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PJSC VETO! - Winner revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    We've all had it happen to us at least once, in the various PJ song contests...
    your precious, carefully selected song got vetoed!!

    To honor these vetoed songs, we cooked up a special round
    for these wonderful tracks, for some Summer
    (or Winter, if you're Down Under) listening pleasure

    We focussed on rounds 76-91, not to make the list too long,
    and omitted some songs by acts that have a huge following
    both in- and outside the PJ community (like Lizzo, Tone and I).

    Also, songs that are still eligible for future PJSC rounds are not included,
    and if an artist had more than one song vetoed in rounds 76-91,
    we selected only one of them.

    As usual, you should vote using the traditional Eurovision style points system
    (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) with the top marks going to your favorite,
    and 1 going to your 10th favorite, and remember:
    you CAN finally vote for your own (vetoed) entry for a change!

    Will one of YOUR vetoed songs win!?

    Send your votes in a PM to both of us before August 6th


  2. The contenders

    The Aces - Lost Angeles
    Against The Current - I Like the Way
    Alice Chater - Tonight
    Aly & AJ - Attack of Panic
    Amy Shark - Mess Her Up
    Antony & Cleopatra - Why Don't You Just Call Me
    Aurora - The Seed
    Bebe Zahara Benet - Banjo
    Betta Lemme - Play
    Blair St. Clair - Irresistible
    Bo Bruce - Alive
    Broods - Hospitalized
    CamelPhat x Jem Cooke - Rabbit hole
    Charli Taft - Up Next
    Chloë Howl - In The Middle (Sad Banger)
    Dagny - Come Over
    Daya - Insomnia
    Eden xo - The Question
    Fickle Friends - The Moment
    Halestorm - Freak Like Me
    Hannah Diamond - Concrete Angel
    Hellogoodbye - S'only Natural
    H.E.R. - Hard Place
    Imani Williams ft. Tiggs Da Author, Belly Squad - Dumb
    ionnalee - Open Sea
    IZ*One - Violeta
    The Japanese House - Maybe You're the Reason
    J Sutta - Forever
    Josef Salvat - In The Afternoon (Donne-moi Rendez-vous)
    Kamille feat. Wiley - Don't Answer
    Lissie - Further Away (Romance Police)
    LIZ - Intuition
    machineheart - Altar
    Maruv - Siren Song
    Naomi Scott - Speechless
    Nikki Vianna - Mambo
    Nina - We Are the Wild Ones
    Oh Wonder - High On Humans
    Rae Morris - Rose Garden
    Rebecca & Fiona - Sorry Not Sorry
    Robin Schulz feat. Erika Sirola - Speechless
    Rosalía - Malamente - Cap.1: Augurio
    Slayyyter - Mine
    Sofi de la Torre - Vermillion
    Superfruit - GUY.exe
    Tatianna - Hurt My Feelings
    Tiffany Young - Run For Your Life
    Uffie - Sideways
    unperfect - Gots to Give the Girl
    Faye - Silent

    Missing: FAYE - Silent
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  3. CONGRATS LIZ!!!!!!!
  4. This is a great idea! Though I do think Siren Song is too big to be included.
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  5. I wish I had known about this being a serious thing so I could have submitted some Mylene, some Desireless, some Dalida dddd

    Can we take it back a few rounds from when I tried to get ATC and Pnau through? Ddddd
  6. Wait til you hear some of the other songs...
  7. Of course, we'll be giving some trivia about the artists and songs in coming weeks - Club:Retro has now officially become Club VETO!
  8. It was me who tried entering her, so


    Actually the only time LIZ was successfully entered in PJSC was also by me, way back in round 10

    That was a classic, that was a classic.
  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Somebody attempted to submit Tones and I? Why?
  10. I think the most pressing question here isn't "why" but "who".
  11. I know who did.....
  12. Not guilty.
  13. Actually scratch that, I was thinking of the wrong LIZ song. The one I did try to enter was Pandemonium, back in round 74, not Intuition.

    I think the only song here that was sent by me is gots to give the girl.
  14. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Clearly, since Tones and I is actually successful and has more than two singles dddd.
  15. This is actually more a rate than a song contest right? Since no-one's actually submitting anything.
  16. When the feat. Slayyyter song I was vetoed for wasn't picked, but then, nobody would know the main artist other than me.
  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    We’re still giving Slayyyter airtime on this forum in the year 2020? Okay, then.
  18. I was certain she had genuinely made amends for her behaviour instead of just paying lip service! Very disappointed to hear that she has gone the other way :(
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  19. I didn't say that I was supporting her today, though. I'm just acknowledging that her name is the reason that track got vetoed, back in October. Only listen of one of her tracks very recently was by accident when going thru a playlist and that's it.
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