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PJSC VETO! The song contest for vetoed songs: 4 Days left to vote!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. New music!

  2. Hi! Don't know how I completely missed this tag but I'm here now!

    If anything but Attack Of Panic wins, I'll call bullshit.
    Also, this features my only PJSC veto ever, which is Halestorm's Freak Like Me.
    And I missed it: are we voting for 10 songs in Eurovision format, like usual for song contests?
  3. Sure are. Thanks for getting on board (and reminding me that I need to attack this playlist too!)
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  4. No problem!
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  5. Yes!

    We've received ten ballots thus far.... so a few more would be nice! Two weeks left to vote
  6. One thing I think we need is a PJCHILL contest for all those ballads, mid-tempo tracks, and slow jams that always get overlooked in the usual rush to vote for bops and bangers.
  7. One more song contest? Jesus!

    As long as it's not on a monthly basis
  8. God, I needed a laugh today. Thank you.
  9. Make it twice a year:
    PJCHILL: Summer Slow-Jam Edition and Winter Chillout Edition
  10. I'd be down for that; I listen to more slow jams and chill out moments, and it would help me divide my list
  11. Man, this voting period is really long, it's been ages since I voted and there are still two weeks left. I hope no-one actually has the nerve to ask for an extension come August 6 dd
  12. Two more artist spotlights are coming the coming two weeks.... any guesses?
  13. Dalida and Sheila? :)
  14. The one I requested?
  15. You were cheeky and requested two...
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  16. Finally getting back to this Song List! Wait for me if you can!
  17. An artist spotlight is coming.... tomorrow!!!
  18. [​IMG]

    Thank you, wikipedia:
    "Superfruit (often stylized as SUP3RFRUIT) is an American musical and comedy duo consisting of Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, both known as members of the a cappella group Pentatonix; it is also the name of their comedy show, which is featured on their eponymous YouTube channel."

    They were entered by @Untouchable Ace, but
    the Pentatonix
    link got them vetoed, of course.

    In 2017, they released the album, Future Friends,
    with an amazing album cover I must say, that not only
    includes their vetoed track, but also these fine tunes:

    But what does Pentatonix even sound like?
    Well, like this:

    They've mostly recorded covers and Christmas music,
    of the covers, this is of course, the most interesting:

    Will they end up on your ballot?
    SIX days to send it in!

  19. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the boys.
    They're wonderful and deserve much more success.
  20. I completely forgot to say that I won't have time to take part in this contest (and, honestly, I don't find much interest here).

    Thanks for the invitation, @WoW73!
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