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PJSC VETO! - Voting closed, reveals tonight 7 PM BST

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Jessica's best song:

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  2. [​IMG]

    My darling Eden xo...

    Jessie Malakouti started out in the band Shut Up Stella,
    formed in 2007, maybe known to some on here for this soundtrack song:

    After the band was dropped, Jessie went solo, and worked with Xenomenia, even.
    A song from that period is this bop:

    In 2010, she formed the band Jessie and The Toy Boys,
    releasing some singles, and in 2014, Jessie released her first music as Eden xo,
    the debut single was entered in round 24 by @vikeyeol and came 3rd!

    It wasn't until round 77 that Eden xo was entered in PJSC again,
    now by @llamadelrey - coming 4th this time:

    The original version was released on her debut EP The Question, released last year.

    I tried to enter two tracks of this EP, the title track and single So Lucky
    in rounds 81 and 85, but both were vetoed....

    In round 87, Eden xo was featured on the vetoed
    Bonnie McKee song, Bad Girls Go To Heaven.

    I doubt we'll see Eden xo in PJSC again,
    so I'm glad I get to spotlight her in PJSC VETO!


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  3. I adore Jessie, but as Eden, only one of her songs ever really grabbed me
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  4. Not one of these songs' chorus going "I like the way my car smells with your cigarettes in my ashtray". Sis, love yourself.
  5. A good number of these songs got vetoed due to samples, so it makes for a pretty fun listening experience noticing them all.
  6. The next spotlight will be.... Alice Chater! Coming soon!
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  7. [​IMG]

    Alice Chater released her first EP back in 2015,
    but seems to have forgotten about it herself....

    She has been entered in PJSC more than once (of course by @Lost Boy) since,
    but was also vetoed more than once:
    Girls x Boys was entered in round 73 and came 11th,
    and this was entered in round 79 and came 3rd:

    Aside Tonight, featured in this VETO! round, 1 more song
    by Alice was vetoed: in round 72, the Ring My Bell-inspired Heartbreak Hotel:

    Alice is also responsible for one of the biggest bops of 2018, sampling The Human League:

    Recent singles include a collaboration with Iggy Azalea, and:

    I really feel Alice should be as big as Rita, Bebe or Ava - so stream her, y'all!

    Like Eden xo, I doubt we'll see Alice in PJSC again....

  8. Some of us gotta get it where we can.

    *sobs in born-again celibacy*
  9. Oh and @WoW73, genuine thanks for these write-ups. I feel like I’m actually being schooled (whether or not it’ll have an impact on my PJSC song choices is another matter altogether!)
  10. I am enjoying the write-ups, too. Interesting as a newb, that's for sure, to get some background.
  11. Well, I should read the rules before listening eh.
    I was giving scores from 0 to 10 to all the songs then suddenly
    I liked 26 of the songs. This is going to take a while to cut down to 10.
  12. I'll do this, there are quite a number of songs I'm already familiar with (one which is my 11th most played song of 2019 on Spotify by my most played Spotify artist of the same year).
  13. I will be checking in to see how well the song I tried to enter does haha it’s such a jam and I’m glad to see it have a chance at glory!!!
  14. [​IMG]

    A previous PJSC winner!

    Charli Taft, together with Blonde, won round 20,
    entered by @SophiaSophia, with:

    Charli is mostly mentioned in the K-Pop subforum,
    as she writes for K-Pop artists a lot, like:

    In 2015, Charli released her first solo single:

    Unfortunately, her solo singles have not been very successful,
    and since she won PJSC once, she's an auto-veto for future rounds.
    But you can vote for her in this round!

  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Um... since PJSC now disregards featuring credits, doesn't this mean she is eligible for future rounds and it's just Blonde that's disqualified?
  16. @imaduck was pretty clear in the veto discussion that she’s an autoveto, so....
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  18. We did open that particular discussion up when we introduced the features rule, i think a winner was entered that month (I want to say Nicole Millar) and I put it to a vote which was almost unanimously a no for any winners in any form.
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  19. [​IMG]

    One of @Untouchable Ace's favourites,
    Australian singer Josef Salvat, was vetoed in round 87,
    as he was considered too popular for PJSC.

    Josef was quite successful in round 25,
    where he came second for @imaduck;

    His debut EP includes a cover of a Rihanna song,
    that became a hit in France, amongst others,
    after it was used in a commercial:

    His debut album was released in 2015,
    selling well in Belgium, France:

    In May of this year, his second album was finally released:

    Aside the title track and the vetoed track,
    it also includes his latest single:

    Since we will not be seeing him in PJSC,
    here's your chance to vote for Josef!

  20. Still PLENTY of time to vote, but for those being bored: work on your ballot and send it in !
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