page thread and a top 10 album will most likely
    mean we will not see them in PJSC again...
    so vote for them here!

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