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PJSCHQ Revamped

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  1. This is the "home" thread of The Popjustice Song Contest, and will be used to hold the contest's rules, statistics and any and all general discussion. First off, here is a brief summary of the contest's rules:

    • When submission opens, PM your entry to the contest host. This must be done with the artist and song title, as well as a link to listen to your entry (YouTube, Soundcloud etc)
    • Certain entries will be vetoed for reasons you can see below. If your entry is vetoed you will be notified by the host and may select a new entry
    • After the submission deadline (a week after it starts), voting will open. You vote using the Eurovision system, which is:

    12 points for your favourite
    10 for your second favourite
    8 for third favourite
    7 for fourth favourite
    6 for fifth favourite
    5 for 6th favourite
    4 for 7th favourite
    3 for 8th favourite
    2 for 9th favourite
    1 for 10th favourite

    And no points for everything below that. You may not vote for your own entry

    • You must not reveal what your entry is until the voting period closes. You may also not discuss your votes until the host has revealed them
    • Non-voting results in your entry being disqualified and your disqualification from the next contest
    • The winner of the contest may host the next round (though this is not mandatory)

    A more comprehensive guide is in the second post!

    By the by, I should really give some thanks to the people of BuzzJack, whose own song contest was the inspiration behind this!
  2. Entering PJSC:

    Entering is welcome to anyone, with only one small restriction – you must have been a member of the forum for at least one month and have a post count of at least 25 posts. This rule may inconvenience some people but it is here to stop alias accounts entering.

    Procedure of a Contest:

    • The thread is opened, with basic rules listed, the contest logo and a time for submission. The thread can be opened any time, but submission must begin on a Friday. The time is up to the host.
    • Submission stays open for a week, and so it will close at the same time on the next Friday.
    • The host must PM a list of the submitted entries to the veto judges regularly (say every two days or so, and at the end of submission), so that people who get their song vetoed got a chance to pick a new one before submission closes. The list of songs must be anonymous so the judges will not be biased in their decision-making.
    • Once a song has been deemed to be vetoed, the host will be informed. The host will then PM the person who sent that entry and ask them to send a new entry.
    • The voting will commence the day after submission ends – that is to say a Saturday. Voting cannot start until the judges have sent the host the approved list of entries. If an entry is vetoed then the person who sent that entry will have extra time to replace it. How much time they get is up to the host.
    • The list of songs in the contest is posted in the thread. All songs, including links to listen, will be listed, without the name of the poster who submitted them to prevent bloc voting.
    • Voting lasts a week, ending the Saturday after it starts. All votes are sent by PM to the host. You cannot vote for your own entry.
    • Results take place the night after voting closes, a Sunday. Results are shown in the Eurovision vote countdown format, over a period of time of the host’s choosing. Sunday is ideal because it’s when people are least likely to be busy/most likely to be online.
    • The hosting of a contest is done by the winner of the previous one, but this is not mandatory. If one does not wish to host, the hosting will be passed down to whoever finished second and so on, until someone is willing to take the job. I would encourage people to host though – it’s very fun and you never know when you’ll win again!
    • The break between one PJSC and the next can be decided by the host, but there must be one contest a month, with confirmation starting on a Friday.

    Choosing Your Entry:

    Any song which has not been previously used and isn’t seen as veto-worthy may be entered. Songs are given on a first come, first served basis, so if you feel your entry is in danger of being stolen then make sure to submit quickly! Also, it is worth nothing that an artist can only have one entry per contest. So even if the specific song you’re after isn’t taken, if the artist has had another song submitted, nothing else by them can be sent. If someone send an entry that has already been taken, it is the host’s responsibility to tell that person they need to find a new entry. As for knowing if your song is going to be vetoed, here are some guidelines as to what is likely to be vetoed:

    • Any artist that came top 10 in the previous PJSC
    • Any artist that has origins in a music-related television show
    • Any song on that is playlisted by Radio 1 or Capital at the time of submission
    • A song that is top 75 in the UK or was top 75 a short time before the contest
    • A song/artist with an active Popjustice thread (what constitutes “active” will be down to the judges, not only page length matters but how quickly the thread amassed that length)
    • If you think an artist is likely to be vetoed, it is worth looking at the results of the Ultimate Compilation Maker. If an artist was top 40 they are virtually guaranteed to be vetoed, and even artists as low down as #215 (Little Boots) are liable to be vetoed. The veto judges are Oricon, Soratami and ladygagaogaga.

    NOTE: Vetoes are taken on a case by case basis; none of the guidelines above are concrete rules. They are just to aid the judges in making their vetoing decisions. All vetoing decisions will be taken transparently; people will be informed of why their entry has been vetoed. Even if your entry does not fulfil any requirements above, it may still be vetoed. The previously mentioned example, Little Boots, is not even among the top 200 most liked acts on Popjustice. She is also doomed to commercial failure. However, she (along with acts like say, Miley Cyrus) attracts a lot of discussion on the forum, and so would not be a discovery. Acts who generate any big interest from the Popjustice masses are risky picks, basically.

