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PJSC62 - Arm Fall Off Boy and imaduck are the winners!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by KamikazeHeart, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Many thanks. That is the evening (and working on school) settled musically.
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  2. Ok, who's the other brazilian person here? Reveal yourself! (If this didn't come from a brazilian I'll be surprised)
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  3. I think I know who entered this as they used to play it constantly on Plug.DJ constantly and they aren't Brazilian.
  4. Oh uhh, it works fine for me. I'm not sure what to do about that.
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  5. It's back again! <3
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  6. One of the entries just blew me away.

    It was mine.

  7. A bit shocked
  8. Almost submitted Tei Shi but something told me she would get vetoed...
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    It's true.
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  10. Ooh, let me help. PJSC has a 3-month rule on songs PJ writes solo articles about - meaning they're clear vetoes for 3 months, but after that, they're eligible to pass assuming they still haven't managed to garner enough attention around these parts or in real life to justify a veto by then.

    The idea, I think, is that you're not precluded from entering songs once it's pretty much determined that they've remained in relative obscurity despite a little PJ help.
  11. First impressions:

    So there are two really amazing songs that I've listened to a lot these past few months and I thought I’d enter both of them but ended up predicting they’d get vetoed. Apparently i’m still a bit too careful in that sense.

    There are also two other amazing songs I considered entering but I thought they’d flop. Considering my results in recent contests, this is very good news for the two people who actually entered them. My PJSC judgment is bad and I need to get myself together. Also, you can expect points from me.

    (This also applies to PJ00s where I’ve been absolutely devastated at people entering my all-time faves and … they all finished outside the top 30.)

    My place in the running order is SPOT ON in terms of how I think my song will end up in the final results. Like literally. We're talking that exact spot.
  12. [​IMG]

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  13. Oh my god, I've been so busy with other stuff that for once I didn't check to see if the songs before and after mine are better! Doing it now.
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  14. Oh wow there are like three songs that I considered entering/was considering for next month. Well done.
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  15. Argh yet again I've been hammering one of these songs and it gives it such an advantage
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  16. I think I know 1 of the songs that you are talking about and I love that song,
    I hadn't even got to the stage of considering this artist.
  17. Very strong, inspiring round! Well done guys!
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  18. I feel like the winner is obvious - which means two things

    It's not the song that is going to win.
    Congrats to @popknark2 for another 12 points earned.
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