    Guide To Hosting:
    • Every contest gets its own thread, which will hold the submission, voting and results stages.
    • When starting the thread, a general welcome post is needed. It is also necessary to reserve two more posts. The first shall be used for submission details and the second for the voting details (and list of songs) when the voting stage starts.
    • Each contest requires a logo. This can be as basic or complicated as you like, but it must feature the name of the contest in some way. Any other graphics (a submission banner, for example) are welcome but not necessary.
    • Everything gets sent to you – votes and submissions. It is your duty to calculate results. It is also your duty to be one of the veto judges (the constant judges are StratusJM, Mvnl, Fire). There is a spreadsheet for discussing vetoes, which you will be given the link to at the start of your contest. It is recommended you regularly view this spreadsheet (and inform the other judges of when you're going to) to make veto discussion easier. If you do not think you have time to discuss vetoes at any point during submission, feel free to just send a list of new entries to the other judges.
    • It is your job to inform who sent the entries of whether or not their entry has been accepted.
    • The Popjustice Song Contest runs on a schedule – one contest per month. The recommended schedule for each individual contest is:
    - Submission lasts one week.
    - Voting begins the following day and lasts another week.
    - Results are the next day.
    - Following the end of a contest, there is a two week break until the next one starts.
    • The results are done over one night, as it is done in Eurovision. Hosts must reveal the votes of the voters individually, in the order of your choice. A leaderboard must be posted alongside each set of votes. In the case of a tie, the song that gets the higher place is the song that got the higher amount of higher points. For example, if Song A got one 10, while Song B got 3 8s, Song A finishes higher.
    • When the voting stage starts, you must reveal who sent each song. This can be done at the start of results. You also, obviously, may not discuss the results of the contest until the results start.
    • Once results finish, you are encouraged to post a spreadsheet of the votes you received, for transparency.


    • Submission must include your artist and song title, and a listening link (YouTube, Soundcloud etc)
    • Non-voting results in a 50% point deduction on your entry as well as you being banned from taking part in the next contest
  3. Contest Archive:
    PJSC I
    PJSC V

    The Songs of PJSC:
    2YOON - 24/7 [PJSC IX - 3rd]
    Adriiana - Dancing In London [PJSC IX - 25th]
    Agnes Obel - Riverside [PJSC III - 2nd]
    Ailee - I Will Show You [PJSC VIII - 10th]
    Aimee Allen - Emergency [PJSC VI - 39th]
    AKS - Closer [PJSC II - 16th]
    Alexz Johnson - Walking [PJSC VIII - 33rd]
    Alison Valentine - Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix) [PJSC V - 18th]
    Allison Iraheta - Just Like You [PJSC II - 14th]
    Alpines - Lights [PJSC IV - 2nd]
    Aly & AJ - Like It or Leave It [PJSC II -11th]
    Alyson Williams - Sleep Talk [PJSC I - 31st]
    Angel Olsen - The Waiting [PJSC IV - 30th]
    Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane [PJSC VII - 37th]
    Anjulie - You And I [PJSC IV - 6th]
    Annabel Fay - Hold On [PJSC VIII - 4th]
    Anni Rossi - Crushing Limbs [PJSCI VI - 19th]
    Azari & III - Reckless (With Your Love) [PJSC III - 7th]
    Anna Abreu - Stereo [PJSC I - 2nd]
    Anna von Hausswolff - Mountains Crave [PJSC IX - 20th]
    Asa - The Way I Feel [PJSC VIII - 34th]
    Ashley Monroe - We Ain't Coming Back [PJSC VIII - 19th]
    Aura Dione - In Love With The World [PJSC I - 20th]
    Au Revoir Simone - Dark Halls [PJSC VII - 25th]
    Austra - The Beat & The Pulse [PJSC II - 20th]
    Automatic Loveletter - Heart Song [PJSC III - 30th]
    Autre Ne Veut - Counting (feat. Mykki Blanco) [PJSC V - 14th]
    Ayah Marah - Follow You (Youth Kills Edit) [PJSC II - 26th]
    Azar Swan - In My Mouth [PJSC VII - 20th]
    Bambee - Wham Bam Boogie [PJSC IX - 36th]
    Banderas - This Is Your Life [PJSC I - 25th]
    Banks - Fall Over [PJSC IX - 5th]
    Bardot - These Days [PJSC VI - 32nd]
    Beatrice Eli - The Conquerer [PJSC V - 8th]
    Bebe Black - Death Wish [PJSC IV - 1st]
    Beldina - What Can I Say [PJSC VII - 2nd]
    Bertie Blackman – Heart [PJSC I - 16th]
    Betty Who - Fire With Fire [PJSC II - 21st]
    Bishi - On My Own Again [PJSC III - 24th]
    BLITZKIDS mvt. - Heart on the Line [PJSC VI - 6th]
    Blonde Redhead - 23 [PJSC IX - 7th]
    Blue Roses - I Am Leaving [PJSC II - 32nd]
    Bomb the Bass - Winter in July [PJSC VI - 30th]
    Boogie Down Productions - You Must Learn [PJSC VII - 34th]
    Book of Love - Turn The World [PJSC V - 20th]
    Breaking Benjamin - Simple Design [PJSC II - 34th]
    Breanne Düren - Gold Mine [PJSC IX - 21st]
    Britt Nicole - Gold [PJSC V - 3rd]
    Brodka - Krzyżówka Dnia [PJSC IX - 14th]
    Broke (feat. Mø) - Let the Youth Go Mad [PJSC IX - 4th]
    Brous - Streamers [PJSC IV - 9th]
    Burial - Archangel [PJSC IV - 28th]
    Butterfly Boucher - Another White Dash [PJSC III - 10th]
    Cady Groves - This Little Girl [PJSC III - 8th]
    Carice van Houten - Particle of Light [PJSC V - 26th]
    Carli - Look Up [PJSC VII - 17th]
    CatCall - The World Is Our [PJSC VII - 3rd]
    Cazzette - Beam Me Up [PJSC V - 13th]
    Chisu - Miehistä viis! (Men? Screw 'em!) [PJSC IX - 17th]
    Chris De Burgh - Spanish Train [PJSC V - 36th]
    Chromatics - Birds of Paradise [PJSC VI - 33rd]
    Cinnamon Girl – Friends [PJSC I - 8th]
    Clean Bandit - Dust Clears [PJSC VIII - 2nd]
    Colbie Caillat & Gavin DeGraw - We Both Know [PJSC IV - 29th]
    Coro - where Are You Tonight [PJSC VIII - 20th]
    Couer de Pirate - Adieu [PJSC VII - 24th]
    Cut Copy - Lights And Music [PJSC V - 21st]
    C2C - Because of You (feat. Pigeon John) [PJSC III - 19th]
    Danny Elfman - The Grand Finale [PJSC I - 30th]
    Dasha Luks - Diskoteka [PJSC II - 17th]
    Daughter - Candles [PJSC III - 16th]
    Data Romance - She's Been High [PJSC V - 16th]
    Dawn Richard - Wild N Faith [PJSC II - 3rd]
    Dead Or Alive - I Don't Wanna Be Your Boyfriend [PJSC I - 33rd]
    Deane Carter - Strawberry Wine [PJSC I - 28th]
    Department M - Blackout Boutique [PJSC I - 13th]
    Dia Frampton - Walk Away [PJSC II - 1st]
    Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky [PJSC II - 18th]
    Do Me Bad Things - Time For Deliverance [PJSC VIII - 36th]
    Dominitrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight [PJSC IX - 32nd]
    Donkeyboy - Silver Moon [PJSC I - 6th]
    Drums of Death - Voodoo Lovers [PJSC II - 37th]
    E Dubble - Be A King [PJSC IV - 36th]
    Ebru Polat - Inanamiyorum [PJSC II - 30th]
    Elen Levon - Dancing to the Same Song [PJSC VII - 6th]
    Elizabeth Cook - All The Time [PJSC II - 7th]
    Emerentia - Wasting Water [PJSC VII - 5th]
    Emily Osment - Double Talk [PJSC I - 7th]
    Emma Stevens - Once [PJSC VIII - 3rd]
    Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler - Snowflakes [PJSC I - 24th]
    Empress Of - Hat Trick [PJSC VI - 27th]
    Etta Bond x Raf riley - Resolve [PJSC VI - 12th]
    Eva Avila - Give Me The Music [PJSC III - 20th]
    f(x) - nu ABO [PJSC I - 14th]
    Fallulah - Bridges [PJSC VIII - 7th]
    Fan Death - Veronica's Veil [PJSC VI - 31st]
    FAYE - Breathe Out [PJSC I - 1st]
    Faye Wong - Red Bean [PJSC VII - 33rd]
    Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm [PJSC IV - 11th]
    Fight Like Apes - Digifucker [PJSC VII - 35th]
    First Aid Kit - Emmylou [PJSC V - 11th]
    Frank + Derol - Apparition [PJSC I - 19th]
    Frida Sundemo - Indigo [PJSC II - 2nd]
    Frost - The Woods [PJSC I - 3rd]
    FTSE (feat. Saint Saviour) - Tidal Wave [PJSC IX - 15th]
    Gene - Olympian [PJSC VII - 38th]
    Gill Scott Heron - Lady Day and John Coltrane [22nd]
    Girl's Day - Expectation [PJSC V - 2nd]
    Gloriana - Come and Save Me [PJSC VIII - 23rd]
    Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple [PJSC III - 28th]
    Golden Silvers - True Romance (True No.9 Blues) [PJSC II - 24th]
    Haerts - Wings [PJSC VIII - 1st]
    Haley Reinhart - Wonderland [PJSC III - 11th]
    Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka - World's End Dancehall [PJSC IX - 30th]
    Hedley - Kiss You Inside Out [PJSC IV - 15th]
    Hey Monday - How You Love Me Now [PJSC IV - 24th]
    Holy Ghost! - Hold My Breath [PJSC VI - 16th]
    Hunter Hayes - Rainy Season [PJSC II - 10th]
    Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars [PJSC I - 5th]
    Inc. - The Place [PJSC VII - 16th]
    Infinite - The Chaser [PJSC IV - 8th]
    Inna Modja - French Cancan [PJSC VII - 13th]
    Isa - Bomb [PJSC III - 1st]
    IU - Good Day [PJSCI VI - 7th]
    Ivy Levan - Hot Damn [PJSC IX - 2nd]
    Jamie Lidell - Big Love [PJSC VII - 28th]
    Jane's Addiction - Broken People [PJSC III - 29th]
    Jarina De Marco - Main Dish [PJSC IX - 19th]
    Jessica Sanchez - Gentlemen [PJSCI VI - 15th]
    Jessie James - Wanted [PJSC VII - 7th]
    Jhene Aiko - 3:16am [PJSC VII - 9th]
    Jill Shaw - Summer Sucks [PJSC II - 19th]
    Jody Watley - Friends [PJSC V - 30th]
    Jolin Tsai - The Great Artist [PJSCI VI - 9th]
    Jonathan Thulin (Feat. Rachael Lampa) - Bombs Away [PJSC VI - 2nd]
    Josh Henderson [PJSC VIII - 37th]
    Josh Ritter - Snow Is Gone [PJSC V - 35th]
    Joyce - Keep the Lights On [PJSC VI - 21st]
    Julia and Company - Breakin Down (Sugar Samba) [PJSC VI - 34th]
    Jupiter Rising - Electropop [PJSC VII - 43rd]
    Kacey Musgraves - Follow Your Arrow [PJSC VI - 3rd]
    Kamaliya - Butterflies [PJSC VI - 26th]
    Karen Finley - Tales of Taboo [PJSC VII - 30th]
    Kat Dahlia - Gangsta [PJSC VI - 4th]
    Kate Miller-Heidke - Words [PJSC VII - 14th]
    Kate Voegele - 99 Times [PJSC V - 31st]
    Kay - My Name Is [PJSC VIII - 17th]
    Kayle - Who's Making Who Cry [PJSCI VI - 38th]
    Kellie Pickler - The Letter (To Daddy) [PJSC III - 14th]
    Kelly Sweet - Ashes of My Paradise [PJSC VII - 2nd]
    Kentö - Complicated [PJSC IV - 17th]
    Keren Ann - My Name Is Trouble [PJSC I - 17th]
    Kerli - Zero Gravity [PJSC IX - 6th]
    Kesh You - Kazak Kyzdary [PJSC VII - 39th]
    Kim Cesarion - Undressed [PJSC VII - 26th]
    Kim Wilde - King of The World [PJSC I - 27th]
    Kirsty Hawkshaw - Orange [PJSC VII - 32nd]
    Kopps - Mourning Sex [PJSC V - 7th]
    Kon Kan - Liberty [PJSC IV - 33rd]
    Krewella - Alive [PJSC IV - 5th]
    Kristina Maria - You Don't Have the Right to Cry [PJSC VII - 18th]
    Kristine W - Feel What You Want [PJSC VI - 29th]
    Labi Siffre - Bless The Telephone [PJSC II - 6th]
    Lady Saw - Wife A Wife [PJSC IV - 21st]
    Lanie Lane - What Do I Do [PJSC IX - 34th]
    Laura Jansen - Queen of Elba [PJSC VIII - 6th]
    Le Tigre - After Dark [PJSC III - 27th]
    Lee Ann Womack - Last Call [PJSC IV - 7th]
    Leki & The Sweet Mints - Love Me Another Day [PJSC VII - 15th]
    Lena Fiagbe - What It's Like To Be Beautiful [PJSC II - 36th]
    Lena Zavaroni - Going Nowhere [PJSC IV - 22nd]
    Lescop - La Foret [PJSC VIII - 15th]
    Lianne Le Havas - Forget [PJSC IV - 4th]
    Lindi Ortega - Cigarettes & Truckstops [PJSC V - 23rd]
    Linkoban - One Trick Pony [PJSC IV - 16th]
    Lisa Hannigan - Knots [PJSC V - 6th]
    Lisa Lougheed - Run With Us [PJSC VIII - 5th]
    Little Birdhy - Bodies [PJSC IX - 27th]
    Little Daylight - Overdose [PJSC VI - 1st]
    Liz Phair - Don't Have Time [PJSC IV - 34th]
    Lollipop - Ciao (Reload) [PJSC IX - 28th]
    London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years [PJSC VI - 20th]
    Lorde - Royals (Magnifiko Remix) [PJSC VIII - 26th]
    Lord Huron - She Lit A Fire [PJSC V - 28th]
    Loretta Lynn - High On A Mountain [PJSC IV - 20th]
    Los Campesinos! - My Year In Lists [PJSC VII - 29th]
    Lulu James - Be Safe [PJSC III - 18th]
    Lynden David Hall - Medicine 4 My Pain [PJSC VIII - 40th]
    Mademoiselle Yulia - Gimme Gimme [PJSC VIII - 9th]
    Maggie Rose - Preacher's Daughter [PJSC VII - 27th]
    Mans Zelmerlow - Forever [PJSC VII - 8th]
    Maria Mena - You're The Only One [PJSC I - 15th]
    Maribou State feat. Holly Walker - Tongue [PJSC VIII - 12th]
    Martin & James - Tides [PJSC V - 27th]
    Mary N'Diaye - Big Dreamer [PJSC III - 3rd]
    Matraca Berg - Back When We Were Beautiful [PJSC IX - 26th]
    Matt & Kim - It's Alright [PJSC IV - 13th]
    Matthew Dear - Slowdance [PJSC V - 34th]
    Max Marshall - Yesterday [PJSC VII - 36th]
    Megan & Liz - Bad For Me [PJSC VII - 10th]
    Melissa Molinaro - Dance Floor [PJSC III - 25th]
    Miriam Bryant - Push Play [PJSC III - 5th]
    Moa Lignell - Whatever They Do [PJSC III - 12th]
    Momoiro Clover Z - Bodacious Space Symphony 7th Movement 'Infinite Love' [PJSC IV - 26th]
    Monika May - Ghost [PJSC VIII - 13th]
    Morgan Page - Fight For You (feat. Lissie) [PJSC I - 18th]
    M. Pokora - On Est Là [PJSC VI - 17th]
    Mr Little Jeans - Runaway [PJSC III - 9th]
    Mrs Miller - I've Got A Tiger By The Tail [PJSC III - 21st]
    MSTRKRFT - It Ain't Love (Feat. Lil' Mo) [PJSC II - 29th]
    My Life Story - April 1st [PJSC V - 32nd]
    Mya - Fabulous Life [PJSC V - 29th]
    NABIHA - Never Played The Bass [PJSC I - 12th]
    Neon Indian - Polish Girl [PJSC V - 12th]
    New Look - Janet [PJSC VIII - 30th]
    Nick Lachey - This I Swear [PJSC V - 38th]
    Nikki - Bring Me Down [PJSC VIII - 28th]
    Nikki Costa - Ching Ching Ching [PJSC V - 25th]
    Nina Nesbitt – Boy [PJSC I - 23rd]
    Noora Noor - Forget What I Said [PJSC VIII - 27th]
    Nordpolen - När mitt blod pumpar i dig [PJSC IV - 14th]
    Northern Lite - Letters and Signs [PJSC VI - 36th]
    Nyusha - Vospominanie [PJSC V - 10th]
    Oh Laura - Release Me (The Attic Remix) [PJSC VI - 24th]
    Olivia Anna Livki - Abby Abby! [PJSC III - 4th]
    Operator Please - Catapult [PJSC II - 5th]
    Operator Please - Two For My Seconds [PJSC VIII - 25th]
    Orriel Smith - The Queen Of The Night Aria [PJSC IX - 24th]
    Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance the Way I Feel [PJSC VIII - 21st]
    Owl Eyes - Closure [PJSC VI - 5th]
    Paige & Palermo - walk Slow [PJSC VIII - 24th]
    Paloma - The Essence [PJSC VI - 8th]
    Panama - We Have Love [PJSC VIII - 32nd]
    Patrick Barker - Get 2 Know U [PJSC VI - 13th]
    Pawws - Time to Say Goodbye [PJSC VIII - 29th]
    Phantogram - Don't Move [PJSC VII - 31st]
    Phebe Starr - Jurassica [PJSC VIII - 16th]
    Ping Pong Bitches - KrazyFaze [PJSC III - 26th]
    Prince Rama - So Destroyed [PJSC IX - 18th]
    Purity Ring - Fineshrine [PJSC IV - 3rd]
    Quadron - Hey Love [PJSC VI - 10th]
    Queen Latifah - Dance For Me [PJSC II - 15th]
    Rachel Bloom - You Can Touch My Boobies [PJSC IX - 23nd]
    Radio Ink - Rocket [PJSC II - 13th]
    RaNia - Style [PJSC IX - 13th]
    Rebecca & Fiona - Bullets [PJSC II - 8th]
    Rebecca Kneubuhl - This Broken Soul [PJSC V - 37th]
    Rebecca Stella - Swag In A Bag [PJSC IV - 10th]
    Regina Spektor - Pavlov's Daughter [PJSC I - 32nd]
    Remy Ma - Conceited [PJSC IV - 19th]
    Restless People - Days of Our Lives [PJSC II - 28th]
    Rhianna Kenny - Oh Baby [PJSC I - 11th]
    Ricki-Lee - Raising Diamonds [PJSC VIII - 14th]
    Rilo Kiley - Portions for Foxes [PJSC II - 31st]
    Rita Hayworth - Put The Blame On Mame [PJSC IV - 27th]
    Rocky Votolato - White Daisy Passing [PJSC IX - 22nd]
    Ryan Adams - Burning Photographs [PJSCI VI - 35th]
    Salad - Drink the Elixir [PJSC VIII - 39th]
    Salt Tank - Angels Landing [PJSC II - 35th]
    Sandra - Innocent Love [PJSC III - 15th]
    Schmidt - Defenceless [PJSC IX - 29th]
    School of Seven Bells - Faded Heart [PJSC VIII - 8th]
    Serebro - Не время [PJSC I - 29th]
    Serena Ryder - What I Wouldn't Do [PJSC IV - 12th]
    Sesame Street Fever - Has Anybody Seen My Dog [PJSC III - 23rd]
    Shawn Desman - Shiver [PJSC IX - 16th]
    Sheila - Love Bizarre [PJSC V - 19th]
    Shy'm - Elle [PJSC VI - 28th]
    Silje - Tell Me Where You're Going [PJSC I - 35th]
    Sleeping Lions - Sound of My Heart [PJSC IV - 25th]
    Slow Club - It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful [PJSC III - 13th]
    Slow Skies - Walk Me Home [PJSC III - 17th]
    Sneaky Sound System - Pictures [PJSC IV - 23rd]
    Sophia Grace - Girls Just Gotta Have Fun [PJSC VIII - 18th]
    Spank Rock - Rick Rubin [PJSC VIII - 41st]
    Ssion - Psy Chic [PJSC VIII - 38th]
    Steve Aoki - Heartbreaker (feat. Lovefoxxx) [PJSC I - 10th]
    Stockholm Syndrome - Pretty Girl [PJSC III - 6th]
    St Lucia - We Got It Wrong [PJSCI VI - 22nd]
    Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday [PJSC II - 22nd]
    Sumera - Bright Lies [PJSC IX - 10th]
    Superchick - Stand in the Rain [PJSC VIII - 35th]
    Swiss Lips - Danz [PJSC I - 4th]
    Stars - The Night Starts Here [PJSC IV - 31st]
    SX - Gold [PJSC I - 22nd]
    Sykur - Curling [PJSC VII - 12th]
    Sylvian & Sakamoto - Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II) [PJSC V - 33rd]
    Tara MacLean - Holy Tears [PJSC I - 34th]
    Tara Simmons - Weekend of Hearts [PJSC II - 9th]
    Taylor Dayne - Original Sin [PJSC II - 23rd]
    Thea Gilmore - Love Came Looking for Me [PJSC VIII - 31st]
    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Heart Attack [PJSC II - 4th]
    The Concept - Damn [PJSC V - 24th]
    The Don Ellis Orchestra - Indian Lady [PJSC IV - 35th]
    The Go! Team - Apollo Throwdown [PJSC IV - 18th]
    The Knocks - R.O.Y.L [PJSC II - 12th]
    The Lemonheads - Big Gay Heart [PJSC III - 31st]
    The New Cities - The Hype [PJSC VII - 23rd]
    The Other Ones - We Are What We Are [PJSC II - 33rd]
    The Pretty Reckless - Just Tonight [PJSC I - 21st]
    The Rio Girls - Neon Lights [PJSC II - 25th]
    The Shangri-Las - Give Him A Great Big Kiss [PJSC VIII - 11th]
    The Storm - Raver [PJSC V - 4th]
    The Yes Ma'ams - Vanessa [PJSC VI - 14th]
    The Bird and The Bee - Love Letter [PJSC IX - 1st]
    The Charlies - Monster (Eat Me) [PJSC IX - 11th]
    The Ready Set - Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) [PJSC IX - 31st]
    The Cramps - Kizmiaz [PJSC IX - 33rd]
    Them & Us - Happy Never After [PJSC VII - 11th]
    They Might Be Giants - Never Knew Love [PJSC IX - 35th]
    Threeforagirl - Morning [PJSC II - 27th]
    Tifa (feat. Spice) - Why Yuh Mad [PJSC VI - 18th]
    Tiny Dancer - Who Am I? [PJSC V - 15th]
    Toddla T feat. Shola Ama - Take It Back [PJSC VI - 11th]
    Tomorrow's World - Drive [PJSC VII - 42nd]
    Tove Lo - Habits [PJSC V - 1st]
    Trace Adkins - Can't Outrun You [PJSC VI - 25th]
    Trey Lorenz - Someone to Hold [PJSC VI - 37th]
    tUnE-yArDs - Bizness [PJSC VII - 22nd]
    Ultraviolet Sound - Girl Talk [PJSC IX - 9th]
    Unklejam - What Am I Fighting For? [PJSC V - 9th]
    Vanessa Amorosi - This Is Who I Am [PJSC IV - 32nd]
    Van She - Jamaica [PJSC VII - 21st]
    Vasily Bondachurk - Serebrom [PJSC VII - 44th]
    Vera - Lil' and Addict [PJSC IX - 37th]
    VersaEmerge – Burn [PJSC I - 9th]
    Victoria Duffield - Feel [PJSC V - 17th]
    Viktoria Hansen - Sparks Will Fly [PJSC VII - 4th]
    Vintage - Roman [PJSC VIII - 22nd]
    White Girl Yardie - Want Me [PJSC VII - 19th]
    Wild At Heart - Darling [PJSC VII - 40th]
    Woowoos - Fizzy Lettuce [PJSC I - 26th]
    Yello - Vicious Games [PJSC VI - 23rd]
    Youthkills - Yime Is Now [PJSC VII - 41st]
    Zara Larsson - Under My Shades [PJSC III - 22nd]
    Zee Avi - Concrete Wall [PJSC V - 5th]
    Zola Jesus - Night [PJSC IX - 12th]
    Zowie - My Calculator [PJSC IX - 8th]
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2014
  4. Statistics:

    The Medal Table:
    2-1-1 imaduck
    1-2-0 Oricon
    1-1-1 llamadelrey
    1-1-0 acrimonious mammoth
    1-0-1 mystikal_love
    1-0-0 Andrwk
    1-0-0 chanex
    0-1-0 Andrew & The Nouns
    0-1-0 jinzo
    0-1-0 popknark2
    0-0-1 fistcity
    0-0-1 Itty Bitty Piggy
    0-0-1 NecessaryVoodoo
    0-0-1 StratusJM
    0-0-1 WowWowWowWow

    The Winners:
    PJSC I - imaduck: FAYE - Breathe Out
    PJSC II - Andrwk: Dia Frampton - Walk Away
    PJSC III - Oricon: Isa - Bomb
    PJSC IV - imaduck: Bebe Black - Death Wish
    PJSC V - acrimonious mammoth: Tove Lo - Habits
    PJSC VI - mystikal_Love: Little Daylight - Overdose
    PJSC VII - llamadelrey: Beldina - What Can I Say
    PJSC VIII - chanex: Haerts - Wings

    Posters Who Have Taken Part:
    Name: [positions in each contest] Points total
    Acrimonious Mammoth [x-15-x-2-1-20-31-11] 445
    AllSixSugababes: [26-x(7)] 26.5
    Andrew & The Nouns [16-10-4-9-6-5-20-2] 660
    Andrwk [15-1-x(4)-18-4] 370
    Auntie Beryl [35-35-18-29-21-30-32-39] 225
    Baby Clyde [33-16-21-25-19-29-19-13] 359
    BML (x(5)-16-43-19) 132
    Chanex [x-33-27-20-20-38-30-1] 336
    Charley [22-19-25-18-26-12-6-33] 417
    citoig [34-23-6-13-9-4-22-34] 301
    D_ni [29-x(7)] 21
    eddy2375 [6-x(7)] 83
    Eric Generic [31-33-23-x(2)] 101
    Fire [7-30-24-22-37-18-44-20] 316
    fistcity [x-7-x-21-8-3-27-22] 409
    HeartSwells [13-37-13-19-12-10-29-28] 396
    imaduck [1-5-8-1-3-2-5-3] 898
    invertedbutterfly [27-x(7)] 26
    Itty Bitty Piggy [32-3-x(6)] 156
    JamesJupiter [x(3)-34-25-32-14-27] 190
    jinzo [10-29-30-10-13-26-2-16] 525
    jonathan27 [8-11-11-24-31-39-7-36] 410
    KamikazeHeart [24-22-5-28-23-24-13-23] 414
    Keifer3194 [9-28-7-33-4-11-28-18] 529
    kermit_the_frog [x(3)11-x(1)-31-16-41] 175
    ladygagaogaga [x-8-17-37-28-22-35-5] 350
    lauc05 [20-12-19-7-29-17-24-32] 450
    LaurenceNope [x(4)-10-6-39-30] 235
    Llamadelrey [x-26-2-3-5-19-1-14] 632
    LTG [5-27-x(6)] 124
    michielVmusic [x(7)-8] 83
    miklc [x(4)-35-9-13] 132
    MollieSwift21 [28-9-14-6-38-25-8-26] 418
    mump boy [31-6-23-23-22-34-34-40] 290
    Mushroom3 [30-x(7)] 21
    Mvnl [12-13-x(4)-15-x] 196
    mystikal_love [4-20-28-4-14-1-21-12] 587
    NecessaryVoodoo [x(4)-34-21-3-15] 238
    ops [23-32-12-32-15-27-11-29] 360
    Oricon [14-2-1-5-2-7-17-7] 808
    phoenix123 [25-36-31-34-30-37-38-6] 231
    popknark2 [2-4-22-27-x(4)] 296
    Pye [x-21-26-26-32-x-42-24] 184.5
    RainOnFire [19-14-20-16-17-15-10-25] 479
    SentientMeteor [18-34-10-x(5)] 146
    Smooth Criminal [x(6)-4-37] 119
    SophiaSophia [11-24-15-17-18-8-12-10] 507
    soratami [x(4)-11-33-37-21] 182
    Stella [x(3)-12-27-36-41-x] 137
    StratusJM [3-17-9-15-16-28-40-x] 428.5
    stuaw [x-18-16-14-x(4)] 176
    TeenIdle [x(7)-35] 29
    The Still Major On Sheets [17-31-29-36-36-35-25-x] 214
    tylerc904 [21-x(7)] 49
    vikeyeol [x(3)-8-7-14-9-9] 400
    Wishlight [x(6)-23-38] 71
    WowWowWowWow [x-15-3-30-24-13-26-31] 400

    Highest Scoring Song:
    llamadelrey: Beldina - What Can I Say (159 points)

    Lowest Scoring Song:
    Fire: Vasily Bondachurk - Serebrom (0 points)

    Most Top Scores received in the Final:
    6 sets of 12 - imaduck: Britt Nicole - Gold

    Most Voted For Entry:
    popknark: Anna Abreu - Stereo: 24/33 (72.8%)

    Smallest Relative Winning Margin:
    1. llamadelrey: Beldina - What Can I Say (159 points)
    2. jinzo - Kelly Sweet - Ashes of My paradise (158 points)

    1 points - 0.63%

    Largest Relative Winning Margin:
    1. imaduck: Bebe Black - Death Wish (151 points)
    2. acrimonious mammoth: Alpines - Lights (98 points)

    53 points - 54%

    Most Successful Winner (based on percentage of points available):

    PJSC III - Oricon: Isa - Bomb - 37.50%

    Least Successful Winner (based on percentage of points available):

    PJSC VIII - chanex: Haerts - Wings 26.67%

    Most Successful Songs (based on percentage of possible points they could have scored from other voters):
    1. Oricon: Isa - Bomb (PJSC III - 37.5%)
    2. imaduck: FAYE - Breathe Out (PJSC I - 36.1%)
    3. Andrwk: Dia Frampton - Walk Away (PJSC II - 35.2%)
    4. imaduck: Bebe Black - Death Wish (PJSC IV - 35.0%)
    5. Oricon: Frida Sundemo - Indigo (PJSC II - 34.7%)
    6. popknark2: Anna Abreu - Stereo (PJSC I - 34.1%)
    7. Itty Bitty Piggy: Dawn Richard - Wild N' Faith (PJSC II - 32.9%)
    8. llamadelrey: Agnes Obel - Riverside (PJSC III - 31.7%)
    9. llamadelrey: Beldina - What Can I Say (PJSC VII - 31.5%)
    10. jinzo: Kelly Sweet - Ashes of My paradise (PJSC VII - 31.3%)

    Most Successful Posters:
    1. imaduck (898)
    2. Oricon (808)
    3. Andrew & The Nouns (660)
    4. Llamadelrey (632)
    5. mystikal_love (587)
    6. Keifer3194 (528)
    7. jinzo (525)
    8. SophiaSophia (507)
    9. citoig (495)
    10. RainOnFire (479)
    11. lauc05 (450)
    12. Acrimonious Mammoth (445)
    13. StratusJM (428.5)
    14. MollieSwift21 (418)
    15. Charley (417)
    16. KamikazeHeart (414)
    17. Jonathan27 (410)
    18. fistcity (409)
    19. WowWowWowWow (400)
    20. vikeyeol (400)
    21. HeartSwells (396)
    22. Andrwk (370)
    23. ops (360)
    24. Baby Clyde (359)
    25. ladygagaogaga (350)
    26. Chanex (336)
    27. Fire (316)
    28. popknark2 (296)
    29. mump boy (290)
    30. NecessaryVoodoo (238)
    31. LaurenceNope (235)
    32. phoenix123 (231)
    33. Auntie Beryl (225)
    34. The Still Major On Sheets (214)
    35. Mvnl (196)
    36. JamesJupiter (190)
    37. kermit_the_frog (185)
    38. Pye (184.5)
    39. soratami (182)
    40. stuaw (176)
    41. Itty Bitty Piggy (156)
    42. SentientMeteor (146)
    43. Stella (137)
    44. miklc (132)
    45. BML (132)
    46. LTG (124)
    47. Smooth Criminal (119)
    48. Eric Generic (101)
    49. eddy2375 (83)
    50. michielVmusic (83)
    51. Wishlight (71)
    52. tylerc904 (49)
    53. TeenIdle (29)
    54. AllSixSugababes (26.5)
    55. invertedbutterfly (26)
    56. D_ni (21)
    57. Mushroom3 (21)
  6. Guys, thank you for being patient and waiting over 6 months for this. I can finally confirm this is ABOUT TO HAPPEN and songs up to PJSC XV is updated on my spreadsheet. Once all up to the current contest is done, it shall be updated in the post.

    (beware however that Statistics will have to wait as the current objective is to make sure the "Songs of PJSC" list is up to date for those wanting to check whether their artist/song has been entered before and pose a risk of being vetoed)
  8. phoenix123 [25-36-31-34-30-37-38-6] 231

    Still an iconic run of failure.
  9. I don't even go here.

    Oricon! I'm Green Giraffe. *sad face* DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME.
  10. Is this still being updated?
  11. Oricon, if you do need any help we can always share the burden.

    I ruddy love spreadsheets.
  12. Seeing this thread pop up made me think it was finished *sadface*
  13. I did mention in an earlier thread that updating might be an even bigger task than anticipated, as one host (I forget which round) left the "final" scores unamended even after two or three voters pointed out some miscalculations... But I'm not sure Oricon acknowledged this, so I thought I should mention it here as well.
  14. Who was it.

    I bet it was me.
  15. Nah, it was a first-timer host who had a bit of meltdown and vowed never to agree to host again, and probably that's why he didn't want to go back and amend the scores either. But yeah, I can't seem to remember who or which round, probably early winter though.
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